/ Nordwind Airlines: reviews. Russian charter airline

Nordwind Airlines: reviews. Russian charter airline

Young Russian airline "North Wind"(Nordwind airlines) is considered a part of the Pegas-Tourist company, specializing in cargo and passenger transportation to anywhere in the world. The main office is located at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

Today, the most reliable, convenient and fastestAviation is considered to be the mode of transportation. To work in this industry you need to be not only a professional who is in love with the sky, but also to understand the responsibility for the safety of every flight accomplished.

Civil aviation of Russia began its history in1923 year. And the official birthday of the Russian fleet is considered February 9. Already in July, the internal line began to operate in the direction Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod. The Ministry of Civil Aviation was established in 1964, and since 2004 all responsibility has been transferred to the Federal Air Transport Agency.

civil aviation of russia
To date, the civil aviation of Russia inIts fleet consists of about 3930 aircraft and 2,040 helicopters. This branch of the economy of our country is considered the most dynamically developing. The quality of work corresponds to the declared world standards, and the route network of transportation (freight and passenger) is developing at a rapid pace.

Russian Airlines Rating

1. Yamal airline boasts the best quality of service and minimum waiting time for the flight. According to the passengers' reviews, they were also pleasantly surprised by the prices for tickets.

2. Honorable silver from the Russian charter airline Ifly, carrying out transportation to the most popular tourist destinations in Russia and abroad.

3. Bronze took the rating of "KogalymAvia", carrying out frequent domestic flights and less often international ones.

4. A firm four in the rating and quality of service was taken by "Ural Airlines".

5. The largest and oldest company in Russia Aeroflot took the 5th position. Despite the rather high status for the service was received 3. Expensive ticket prices are not compatible with constant delays or cancellations of flights without the knowledge of passengers.

6. For the non-recognition of the cost and quality of services, the troika received another major airline, Transaero.

7. "Siberian" airline could compete for the 6th place, if it were not for passengers' comments about frequent delays and untimely departures.

8. The company "Uteir" completes the rating. Despite the low cost of tickets, it has one interesting problem: frequent aircraft replacement. For example, you bought a ticket to the business class, and eventually flew on another plane and in the economy. Yes, this also happens.

rating of Russian airlines
We draw your attention to the fact that in the ratingRussian airlines are not all aviation representatives of our country, but this does not mean that it is dangerous to use their services. And remember that the aircraft is considered the safest mode of transport, so fly with pleasure.

Creation and development of the airline

Nordwind Airlines, reviews about which you will reada little later, is considered the most dynamically developing on the Russian aviation market. It appeared in 2008 and by the time it was founded it had only 3 planes in its park. But despite this, she performed regular charter flights to 6 resort destinations.

In five years the route network has expanded andbegan to count 97 directions in 27 points of the world. This development did not stop, and by 2014 the airline Nordwind Airlines began to fly to South America, Africa, and Asia.

nordwind airlines reviews
If in 2008 the company carried only 20thousands of passengers, then the next year this figure has passed for half a million. By 2010, the mark exceeded 1 million, and this figure only grew every year. According to official figures, by the end of 2014 the number of passengers carried reached 4.5 million.

With the active growth of passenger traffic,only the geography of flights, but also a fleet of aircraft. It's hard to believe that the company, which had only 3 aircraft at the beginning of its journey, will have 44 airliners in its fleet in 5 years, most of which are Boeing 767-300ER.

Aircraft Park

As the representatives of the "North Wind"the company from the day of its foundation constantly strives to meet high standards on the sides of its aircraft to ensure to every passenger the safety, convenience and timeliness of flights. Such a bar and goal also affected the fleet of Nordwind Airlines aircraft.

Passenger feedback on airliners is positive,since many noted the novelty and convenience of airplanes. Also, the high professional training of pilots who can "gently" plant a ship without causing uncomfortable sensations among passengers is not without attention.

boeing 767
This year the airlines own airplanesBoeing 767-300ER (18 units), 737-800 (6 units), 757-200ER (8 units), 777-200ER (3 units), Airbus 320-232 (1 unit) and Airbus 321- 200 (8 units). The expansion of the park does not stop, and in the near future Severny Veter plans to acquire five new Irkut MS-21 airliners.

