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Guests welcome Vologda. Airport: where to find, how to get there

Vologda airport is located ten kilometers from Vologda and is an air transport hub that serves regional flights.

Airport History

old airport of Vologda

In the twenties of the last century, biplanes were assembled near the village of Kovyrino.

Later, in the thirties, the district beganthe first passenger aircraft will appear. Immediately began the active establishment of a regular transportation system along the route Arkhangelsk - Moscow. Naturally, the flights were carried out with transplants, which were carried out in the city of Vologda.

Until the end of the seventies there was aa huge amount of passenger traffic. Freight turnover also had quite impressive indicators. Due to such a huge number of flights the terminal building was overloaded. In addition, because of any minor error dispatchers could be collided aircraft in the air and on the runway.

Due to the inability of the airport to serve such aa large passenger flow leadership decided to close the building, which happened in 1978. At the moment, this territory, called the "old Vologda airport", is occupied by various warehouses.

In 1981, the commissioning of a newairport buildings. The airline began its active development, several new models of airplanes with more spaciousness were used to transport passengers.

General information about the airport

vogda airport

Vologda airport is located eight kilometers from the city center. No other airports have the city.

The airport serves only domestic flights,he does not carry out any international communications. Registration of passengers, as well as baggage check-in begins two hours before departure, and ends forty minutes before it.

To make a check-in for a flight,you will need to show your ticket and passport. If for the flight the passenger has purchased an electronic ticket to register for the flight, he will need to show only his passport.

Airport runways (Vologda)

The airport has at its disposal twosmall strips intended for take-off and landing. The total length of one of them is six hundred and twenty-five meters, in width each of them is equal to thirty meters. As a coating, special asphalt concrete is used.

The second runway is almost twice as long as the first one - its length is one and a half kilometers, and the width is forty-two meters. Armobeton is used as a coating for this strip.

Due to these characteristics Vologda (airport) can accept small aircraft and helicopters of any type.

Airport Infrastructure

airport how to get there

In fact, the airport infrastructure is not as developed as we would like. At the moment there is only a cafe and a shop on the territory.

The nearest hotel to the airport is in the city, eight kilometers from the landing site.

Airport (Vologda): how to arrive

Vologda airport is located eight kilometers from the city, so the passengers do not have any problems with how to get there.

There are several ways to do this.

By bus number 36, which runs daily from sixin the morning until eleven in the evening. The cost of the road is only sixteen rubles, the bus passes through the whole city. Vologda (the airport is, as we have already said, 8 km) - the city is not very big, so it will not take long.

By special bus number 133, which departs towards the airport from the railway station, you can also reach the runway.

To help also a personal car or taxi. Vologda is rich in such services. The airport is to the north of the city, you need to go on the highway M8.

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