/ Airport TGD. Montenegro International Airport

Airport TGD. Montenegro International Airport

All international airports are assignedA unique letter identifier that helps to transmit navigation information. The civil airport of Montenegro - Podgorica, located 11 km from the eponymous capital of the country, received from the international civil aviation organization the abbreviated name Airport TGD. This is due to the fact that earlier the city of Podgorica was called Titograd.

In 2007, Podgorica Airport TGD received the Best Airport Award as serving up to 1 million passengers a year.

Construction of a new terminal

In connection with the increase in passenger traffic to the airportTGD, he stopped coping with his functions. The authorities of Montenegro decided to open a new modern terminal - it started operating in mid-May 2016 and is ready to serve up to a million passengers a year. The system for lighting the take-off strips was improved and the taxiways were refitted.


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The new airport building is a construction of metal and glass with the original reflected lighting.

The area of ​​the airport is 5500 m.2, there are 8 check-in counters for guests. The length of the take-off strip is only 2500 m, which does not allow taking large aircraft.


The international TGD airport in Podgorica hasduty free trade zone, currency exchange office, national bank branch, several cafes and car rental service. On the territory of the terminal there is parking where you can park your car for a long-term parking.

There are several business lounges and free WI-FI for passengers.

Although the airport is considered round the clock, its normal operating mode is from 6:00 to 23:00.

Which airlines fly to TGD airport

Due to the fact that tourism for Montenegro is oneof the main components of the economy, there are a lot of travelers here. Arrive charter planes from around the world in the international Montenegrin TGD-airport. A country that has an unusually beautiful and untouched nature, very attracts tourists. Also positive is the fact that Russians do not need a Schengen visa to visit the country.

Airport code TGD does not interfere with the use of another namethis place is "The Heart of Montenegro". This name was given to him by local residents, and it is justified. The flights are operated by both domestic and international airlines. The airport is the base for the national air carrier Montenegro Airlines. But long distance departures and arrivals occur mainly at the nearby airport Tivat.

The most busy period here is from April to October.

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From the airport Podgorica airlines are sent on flights in the following areas:

  • Austrian Airlines - Vienna;
  • Montenegro Airlines - in most European cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Rome, Naples, Vienna and others;
  • Ryanair - London;
  • Turkish Airlines - Istanbul;
  • AirSerbia - Belgrade.

How to get to the city

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When exiting the terminal there is a bus stop and a taxi stand, from where you can get to the popular resorts of Montenegro.

A bus ticket that takes you to the center of the capital costs about 15 euros one way. Buses leave from the stop at the airport terminal at an interval of one hour.

Use of local taxi services is recommended only in extreme cases. The price of the trip will be unjustifiably overstated, and you will have to travel along dangerous mountain roads.


On September 11, 1973, a plane of Serbian airlines "UAT Airways" crashed in the mountains of Maganik, just north of Podgorica. All 41 passengers and crew on board were killed.

January 25, 2005 the plane of MontenegrinThe airlines, breaking the chassis, pulled off the runway. Landing was carried out in harsh conditions: at night with a heavy snowfall. After a breakdown, the Fokker 100 aircraft slipped almost a kilometer along the strip. All the passengers were still alive, the pilots were injured.

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