/ Adaptation of advertising: the order of actions. Federal Law on Advertising

Adherence of advertising: the order of actions. Federal Law on Advertising

On the street you can often see billboards andads that call to buy a particular product, go to a specific event or visit a shopping center. People look at such bigboards, banners, stands and posters every day, but few people think about the proposals in fact seriously. And only if you have your own enterprise, and you want to carry it to the masses, it turns out that it is not so easy to place outdoor advertising. The coordination of advertising occurs at various levels, requires the collection of an impressive number of documents and permits, and if you plan to place it not on private property, then you will also have to compete for a "place under the sun" with other people.

coordination of advertising

In this article we will talk about how exactly the coordination of advertising takes place. We will tell you what you need to do and through what chain of actions to go to achieve the desired.


Before considering itselfprocess, it is necessary to find out why any announcement or communication of such a plan needs to be coordinated. This will help you with the federal law on advertising, from which you will receive the necessary information. If you do not want to study the whole text, then this material will help you. Are you interested in directly approving advertising? Then you can skip the first eighteen articles and open immediately article number 19. It says just about outdoor advertising and installation of structures - exactly what you need to get special permission for. This article describes all the details about what exactly is meant by outdoor advertising and designs, tells what they should be, what they are used for, where they are strictly prohibited from posting, and so on.

Approval Information

However, if you are interested in specifically agreeingadvertising, then you should pay special attention to two points - 5.8 and 13. In them you will find all the necessary information. The federal law on advertising each moment describes in the most detailed manner so that during the consideration of a particular case there are no disputable situations. Thus, if you act in accordance with this law, then you should not have any problems. So, item 5.8 as a whole is devoted to the approval of the right to advertise, and it specifically states that the layout of outdoor advertising and structures must necessarily be agreed with the authorized executive authorities.

coordination of outdoor advertising
With regard to paragraph 13, it refers to the fact that,how exactly coordination should take place. There are two options offered: in the first one, the competitor should apply to the local municipal government with a package of collected documents, so that it can be handed over to the authorized bodies, with whom the approval takes place. Another option shortens the path - the applicant can apply with the package of documents directly to the authorized bodies in order to obtain a decision regarding the placement of his message or announcement. So, now everything is clear with the law - it's time to move on to an uneasy and lengthy process of coordinating outdoor advertising, which consists of an impressive number of steps.

Collection of documents

If you are interested in matching the outsideadvertising, the first thing you need to do is collect documents that will allow you to claim the desired place. If you contact a special company that deals with such cases, you will be consulted on a package of documents that must be submitted to authorized bodies.

federal law on advertising

However, collecting documents is only the firststep, you still have a long road ahead. In the near future you will see that the coordination of outdoor advertising is not the easiest and fastest process, but the result is really worth it to waste your time and energy. Outdoor advertising is a very good engine of trade and motivator, so you can significantly increase the number of customers and, accordingly, the profit.

Additional documents

There are additional documents forcoordination of advertising, which you yourself will collect will be much more difficult. The fact is that the first package includes basic securities, such as confirmation of the registration of the company, while the second includes much more specific documents. To place outdoor advertising, you will need, first of all, a sketch, which you will need to provide to authorized bodies. But this is not all - the full list is incredibly wide, so you definitely need to think about how to turn to specialists. After all, you will also need to provide a design project, all the materials used, in particular photographic materials, and permits for their use for commercial purposes. Also, if necessary, you need to provide all the possible powers of attorney, applications and letters - you can do it yourself, but cooperation with professionals will help to accomplish this task more quickly and much more efficiently. Already at this stage you will need to take care of making all the details, such as, for example, a photo montage of advertising, so that the already authorized project has already got into the authorized bodies.


Well, now that you have the full package alreadydocuments, you need to study in detail the order of approval of outdoor advertising. This path starts with the definition of the place where you want to post your message, ad or design. What does it matter? The fact is that the order may differ in some cases - if you are going to place advertising on private property, then the process will be a little shorter, but if you plan to be located on the property territory of the city, then you will have to make several additional steps.

documents for advertising coordination
So, it is necessary to begin with these additional steps, since after them the process is standardized and looks exactly the same for each of the cases. How does registration go?

Competition for the installation of advertising

The first place you need to go to,if you want to coordinate advertising on the facade of a building owned by the city, and not personally to you, this is the central advertising committee. It is there that you can request for your message a place, which, it is quite possible, will be held a certain competition. If you can win it, then only in this case you will be able to move further in the process of coordinating advertising. If the contest does not win, you will have to reapply for another place. Well, there is no point in describing this process again and again - it's time to assume that the competition has already been won, and you are ready to move on to the designated goal.

permission for outdoor advertising

Signing of the contract

What if the candidate wonyour application? Reconciliation of advertising at this point is moving to a new level - all in the same committee you need to sign a contract, which will say that it was you and your company that got the right to place a specific advertisement message in a particular place. As you could already understand, when it comes to private property, the steps described above are not relevant - you do not need to compete for a place for your adver- tisement and sign a contract for its use, since this advertising space belongs to you - you are his owner. Either way, you need to move on to the next point.


The next instance you needto contact is SUE GLAVAPU. Simply put, this is the center of complex improvement of the city, which should give you a conclusion. What is this document? This conclusion, in which it will be said that you have received permission to conduct certain construction or design work on a particular site. Thus, you will be allowed to install your advertising design or place a poster, sign and so on. Naturally, you may not receive this conclusion if in the said body it is considered that your adver- tisment will not comply with norms and standards. You may be denied if the advertising message is too provocative, it will violate the overall picture and so on, so you should think in advance of all the smallest details, so that later there will not be any difficulties.

coordination of advertising on the facade of a building

Alternative path

However, there is an option in which you do not needwill apply to the above instance. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you will be able to bypass the bureaucracy - in some cases you will also have to undergo an additional process of producing technical documentation for your advertising structure if it goes beyond certain norms and standards. You can make technical documentation yourself if you have the appropriate skills and qualifications. Or you can request an examination of your design so that a professional does this job. This process is associated with additional costs, but this increases the likelihood that the document will undergo further verification, which will be discussed later.

Another option for reconciliation

So, if you do not go to the SUE GlavApU, thenyou need to go to GORINFOR - there information about you will be entered into the general register, however this is just the beginning. After this, it will be necessary to wait for the ad placement to be inspected by a special inspection that must issue a technical conclusion that describes the correspondence of the placement of your advertisement to the structure that you plan to use. You will receive all the necessary technical passports and permits that will be valid for one year - strictly speaking, as well as the documents you would receive if you followed the path described above.

 advertisement approval advertisement

Single window

Well, the end of this long anduneasy road. When you have received all the necessary permits, you need to contact the One-Stop-Shop of the Advertising and Information Committee. All the documents that you have on hand, you need to transfer there, after which the next waiting period. But you can relax - this is the last stage, after which you can deal with directly installing outdoor advertising.

Getting permission

A single window is the last place where youwill have to turn. When all the documentation sent by you is processed, you will receive the final permission to install a special design or to post your message or ad in a specific place. This permission to outdoor advertising allows you, in accordance with plans and sketches, to use your chosen location as an advertising space. The further work already depends on you. However, please note that you will need to follow all the technical documentation that was considered in the process of agreeing and deciding on your case. If you decide to deviate from the plan, this can lead to negative consequences - all deviations must be reported to the appropriate authorities, it is strongly recommended not to make decisions independently. Otherwise, all the work done can be in vain. If you follow all the rules, you will be able to attract new customers using an effective outdoor advertising tool used by the largest companies around the world.

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