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What is happiness for man?

If a person is in a statesatisfaction, enjoyment and fullness - he is happy. These feelings can be lengthy or not. But whatever it is, while a person experiences them - he experiences happiness. People tend to strive for this higher gift of human life. It is the desire to have harmony, satisfaction from what is happening, to feel the endless joy of being, motivates people, strains their minds and tunes the strings of emotions. How does it happen, happiness? Is it the same for everyone?

The difference in feelings of joy

For someone to be dispassionate, independent ofall earthly attachments and feelings, to be in harmony with the surrounding nature - this means being happy. For another person, these desires seem strange. He will find that happiness is in children, family, in a conjugal relationship ... It turns out that what happiness is, depends on the person himself. One is enough to know that a loved one is around, and another needs to make a career, buy a house, a car and open a solid bank account. Only in this way will he feel protected.

what kind of happiness

If you think about it, it is this epithet that isone of the key. A child can feel happy not when he has everything, but when he feels protected. He understands that we love our parents, and this makes his life joyful. Reflecting on the question of what happiness is for a baby, you understand - it's full contact with your mother. It is mother - the center of the universe for the baby. It is the source of complete satisfaction, which means happiness itself. It turns out that the concept under consideration is a relative category and for all is different.


For a person, happiness is closely related to his destiny. When he is unhappy, he says: "So this is the fate ..." However, this is not entirely correct. Man is the creator of his life. Of course, sometimes we do not seem to be in control of circumstances, but this is only partly. From all you can learn and draw conclusions that will help in the future. In the world, everything is reasonable and natural. Only man destroys harmony and he himself suffers from this.

what is the happiness epithets

Yes, someone will say: "And how does happiness for a person who was left without arms or legs, lost loved ones?" It is not easy to give an answer to such a question, but it is still possible. A wonderful example of a man who knows how to be happy and makes others happy is the main character of the film "Pollyanna" (2003). A person is able to overcome any problems, he can change himself, his attitude to the situation. It depends on the person how he sees the glass - half empty or half full.

If for a person understanding, what happenshappiness, is associated only with pleasures and pleasures, then such a joy is fragile. Life, like the weather, is changeable. Moments of success are replaced by falls, joy - tears, health - diseases and, of course, vice versa. For example, the Epicureans divided happiness into two types: the highest, the gods, and the human. In this case, the happiness of the gods can not be multiplied, but the human can multiply.

But the Epicureans themselves did not see in eachpleasure is the guarantee of a happy future. It is subject only to an intelligent person, but a person who is unreasonable can not be happy. Therefore, they considered the highest good for people to be understanding.

what kind of happiness adjectives

What is happiness? Epithets

Let's consider only some words describing the concept of "happiness":

  • maternal;
  • female;
  • fleeting;
  • instantaneous;
  • boundless;
  • the long-awaited;
  • close;
  • gypsy;
  • someone else's;
  • inexhaustible;
  • carefree;
  • heavenly;
  • luminous;
  • empty;
  • Indian woman;
  • maiden;
  • amazing;
  • male;
  • family.

It is clear that you can continue this list and long to talk about what kind of happiness. Adjectives to this word reveal the breadth and at the same time the fragility of the concept.

what is happiness

Positive thinking

It can be unequivocally asserted that a person withpositive thinking is already happy. Scientists have found that such people are sick less often than pessimists, they live longer and are more successful in life. In addition, in people with positive thinking, the liveliness of the mind is preserved until the very old age.

Although recently there have been statementspsychologists that the value of optimistic mood for life expectancy is somewhat exaggerated. There are data that this indicator can be quite good for pessimists.

The moral meaning of such a thing as happiness,lies in the human desire for joy. But without prejudice to physical and spiritual health. Everyone understands what happiness is like when they build it on the misfortune of others. The state of satisfaction will necessarily be replaced by deep sorrow. You can not, in pursuit of your interests, cause damage to anyone whatsoever. Neither to myself, nor to others!

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