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"Vasilsursky" holiday home in the Nizhny Novgorod region: photos, reviews

"Vasilsursky" holiday house is a life-givinga corner on the banks of the famous river Volga. Territorially located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Vorotynsky district, the village of Vasilsursk. Residential buildings are built on a hill with a panoramic view of the Cheboksary reservoir.

One of the main advantages of a camp site isthe presence of mixed forests and flowering shrubs. Thanks to the abundance of greenery, air is oversaturated with negative ions and phytoncides, which are useful for human health. Among the forest are well-groomed walking alleys. This area is truly unique and has won the fame of an ecologically clean village.

Vasylsur Holiday House

Significant distance from the metropolis,Industrial plants and highways contribute to the restoration of strength and peace of mind. On holidays and weekends "Vasilsursky" holiday house is crowded with urban residents, eager for seclusion with nature. The period of operation is year-round.

Number of rooms

Holiday house "Vasilsursky" (Nizhegorodskayaarea) invites people to spend a fabulous weekend. The housing stock is presented by cozy rooms, which are concentrated in a two-story building. There are two-room apartments, equipped with modern furniture, household utensils and appliances. Hot and cold water supply is regularly supplied.

holiday house Vasylsursky Nizhny Novgorod region

Also for living built cottages from a log house,upholstered in wood for up to four people. All houses are connected to water and electricity. In winter, heating is provided. The interior is decorated in a simple laconic style. The houses have a TV, refrigerator, chairs, beds. Isolated bathroom with a small bath and toilet.

Catering services

"Vasilsursky" holiday house great attentiongives quality food and tries to surprise guests with dishes of different cuisines. In a separate building there is a dining area where food is served three times a day. Vacationers, of course, will be pleased that all products are taken from their own backyard.

vasylsurian holiday home reviews

In the camp site there are greenhouses, a vegetable garden, wherepractically all vegetables are grown. Fruit trees are planted on the plot: apple, pear, plum, cherry. In the complex livestock breeding is actively developing: pigs, cows, geese, chickens, goats, rams are raised here. Therefore, tables abound with fresh and natural products, which are distinguished by high profit and nutrition.

holiday house vasylsursky nizhny Novgorod region reviews

In a local pond, fish are caught and served infried, boiled and baked. The main advantage can be called an apiary, where bees work for the benefit of our health. Give a head start to any fashionable hotel "Vasilsursky" holiday home. Reviews of people about nutrition - enthusiastic. Tourists say with admiration and gratitude about the quality and variety of dishes. In the hands of a professional chef, even a simple product turns into an exquisite treat.

Services and Services

It should be noted that the "Vasilsursky" holiday houseis located in a fishing village, where residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region come for a rich catch. This, perhaps, is the most demanded occupation and entertainment in the province. Indeed, in the water area of ​​the river. Sura and the Cheboksary reservoir are inhabited by representatives of various species of fish: pike, perch, roach, bream, carp, bream, burbot.

Vasylsur Holiday House

It is not necessary to bring your ownequipment, fishing tackle, spinning, feeder, motor boats and other accessories are rented at the camp site. If desired, guests can use the services of an experienced huntsman. Those who are not interested in fishing and hunting should not despair, because there are a number of other entertainments in the complex.

For example, a Russian steam room with brooms. After the bath you will be offered phytona drinks from useful herbs. In addition, the territory is equipped with large fields for sports games: paintball, volleyball, football. There is billiards, table tennis. For children - a play area with attractions. There is a tour agency.

a pool table


Country house of rest «VasilSursky»(Nizhny Novgorod region) reviews are positive from satisfied guests. The benevolent situation sets a good mood. Home-style cozy and comfortable in the rooms and houses: everywhere is clean, neat. Especially impressed by the tourists are agricultural lands, an apiary and a cattle farm. Rarely where you can see this. There was not a single negative response to this complex. All were satisfied and full!

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