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Hotel Brisas Del Caribe: reviews and photos tourist attractions

The official name of the hotel to which theour article, - Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe 4 * Varadero. The reviews sometimes refer to him as the "Brisas del Caribe Oasis". But this is the old name. This hotel was erected in 1916, but in two thousand and fifteenth was a complete reconstruction. The very word "Varadero", present in the title, sets for a serene rest. Of course, this is the most famous beach in Cuba! And what else, besides the gentle sea and white sand framed by languidly bending over the water palm trees, pleases the hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 *? The rating of this hotel is four points out of five, which is not so bad considering the general service in Cuba. Let's now consider this hotel in more detail. Help in this will serve us numerous reviews of tourists.

Brisas Del Caribe reviews

Where is the hotel and how to get to it

The hotel is located one hundred and forty kilometers fromthe capital of Cuba Havana. Those tourists who arrived on a ticket, provided a transfer from the airport. It will take two and a half hours, or even more. Therefore, initially be patient. Independent travelers should first take a bus to Varadero. But in this city there is also own airport, where charter flights land. It is 30 kilometers from the hotel, which can be overcome by taxi. Hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 * photos of tourists are rarely captured from the main facade. It is located at: Las Morlás Street, seven kilometers from the center of Varadero. To plunge into the cheerful, albeit poor life of this Cuba, you need to take a shuttle bus, along the main highway, which connects the city with this wonderful beach. Near the hotel, as the reviews say, there is also a dolphinarium, which children like very much.

 brisas del caribe 4 reviews

What do the reviews say about Cuba in general and about Varadero in particular

Journey to the Island of Freedom is like a leap in theSoviet past. Only deprived of the basic amenities of the life of local inhabitants passes in the entourage of the tropical sun and the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, they are not very discouraged. Very close, but completely parallel, another reality flows - tourist. Bright parties, "all inclusive", cocktails "Cuba Libre", etc. - all this takes place in closed reservations of hotels such as Brisas Del Caribe. The reviews hint that it is worth entering into the difficult financial situation of the staff. The left tips will make the service even more welcoming. Varadero is a resort that enjoys well-deserved fame in Cuba. An endless strip of snow-white sand, stretching for miles away, will not leave anyone indifferent. Here is a great place for all categories of holidaymakers: solitary honeymooners, mothers with young children, active divers, beach "seals". That's why they go to Cuba.

Territory of hotel

Brisas Del Caribe reviews are often calledhotel complex. This four star hotel occupies a vast area of ​​fifteen and a half hectares. The complex can be conditionally divided into two parts: northern and southern. This is due to the specialization of the hotel, which is part of the chain "Oasis Hotels". Management is trying to attract all categories of customers. Therefore, there are rooms in multi-story buildings, in secluded bungalows, in elite cottages. In total, the complex has six four-story buildings. The hull in the southern part is newer, it is recommended to take reviews when settling in. It has its own swimming pool and a 24-hour restaurant. However, the entire southern part of the complex is located slightly further from the sea. To the southern part belong and five secluded two-story bungalows. They are suitable for honeymooners and people who like a quiet, measured rest.

Brisas Del Caribe 4 reviews

Where they lodge tourists and vacationers

What needs to be done from the start, arriving athotel brisas del caribe? Reviews urge to tune in to positive. It is not necessary to crawl with a cotton swab under the rim of the toilet bowl to check it for sterility. Relax - you are in Cuba, and more - on one of its best beaches! There are four truly luxurious rooms in the hotel - “Jacuzzi Suites”. Two more guest rooms fully accommodate the special needs of people with disabilities. There are forty rooms with a connecting door to accommodate families. Let's look at the "standard" in the hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 *. Reviews claim that the rooms of this category are located in both parts of the hotel complex. The refrigerator is only in the "standards" of the southern buildings. In the typical "standard" has air conditioning, television with satellite channels, mini-bar. A safe can be used at an extra charge. The bathroom has a bath, sink and toilet. Hair dryer available. Cleaned in the rooms every day, and change the bed linen every five days. Junior suites are located in the northern buildings. They are designed to accommodate four people. The bedroom is complemented by a living room, there are two bathrooms. About additional amenities "Jacuzzi suite" says the name. This room features a large spa bath.

