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Airport (Kostroma): description and history

Many large Russian cities haveown airport. Kostroma is no exception. The city airport is a regional small air transport hub. In addition to civilian airliners, it also has helicopters and airplanes of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

History of the airport (Kostroma)

Sokerkino Airport has a rich eventhistory. It originates in 1944, when a small airfield was built, which was used for the needs of the national economy. The first passenger aircraft PO-2 landed on the Kostroma site in November 1944. It began to be permanently based on the airfield.

The aircraft was small and carried only fivea man with crew members. After the modernization of the aircraft, he was able to simultaneously transport not very heavy loads or patients. In 1949, several more aircraft were commissioned.

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The overwhelming majority of the aerodrome staff was military. Since the 1950s, aircraft have begun to cultivate agricultural land and transport mail.

Airport development

In 1954 the airport (Kostroma) began to carry out long-distance flights on aircraft AN-2. In 1957, MI-1 helicopters began to be used. With their help, forest patrols and ambulances were carried out. Helicopters transported repair brigades, conducted aerial photography and rescue operations.

The first regular flight from Kostroma to Moscow beganto carry out the Yak-40. In 1975 the airport (Kostroma) was opened for international routes. The flights to Germany began. Then, turboprops appeared, which sent passengers to many cities of the USSR.

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In the 1990s, the number of people wishing to fly stronglydecreased. Staff was cut in half. But the airport continued to work. The main profit came from abroad, where Kostroma helicopters operated. In the year 2006 the airport acquired the status of a joint-stock company. All shares were owned by the state.

New passenger and freightaircraft. They again began transportation to large and resort cities in Russia. In 2010, the airport began to belong to the Kostroma region. The airline continues its development.


The airport (Kostroma) has one runwayband. Its length is 1700 meters, width is 50 meters. The strip is covered with concrete slabs. At the airport rather modest infrastructure. This is caused by a loss of interest in this air transport hub of Russian carriers. On the territory of the airport there are:

  • car parking;
  • waiting hall;
  • ATM;
  • a hall of high comfort;
  • room for mother and child (all services in it are paid).

Recently, the airport (Kostroma) has become morewell-equipped and began to provide all the standard services that are provided for air travel, provide full information about all routes. Passengers can go through the necessary pre-flight procedures in the airport building, relax, buy hot meals and fresh newspapers.

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There is a medical room, a luggage room and a ticket office, inwhich can be purchased pre-flight tickets. in 2000 the airport terminal was renovated and modernized. Thanks to innovations, waiting for passengers has become more enjoyable. For believers in the airport building there is a special room for prayers.

Airport (Kostroma) - which phone can befind on the official website of the enterprise, is the base of the Kostroma state airline. It carries out passenger transportation not only in the region, but also in other regions of Russia. The flights are carried out by small aircrafts - helicopters and aircraft. There is a local aero club on the territory of the airport.

How to get there

The airport is on the outskirts of Kostroma. Without luggage to the center, you can take buses Nos. 13 and 21, or minibuses No. 46 and 99. If you have luggage, it is more convenient to take a taxi. The trip will take from 10 to 15 minutes (from the center of Kostroma).

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