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Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang 2 * (Vietnam): photo and tourist reviews

Vietnam is a country that is enjoying increasingpopular with tourists, because it can offer not only a mild climate and clean beaches, but also the pristine beauty of nature and sincere hospitality. Over the past few years, the coast has a lot of hotels, one of which is the Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang 2 *. What can the traveler staying at this hotel expect?

Short description and location of the hotel

blue sea hotel nha trang 2

Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang 2 *is located on the seashore, but in the northern part of Nha Trang city. The distance to the city center with its lively streets is about 5 km. You can get there either by public bus or by taxi. Distance to the airport can be overcome in 45 minutes by bus or car. By the way, travel companies provide their customers with a transfer, as well as the hotel itself (this service is not enough). The hotel itself is a small building with an adjacent territory, which pleases the eye with lush greenery.

Hotel Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang 2 * (Vietnam): what does the room look like?

blue sea hotel nha trang 2 reviews

This hotel is quite small, as it consists oftotal of 24 rooms. These are standard two and three-bed apartments with modern renovation, pleasant furnishings and comfortable furniture. By the way, the hotel is equipped for comfortable living disabled.

In the room you can count on the necessarytechnique, including telephone, TV, air conditioning (it is not new, but it works properly). There is also a bathroom with a comfortable shower, a toilet, a washbasin and modern plumbing. Clean here on request. Tourists are provided with clean towels and necessary hygienic supplies. By the way, due to a small number of guests the hotel is quiet and cozy - nothing will disturb your peace.

Relax on the beach

As already mentioned, the Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang2 * is located in a quiet area that is in the northern part of the city. The shore of the sea is very close - the distance to it is only 100 meters. The beach, of course, public, but because the rent of sun loungers and umbrellas is paid. By the way, the prices in this area, which is considered to be non-tourist, are much lower, this applies to the rental of water transport, and other entertainment that a tourist can rely on on the beach.

Catering, additional services and leisure

Paid accommodation in the Blue Sea HotelNha Trang 2 *, you also get the right for daily breakfasts, which are held in the hotel restaurant. The menu is standard, so some travelers seem a little monotonous. Nevertheless, you can rely on toasts, cereals, light snacks, soups, desserts and fragrant tea. In the same restaurant you can eat at other times of the day, however, for an additional fee. And tourists can eat in institutions belonging to other hotels.

Despite the relatively modest size, the hotelcan offer an additional service that will greatly facilitate your stay here. In particular, there is parking, and even guests can rent bicycles and other types of transport. There is a well-equipped business center, as well as a table of excursions. And you can relax after a busy day by visiting the spacious jacuzzi bath.

Blue Sea Hotel Nha Trang 2 *: reviews

blue sea hotel nha trang 2 vietnam

For the most part reviews about this placepositive. Naturally, you need to understand that this is a small hotel in Vietnam, and the cost is not too much, so do not demand too much from the hotel. Most tourists use it only as an overnight stay. The rooms here are quite comfortable, despite not too new furniture. Breakfast is hearty, there is always a choice of food. The staff are sympathetic and kind, although you need to communicate with them in English. And, given the location, the prices in the shops here are much cheaper. In a word, the hotel is suitable for travelers looking for a budget holiday on the beach.

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