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Airport (Novokuznetsk): description and photo

Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo ​​airport appeared in 1952year. Due to its rapid development, it has acquired the status of an international one. Passenger traffic is constantly growing. The airport (Novokuznetsk) was named after the city, because it is located only 20 kilometers from it.

The appearance and development of the aerodrome

The airline was founded in August 1952by merging several small similar companies. All their property was transferred to the West-Siberian Department of GVF. The method of merging companies had a strong influence on the development of aviation in the Kuzbass. As soon as one large enterprise was formed, the Po-2 planes were immediately replaced by the An-2. From 1952 to 1967, the Yak-12, Mi- (1, 4) and K-15 helicopters were additionally operated.

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In 1954, the 184th Air Division was created. As a result, an increase in the flight crew was required. At the end of 1956, 172 people worked at the airline. New routes have appeared: in Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and other distant cities. Since the sixties, the airline has been involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields. Until 1971, aircraft were actively used for agricultural needs, and in different regions of the Soviet Union.

Acquisition of airport status

In 1968 the aerodrome was given the status ofairport. It contained the necessary minimum of infrastructure: a hotel, a runway and a railway station. From 1971 to 1985, Spichenkovo ​​Airport (Novokuznetsk) performed passenger transportation on available aircraft and helicopters. With the advent of a new strip of 2,680 meters in length, regular flights to the Tu-154 began. A year later, a dining room appeared at the airport. In 1990, flights began to Moscow, a year later - the construction of a new station. There were two additional hangars, a rescue station and a boiler room.

For a couple of years of its development, the airport (Novokuznetsk) already had an asset:

  • nine Tu-154 aircraft;
  • five - An-26;
  • six - An-24;
  • twenty helicopters (Mi-2 and Mi-8).

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In 1995 on the airport territory there was a medical center building, where employees of the company are served. Since 1998, international charter flights have been launched. In the same year, the financial situation of the airline was greatly shaken, and the managing director was replaced. At the end of the summer of 1999, JSC Aerokuzbass bought the whole complex of OJSC Aerokuznetsk at auction. A new spiral of development has begun. At the airport there was a hangar for maintenance of aircraft and their improvements.

In 2012 The airport (Novokuznetsk) has acquired the international status. The first time a passenger plane flew to Bangkok in December of the same year. Many other flights have appeared: to Novosibirsk, Tomsk, etc. Now the airport is a major air transport hub. The most famous Russian carriers cooperate with him.


Spichenkovo ​​Airport (Novokuznetsk) has only one reinforced concrete strip with a length of 2679 meters. The width of the runway is 45 m. The airport can take planes from 2 to 4 classes.

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  • An-24;
  • "Boeing" (737 and 757);
  • Tu-204 and 214;
  • Airbus A320.

In addition to the above aircraft, the airport can serve any type of helicopter.

Airport Infrastructure

After obtaining the international status of the airportits infrastructure was significantly improved and developed. Received an online scoreboard background. The airport (Novokuznetsk) got a restaurant and a cafe, there were small retail boutiques, a rest room for mother and child was equipped. The waiting room was converted into a superior room. At the airport there is a guarded parking lot. The hotel offers thirty comfortable rooms.

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Airport (Novokuznetsk) serves passengers1st and business classes. If you want, you can even order a banquet room. There are storage rooms around the clock. ATM and post office are located on the territory of the airport. There is a tourist bureau, which offers helicopter tours to nearby cities.

How to get to the airport?

One of the Russian international airlines is the airport (Novokuznetsk). How to get to it? You can get there by city public transport. To the airport buses constantly go:

  • from Novokuznetsk № 160;
  • from Prokopyevsk № 130 and 20 (from the Krasnogorsk market with an interval of ten minutes).

Somewhat more expensive to order a taxi. You can also pick up on private transport from Novokuznetsk. From the city to the airport only 20 kilometers, so you can get there by car only 20-30 minutes.

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