Flights and destinations

At present, not only flightsprogram, but the number of cities is also increasing. In 2013, the company Pegas-Tourist signed an agreement with Ikar Airlines and Kharkiv Airlines. But, as representatives of the "North Wind" said, these charter airlines are not their property. Agree that in fact, passengers do not care whose services they use, for them safety, comfort, type of airliner and high level of service are in the first place.

Since the main operator of the airlineris considered "Pegasus-Tourist", then the routes specialize in tourist destinations. It is impossible to paint all the flights of Nordwind Airlines, so we focus on the most popular ones.

The most popular destination is the Turkish city of Antalya. Equally popular among attendees were Egypt, Tunisia, Istanbul and Ankara.

flights nordwind airlines

The aircraft of the company will take you to Spain or the Canary Islands, Greece or Mexico, to the Emirates or Germany, and a long flight to Thailand will fly for you simply unnoticed.

Positive opinions of passengers

Any company, regardless of its statusshould be able to listen to the discontent of passengers and try to quickly correct mistakes, this fate did not pass Nordwind Airlines. Reviews of tourists are sometimes so contradictory, it creates the feeling that it is about absolutely different carriers. But carefully sorting out all the discontent, a lot of positive things were found:

- due should be given to safety, high professionalism of pilots and other crew members. Many passengers, comparing the carrier with others, are more inclined to the services of Nordwind Airlines.

- tickets for tour operators and tourists are inexpensive. This dignity will be appreciated by those who want to save a little on vacation.

- the benevolence of the staff also did not remainunnoticed. According to passengers' reviews, flight attendants are friendly and try to create maximum comfort during the flight not only for adults but also for children. Small tourists are given inflatable toys and sets for drawing.

north wind nordwind airlines
Although the food, according to many passengers,is assessed as satisfactory, there were no sharp complaints about this. If you fly with children, then tourists with "experience" recommend taking their own food with them.

Causes of dissatisfaction

Negative feedback was slightly largerpositive. The main discontent was caused by constant shifts or delays in flights. On the recall of one of the passengers who was able to compare the level of service due to his work, three times he flew out of schedule. But you could close your eyes if the delay did not vary from 2 hours to a day! Many of them received significant problems at work because they did not start their duties on time.

Most of the discontent was caused by the inconvenience of the airliner:

- in the airbus 321 between the seats too narrow a space;

- Sometimes it is very cold in the cabin, but there is not enough blankets;

- faulty toilets.

Additional services

Are included in the transport of special valuablesby special transportation. Also, the company takes fragile baggage to flight, but on one condition: the responsibility for the safety of the packaging is removed from them.

For example, fragile or fragile items are taken into the passenger compartment, only with advance coordination with the airline representatives and additional inspection.

Documents, money and precious jewelry can not behand over with luggage, so passengers should keep them to themselves. The list of checked baggage should not contain perishable food, valuables, tablets, keys, official documents.

Business Class

Any self-respecting company must offerservices for VIP-passengers. A high level of business class service will allow passengers to enjoy every second of flight, and exclusive treats will make the flight an unforgettable one.

A specially made menu has in its assortment the cuisine of many countries of the world. When ordering a dish you like, you can be sure that the chef of the airline will cook it at the highest level.

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An important detail is the distance between the seats (96 cm), which will allow you to forget about the narrow passage and inconvenience during the flight.

Is there an online registration?

This question often worries many passengersNordwind Airlines. Check-in is 2 hours before the flight and ends in 40 minutes. As for online registration, at the moment it is under development and is currently not being implemented.

Family Travel

If you decide to go on vacation with the whole family, thenthis information is for you. Every passenger who has not reached the age of two years, flies on an airplane without providing a separate seat. When buying a ticket, you must specify the date of birth by presenting a document confirming the age of the baby.

If you fly aboard an airplane in which a stationary cradle is equipped, this service is provided only to children under 1 year of age.

In advance contacting the company representatives, you can order baby food. If you forgot to warn the air carrier's staff, then children under 2 years old do not get food.

Subtlety of flight for pregnant women

Before the flight, the future mother and Russian charterthe airline enter into a contract. A medical certificate on the condition of a pregnant woman must be issued no earlier than a week before the flight. A woman in the position is allowed on board the aircraft no later than 28 days before the date of delivery.


Summarizing about Nordwind Airlines (feedback onwhich was discussed above), we can say that the airline will be an excellent solution for those who are ready to sacrifice possible discomfort for a safe and budget trip.

And demanding of all people, we advise either to turn to the services of another air carrier, or not to expect too much from the flight and service.

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