What tourists say about guest rooms

Rooms in Hotel Brisas Del Caribe reviewscalled fairly clean and comfortable. They have large windows and spacious balconies. If you book a double "standard", reviews recommend to discuss in advance that it will be located in the southern wing. In the northern part is still preserved old furniture. As for room service, tourists claim that the staff is trying to keep everything in working order. You must immediately report any problems to the reception. All failures are eliminated by the specialist who came to the call. Clean without any tip very carefully. And for the small reward left, the maids will twist out of the towels various funny figures and put flowers in a vase. Hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 * practices "compliments" from the administration of the newlyweds, birthday men and regular customers. Reviews say that getting an unexpected gift, albeit symbolic, in the form of a cake and a fruit basket, is very nice. An ocean view room will be more expensive than a room overlooking a park area.

Brisas Del Caribe 4 pics reviews

Dining at the beach hotel Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe 4 *

Reviews are very verbose on this point. As in most hotels in Cuba, the “super all inclusive” system is practiced here. This means that you are fed and you are poured, when you want it, and in unlimited quantities. Alcohol is flowing here - and not only good Cuban rum, but also imported wines and distillates. Main meals are served in a buffet format at the Varadero Buffet Restaurant. But hotel guests are not limited to them. If you want to dine elegantly by candlelight with à la carte service, you can visit the à la carte restaurants like Fantasia and Las Brisas for free. In the southern part of the complex, they are served snacks at Parillada. Would you like to have a snack, drink aromatic coffee with desserts or ice cream? Welcome to the Taino cafeteria. A lot of bars in the hotel. Two of them - "Caribbean" and "Arabica" - are located in the lounge areas of two buildings. There is also a disco-bar where discos are organized in the evenings, “Anaida”, “La Caleta” and “Delirio”.

Reviews of Brisas Del Caribe 4

What else they say about nutrition in Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe 4 * Varadero reviews

Russian tourists like the program "allinclusive. " In this hotel you can eat around the clock, which is very convenient, because you can come to a meal at any convenient time. In the hall of the main restaurant "Varadero" no queues are created. As for the variety of dishes and their quality, all reviews are unanimous: everything is very tasty, there are a lot of fruits, desserts, fresh vegetables and seafood. Separate praise was awarded restaurants a la carte. They created a solemn and at the same time cozy atmosphere. The chefs there specialize in Italian and Caribbean cuisine, as well as in the preparation of seafood and fish. As for drinks in bars and cafeterias, then about the hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 * reviews make up laudatory odes. Here you can try not only high-quality Cuban rum, but also various cocktails based on it. The bartenders will pour you and imported alcoholic beverages - in any quantities. You can refresh yourself with beer or lemonade on the beach, by the pools, in the hotel lobby. And children are offered a delicious Cuban ice cream.

Sea, beach and swimming pools

Consider yourself lucky if you are staying atHotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 *. Photos, reviews of the beautiful beaches of Cuba mainly concern Playa Varadero. Report that this is a sandy beach - do not say anything. White, stretching strip of fine quartz as flour. On the beach, gracefully curving give free shade of palm trees. The coast is washed by an exceptionally warm sea. From the violence of the elements, Varadero Beach is protected by the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. All these factors make this coast a real Mecca for lovers of splashing in shallow water, as well as for divers and snorkelers. The hotel has its own piece of beach. On it are a row of sun beds under the umbrellas. Use of them for free for guests of the hotel Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe 4 *. Reviews mention only the pledge that must be paid for beach towels. All non-motorized water activities are also free. The hotel has two pools with fresh water. One of them is intended for adults, the other - with a maximum depth of ninety centimeters - for kids. The pool also has sun beds and umbrellas. Reviews say that there is always enough space, there is no need to occupy deck chairs at five in the morning. On the beach and by the pool there is a bar where you can drink something refreshing exactly when the soul craves it most.

Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe reviews

Free services

Hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 * reviews are called“Solid Cuban four”. It provides a number of services that are rarely met in the "five". For example, in the hotel you can rent a bike for free. Reviews are highly recommended to do this, because the terrain in Varadero is flat, and driving along the beautiful promenade will give you a lot of pleasure. Also, darts, beach volleyball, table tennis, catamarans, kayaks and even windsurfing equipment are provided free of charge. Want to learn the basics of diving? The hotel instructor gives free lessons on scuba diving. Here you can play water polo, French bowling, basketball and mini golf. Guests waiting for the gym. There are also slot machines for children. And if at some point you want to relax, you can use the free sauna and jacuzzi. For children equipped playgrounds and a swimming pool. If you rented a car, you can put it on the free parking at the hotel.

Entertainment in the hotel complex

Hotel reviews Brisas Del Caribe 4 * mentionthat here you will not be bored. In the morning and in the afternoon a team of sports animators is working. They organize various team games, gathering participants among holidaymakers. What the tourists say is their tact. No one will forcefully drag you to the football field or to the volleyball court. In the morning, the coach conducts aqua aerobics in the pool. In the evening, the hotel management seeks to diversify the leisure of its guests by inviting various dance and singing ensembles to perform on the stage of the disco bar. Maybe they are not the stars of the first-size show business, but they perform the fiery rhythms of samba and tango masterfully. Here you can take free dance lessons and Spanish. Sometimes a local team of animators takes on the staging of various performances and contests, win-win lotteries. Tourists loved the Caribbean Show, Tropialissimo, Magic Lights, Old Havana, Horror, and Gladiators' Night. DJ arranges good discos. Since the hotel "Brisas Del Carib" specializes in family holidays, there are good conditions for children. A child from four to twelve years old can be passed on bail to children's animators in the mini-club "Zhakuna Matata". There he will be entertained by various games, contests, competitions and master classes. So your child will not be bored

Paid services

Hotel "Brizas del Carib" specializes inreception of the newlyweds and the organization for them of the honeymoon. And if in Russia you only registered your wedding in the registry office, then a beautiful symbolic wedding can be held at the Brisas Del Caribe 4 * hotel. Photos of this joyful event will decorate your family album. Many tourists have already used this paid service. All held at the highest level. For newlyweds make out a room in a romantic style and present them a gift from the hotel. Other paid services include advice from a certified general practitioner and the work of a professional nanny. Tourists mention that a lot of entertainment in the hotel is free. Money is needed only for the use of motorized types of water and land transport: yachts, scooters, skis and parachutes. Also paid are massage, hairdresser, dry cleaning and ironing, beauty services. Directly at the reception you can rent a car (if you have a driver's license). Tennis courts can be used free of charge during the day. At nightfall, you should pay for their coverage. The hotel also has a golf course. But this service is paid. A diving instructor conducts an introductory lesson on scuba diving (in the pool) for everyone. If you want to continue training in this sport, the coach will have to pay.

Hotel Brisas Del Caribe 4 reviews

What to see around the hotel

Varadero has only one flaw. This is a completely new resort, serving as a kind of reservation for rich tourists. Therefore, attractions, in the classic sense of the word, in the town there. The only thing that attracts tourists to Varadero is an unparalleled beach and clear sea. However, there is a tour desk in the Cubanacan Brisas Del Caribe hotel (reviews repeatedly mention this). What travels should be ordered from Varadero? Tourists are advised to go to Havana. And not just by bus, but by retro car. There are also thematic tours of the Island of Freedom, dedicated to “Comandante Che” or Ernest Hemingway. In Havana, if you go there yourself, you should not miss the cigar factory and Almendares Park. There are excursions to other cities of the country, for example, to Santiago de Cuba. An interesting and informative trip to the tobacco plantation in Pinar del Rio. Children will enjoy visits to the dolphinarium and the crocodile farm. On the islands of Cayo Blanco and Cayo Largo, you can go both by boat and by helicopter. Lovers of diving and snorkeling will not leave indifferent the coral reefs of Juventud. Karst valley Vinales is famous for its amazing nature. You can watch the sugar cane turns into brown crystals in factories in the province of Matanzas. For historical sites go to Trinidad de Cuba. Do not forget to take swimsuits with you - in this city you will find the second most famous beach in the country, Playa Mayor. The cost of an average excursion from Varadero is about seventy convertible pesos.

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