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Hotel Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga 3 * (Cuba / Varadero): pics and reviews of tourists

Varadero is located on the island of Ikakos,in a small provincial area of ​​Matanzas, located 140 kilometers from Havana. This resort town is recognized as the best of those that are on the coast of the Caribbean islands. To get a real pleasure from the beach holiday, a huge number of travelers visit this place, reminding that there is heaven on earth.

Beach holidays

gran caribe villa tortuga
It is worth saying that the beaches of this place are evenare listed in the UNESCO fund as the cleanest and most well-groomed. This resort has won extraordinary popularity among ordinary middle-class members, and among the elite of the Russian entertainment industry. Many singers praise this place and call it a real paradise. Carlos Pueble even dedicated to this resort one of his songs.

Beach holiday in Varadero is developed as nowhere else. A huge number of guests of the island come there only to soak up the affectionate sun and feel the tender touch and rustle of the coastal waves. Each beach in this area is equipped with everything you need: sunbeds, deckchairs, sun umbrellas, cloakrooms and other necessary amenities for comfort.

The color of the sea is extremely unusual and varies from sky-blue to emerald green. It just can not help but fascinate at first sight, forcing to return to the beaches again and again.

Orientation of the resort

The western part of the coast of Varadero is simply boiling fromlife. There is a great variety of competitions on beach sports, discos and other holidays. This allows the territory of Varadero not to be silent for a minute.

If we talk about the eastern half of the coast, there, on the contrary, life flows more measured and calm, which is suitable for couples with young children and pensioners.

Fans are not just tanning and bathing in the sea, butactive recreation will also find a way to have fun on Varadero. In addition to the water sports presented, it is surprising, but the island has its own golf course. Also, very popular among holidaymakers of any class are diving lessons with an experienced instructor, as the Caribbean underwater world is surprisingly diverse.

In addition to diving, the autumn months allow wishing to conquer waves during windsurfing lessons and ordinary surfing. It is popular no longer with middle-aged vacationers, but with young people.


The cultural industry of Cuba has a relationship, beforetotal, to the Indians of the colonial period. The oldest Havana, for example, is filled not only with Indian architecture, but also with buildings made in pompous Spanish style.

Havana literally teems with mansions of influentialSpanish gentlemen, who are now turned into museums of local culture. And, of course, at almost every step within Havana there are monuments, which are a kind of symbolism of freedom and independence of this territory.

Many visitors to the island say that Varaderois one of the best places for both single and romantic (couples), and for family tourism. Not only indigenous Cubans, but also representatives of other countries come to rest here. Russian citizens also with great pleasure fly there to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

The island is replete with a variety of clubs, bars,hotels and other entertainment facilities for any purse and taste. As for the level of service in all these places of leisure, this indicator is on a par with Europe.

The temperature values ​​of the island all year round are notfall below 30 degrees, however, staying in this place does not become excruciating, since on all sides the island is blown by the sea breeze. That is why vacationers always visit this place, they will be able to understand that life has not been wasted. Moreover, if you have a glass of the famous Cuban rum. Especially pleasant impressions of the rest can be obtained if you choose the hotel Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga 4 (Varadero).

Hotel description

gran caribe villa tortuga 4

The complex is located in the residential area of ​​Varaderoand is equipped with everything that is required for a comfortable stay. On one side, the hotel's rooms overlook lush vegetation, and on the other, the chic seaside.

As for the advantage of location, the Hotel GranCaribe Villa Tortuga 4 (Cuba, Varadero) is in close proximity to the cultural values ​​of Varadero. Nearby is the famous Roma house and Josone Park. The hotel was opened in 1975. A complete renovation was carried out in 1998.

Room facilities

In each of the rooms of the hotel there is a kitchen with allthe necessary appliances and utensils, a bathroom with a shower and all accessories, a safe for storing valuables, a TV and a refrigerator. There is a television antenna with many channels, bath accessories and a hairdryer.

Food and service

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From the power supply guests are offered an all-inclusive system, as well as a pool bar with a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Among the services of the Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga are car parking, room service and cleaning, a check-in service and several points for exchanging currency.

For children, the hotel has a small club, a small swimming pool and a games room with animators.


gran caribe villa tortuga 3
Active rest is presented by diving, surfing andwindsurfing, canoeing, aqua aerobics and routine aerobics, a sports hall with a variety of different simulators. There are courses in gymnastics and dances. Mountain bikes are also in high demand.

