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Hotel Islazul Oasis 2 (Cuba / Varadero): pics and reviews of tourists

Want an exotic and at the same time simple andhome-style cozy holiday on the island of Freedom? Then come to Cuba, to the hotel Islazul Oasis 2. And do not be afraid of its low star rating. Here you will feel real pleasure. First, the management of this hotel is carried out by a well-known line of the hotel business "Islazul". Secondly, it stands directly on the seashore, and its beautiful park and ocean of emerald tropical greens surround it.

Islazul oasis 2

How to get there

Travelers mostly fall into the hotelIslazul Oasis 2 (Cuba) from the international airport "Juan Gualberto Gomez". It is twenty kilometers from the hotel. As a rule, tourists use the transfer. And since the hotel stands at the entrance to the famous resort, the residents of the hotel, to whom our article is devoted, get to the ocean first, and take them last.

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Islazul Oasis 2 is a two-hour drive fromthe capital of the island of Havana. But it is much closer to the international airport. Transfer from there by time is no more than half an hour. Its location, according to tourists, is more attractive than other hotels of this kind. First of all, it is removed from the tourist center of Varadero (actually it is on the road), which provides its inhabitants with peace and quiet. In addition, it is close to the area of ​​Matanzas, where you can cheaply take a taxi and see the life of ordinary Cubans. The center of Varadero can be reached on foot - not very in a hurry somewhere in half an hour. Or get on a taxi in five minutes. Some "quartets" and "five" are further away from the center, at the very end of the sand spit.


This is the most important and, one might say, exclusivethe center of tourism in Cuba. Here there is all that the island is famous for and why it is visited by foreigners. The azure surface of the water, the whitest sand, warm water, scuba diving and familiarity with exotic fish and sea animals, clubs and get-togethers - all this awaits you here. There are almost no local attractions for Varadero, but they are more than replaced by the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best on the planet rum. And if you want to see Cuba, then you will easily find a lot of travel companies and individuals ready to send you on a trip to any part of the island. That's why both Russians and foreigners are increasingly choosing a place of rest for Varadero. Varadero Islazul Oasis 2 although located a bit on the outskirts, is an excellent starting point for travel and is suitable for both beach lovers and avid excursionists. But the "party-goers" it is better to choose some hotelchik closer to the center.

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Number of rooms and services

Hotel Islazul Oasis 2 belongs to the categorylarge. It is one of the oldest in Varadero - built before the revolution, in 1956. There are one hundred and forty-seven rooms at the disposal of holidaymakers. They are air-conditioned, have television with satellite channels, shower cabins or bathrooms, mini-bars. Large balconies, new plumbing. There are even sockets with two holes (unlike many Mexican and American hotels). To use the safe, you need to pay extra. The rooms have thermos or thermocouples. There is no exit to the World Wide Web in Islazul Oasis 2 (Varadero), but this service is only in the "five", and even then the Internet is very slow and expensive. If the number you do not like something or something is broken and does not work, the staff will offer you a couple of others to choose from. Almost all rooms have a view of the ocean. Parking is available on the territory of the hotel. The hotel provides a doctor. Here you can rent a bicycle, scooter or motorbike, for the greater convenience of traveling around the island. And experienced guides from the tour desk will show you all the local attractions. If you want, you can order a taxi, which can also be used for excursions. It works at the hotel and currency exchange. Sports fans can use the tennis courts and a gym. There is in Islazul Oasis 2 (Varadero) and SPA center, where you can soak up the sauna and take a massage course. Fans of horse riding will be pleasantly surprised - the hotel has the opportunity to ride horses. In the evening, tourists are entertained by animation. Every day come singers, dancers, magicians ...

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The Islazul Oasis 2 has two restaurants and threebar. The main hotel of the hotel provides breakfast on the "Buffett" system. Here you can also try the dishes of Cuban or more familiar, European cuisine for lunch and dinner. There is also an à la carte restaurant. The hotel practices a variety of food systems. The room rate includes breakfast, but you can pay for vouchers from "all inclusive". The last system gives the right to enter the restaurant "a la carte". For breakfast, the choice is not very large, but all products are fresh, and there is the most necessary. Tourists write that they give eggs, vegetables, fruits, sausage, cereals, cheeses, pancakes, pancakes, tea and coffee. Fans of excursions prefer to take breakfast only, because they still have to eat in the afternoon and evening in the restaurants and cafes of Varadero. But if you still decided to enjoy the kitchen of the hotel Islazul Oasis 2 (Cuba), then this does not mean that you made the wrong choice. The food here, according to the responses of tourists, is very tasty and varied. For example, on Wednesdays, royal prawns are given here for dinner. Seafood is available every other day. Very tasty soups. Different types of meat - chicken, rabbit, pork. Of fruits - guava, watermelons, papaya, grapefruit. Twice a day they give ice cream. Stunning coffee in the lobby bar. Everywhere poured a fine rum of excellent quality.

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Sea and beach

Coast near the hotel Islazul Oasis Hotel 2small. However, the beach is clean, with sun beds, mushrooms and a bar. The sea is simply above all praise. Sunset in the ocean is very smooth. But if you want white sand as in the picture, bars with Cuban music and parties, souvenir shops, then go to the center of Varadero, all this you will find only there. But also on the local beach they make good cocktails, and music can be listened to immediately. And besides on the beach people do not, unlike Varadero, where just an apple has nowhere to fall. However, there is no beer in the beach bar, but you can take it in the hotel's territory to thermo-jets from the rooms and carry it with you. The huge advantage of this beach is that there are no other hotels nearby, and thus, neither local nor visitors come here. So you can safely leave things and swim. Tourists are advised to visit the beaches and the Caribbean Sea, especially with a mask. The underwater world there is terrific. To the left of the beach there is a completely wild territory - there is very good for divers and underwater hunters. You can find lobsters, moray eels. On the territory of Islazul Oasis 2 (Cuba, Varadero) there is a good, clean pool with sun loungers, though without a children's section. But with it there is a Jacuzzi, which can accommodate six people.

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The Islazul Oasis Hotel 2 can be taken asfrom tour operators, and from private guides. The latter there are many, and the prices they have are two to three times lower. The most popular trips from Varadero are to Havana, to the islands of Cayo Largo and Cayo Blanco. More tourists are positive about the excursion to the Indian village and jeep safari. The average price for private guides is 25 cookies per person per day of travel. But if you just want to go to Havana on your own, then you should not overpay, or drag yourself through the entire resort to the bus station. Moreover, buses from here do not go to the center of the capital. You do not even need to go anywhere for this. You can book a place in a tourist bus, even without paying for the services of a guide - just for the journey. Then he will take you directly from the hotel. Hotel Islazul Oasis 2 in this regard is no exception. Such a trip back and forth will cost you thirty cookies in both directions.

Hotel islazul oasis 2

Islazul Oasis 2: reviews

Of course, this is a simple hotel, from whichshould wait for chic and luxury. Tourists write that this is one of the cheapest and at the same time decent leisure options in Cuba. In addition, the Russians in the hotel is not very much, most people are vacationing here in Canada. However, it is cozy here, a few meters from the sea shore, very polite and helpful staff. Clean the rooms perfectly. In the evening they sing and dance with the rest. Beautiful beach. In a word, to spend a week or two on the Atlantic Ocean with a swim in the Caribbean Sea, among the magnificent nature and paradise weather - it is always divine. Especially in such a special, not conveyed by the words the family atmosphere that has developed in the hotel Islazul Oasis 2 Varadero. Wonderful it was called even by tourists who had not previously lived in hotels below four stars.

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