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We choose the airline for the flight to Greece: Aegean Airlines (tourists' reviews)

Now it's time to choose the airline forto go on vacation in Greece. If you look at the prices, they can differ by 20-25 times! The most expensive option is offering Qatar Airways with round-trip tickets for almost 200,000 rubles. I wonder what you can get for that kind of money? But okay, we would have something simpler and cheaper. On the other side of the price range is Aegean Airlines. Feedback from experienced tourists will help us determine the choice. After all, prices are very attractive - from 8,100 rubles, besides round-trip.

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Aegean Airlines, an airline from Greece, wasIt was established not so long ago, in 1999, but in its history it managed to get many prestigious international awards. Priority number one for her is to ensure the maximum level of flight safety. To do this, huge funds are invested in new, state-of-the-art aircraft, technical support, management systems and personnel training.

Air Fleet Aegean Airlines has in itsconsisting of the following aircraft: AVRO RJ 100 - four pieces, Airbus A321 - also four and Airbus A320 - 18 pieces. Of all the air carriers of Greece, this airline has the youngest fleet.

Let's read about Aegean Airlines reviews,which give passengers who took advantage of her services. What is good about the present time is that every person can post information on the quality of paid services on the Internet. Despite the availability of customized reviews, you can still find out a lot of useful things. After all, it is immediately evident whether the person flew this flight or not.

So, the most interesting is that the authors of thesereviews have much in common. Before choosing a flight, for example, Moscow - Athens, they spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, reading general information about the air carrier, studying the cost of tickets for different dates, reviewing reviews.

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Most of the passengers were satisfied with the flight,provided by the service and the price of tickets. There were also negative responses: their reason was the cancellation of flights, delayed departure, incompetence and rudeness of stewardesses. But after reading all these about Aegean Airlines reviews and comparing the difference in the cost of air tickets, especially for flights of Russian companies, tourists choose a Greek air carrier. And most of all they do not regret it at all!

The only inconvenience for many isonly the time of departure - early morning. We have to arrive at Domodedovo airport with the last Aeroexpress and spend more than four hours on the second floor in cafes. But waiting brightens the opportunity to spend this time, sitting in a comfortable chair and sipping tasty coffee. And then everything is clear and on schedule: check-in for a flight, take-off and landing, service on board. The shortfall is compensated by the warm sea, where you can get there two hours after landing and the hot sun after the Moscow cool and rain.

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Telling about your own experience, travelersmention the convenience of buying an air ticket on the Russian-language version of the airline's website. It's easier and a little cheaper, without commissions. Then you print out tickets, including Aeroexpress, and that's it, it's ready.

Most are very satisfied with having made theirthe choice in favor of the company Aegean Airlines, feedback about which they really helped. In turn, tourists also leave positive feedback on this air carrier on various sites. Maybe they will help someone else to make the right choice.

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