Parking of cars and other meansmovement near the hotel is carried out for a fee, stay with animals is strictly prohibited. The hotel has a stable Internet connection, which catches both at the front desk and in every room.

Sport and other services

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In addition to the listed sports, the hotel hasbocce, big and table tennis, volleyball, basketball, billiards. Services include sending mail, using fax and other commerce, renting bicycles. This hotel will certainly attract a lot of visitors, and stay in it will be remembered for a long time.

Guest comments

hotel gran caribe villa tortuga

Hotel Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga really deserves positive feedback. Tourists, who were lucky enough to have a rest at the hotel, note the following points:

  1. Check in the hotel is necessary, in advanceinspection number. For a small surcharge (about 40 euros) can offer a chic room with a luxurious view. Populate instantly. It is better to choose rooms in the building, which is located near the ocean. A stunning view from the window will surely be provided.
  2. About the rooms. The apartments do not differ in size, but they are cozy and have everything you need: a huge bed, which can accommodate even three people, a couple of nightstands, a chair, a table, a refrigerator (not always work), a TV, air conditioning (in advance you need to ask for it cleaned), sockets. In the toilet there is a bathroom, a bath, a washbasin and a hairdryer.
  3. Service in the rooms. Cleaning is carried out daily. Tipping can be left every other day, although this is not necessary. The quality of service is not affected. Staff manifests imagination in everything, even in folding towels and blankets in various figures. Dirty towels must be folded on the floor. Of the toiletries there is only soap. All the rest is better to bring with you. Here, even in the bathroom, there is coziness. There is a small window overlooking the backyard. The rooms near the beach can be a little noisy, because on the shore until late evening people rest. But after 20.00 there is silence and you can rest easy. A safe is available for a fee.
  4. Pool. The water in it is cold. Virtually no one bathes, as near a warm ocean.
  5. Beach. The huge coastal zone is fully equipped with everything necessary. There are enough sun beds here. On the beach is allowed not only to the residents of the hotel. Outsiders can use the sun beds for a fee. The locals are very sloppy. After them, a lot of garbage remains on the beach and in the water. Unfortunately, nobody cleans the shore zone.
  6. Entertainment. On the beach you can play volleyball and other entertaining games. There is also a bar. In the evening, guests are entertained with dances and even small concerts. If you are in the evenings at the hotel, you can even watch rehearsals and preparations.
  7. Gym. There are practically no people here. Everyone likes to spend time on the beach or on excursions.
  8. Bars. There are several institutions. The bar near the reception works constantly, even at night. Coffee at the poolside. There is also another bar, which operates from 10.00, where you can taste delicious sandwiches, pizza or hamburgers. The institution on the beach is open from 10.00.
  9. Food. Breakfast at Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga 3 (Cuba, Varadero) is served with an omelette, pancakes, vegetables, fruit, various pastries, bread and breakfast cereals. Eggs cooked in various ways are also often served. From drinks - fresh juices, tea and coffee. In the hotel you can eat and dine. The food is varied enough. Garnish with potatoes, rice, spaghetti or pasta. A wide choice of meat dishes and seafood. For dessert, ice cream and sweet pastries. Sometimes the restaurant plays live music.
  10. The Internet. The speed is enough to check the mail, view the news and socialize in social networks. To access the Internet you need at the reception to take a card with hourly pay. Computers do not support Russian. The wi-fi is not supported.
  11. Territory. In addition to the people, there are many friendly animals in the hotel. In the local souvenir shop, prices are slightly overstated. Near the Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga 4 (Cuba) there is a shop with various delicacies, cigars and other goods necessary for rest. There are also bus stops nearby. For 5 Cook you can ride a panoramic double-decker bus the whole day. With the same ticket, you can change to another bus, without paying anything extra. On the right side of the complex in 10 minutes walk is a cozy restaurant. Once there lived Al Capone. To the left of the hotel, almost immediately begins the city with many souvenir shops, markets and shops.

Overall Impression

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Hotel Gran Caribe Villa Tortuga is undoubtedlydeserves a positive evaluation. There is everything for a good rest at a reasonable price. Hospitable staff is always ready to help, delicious and varied food, a huge beach and a warm ocean. According to tourists, the hotel deservedly received its stars.

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