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City of Polotsk (Belarus): Hotels. Hotel "Polotsk": address, description, photo

One of the most ancient cities of the Republic of Belarus -The picturesque Polotsk is first mentioned in chronicles dating back to 862. The city is located in the Vitebsk region, where a small river Polota flows into the Western Dvina. Polotsk is often called an open-air museum. And this is completely justified: in a small area (41 square kilometers) there are a lot of ancient buildings. This Lutheran church, and the famous St. Sophia Cathedral, and the house of Peter.

hotel of Polotsk

Thousands of visitors annually visit this picturesqueThe city - on official business, visiting relatives and friends or for visiting city sights. Perhaps tourists are interested in the question: "Where to stay? Is there a small, by modern standards, city hotel, guest house, hotel? "Polotsk offers all its guests comfortable accommodation at quite reasonable prices. In this article, we will present to you only a few options.

"Dvina" (F. Skaryna, 13)

This is one of the oldest hotels in the city. The majestic building, decorated with a colonnade, was inaugurated in late December 1954. Hotel "Dvina" is now included in the hotel complex "Slavic". A magnificent view of the picturesque bank of the Western Dvina opens from the windows of the hotel rooms.

Most recently, a majorrepair, and today "Dvina" has 111 rooms of different levels of comfort. All of them are equipped with everything necessary for rest and work. In the hotel complex there is a restaurant where experienced Belarusian chefs will offer you delicious dishes of national cuisine.

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Number of rooms

Hotel Dvina offers rooms of several categories:

  • standards are single;
  • double standards;
  • the highest category is one- and two-place;
  • suite (3 rooms). The room rate includes breakfast.

The cost of living from 1900 to 2900 rubles inday. In the complex there is paid parking, dry cleaning, laundry. Guests can eat at the restaurant "Slavyansky", cafe "Spasskoe", in the cafeteria.

Hotel Dvina (Polotsk): reviews

Most of the guests note that the hotel is well located in the heart of the city. The rooms are comfortable and cozy, the staff is friendly and the prices are quite affordable.

Hotel Polotsk (6th Guards Army, 47)

This hotel is very popular in the city. Hotel "Polotsk" is located in a quiet and quiet area, in the hostel building. It is quite small, but very cozy and comfortable. Here you will be offered to choose one of five numbers.

Hotel "Polotsk" is located in a multi-purpose building, in addition to the hotel there are:

  • beauty saloon;
  • barbershop;
  • buffet;
  • gym.

Guests are offered rooms:

  • standard (single);
  • suite, designed for two people.

All of them are furnished with comfortable soft and cabinetfurniture, TVs, air conditioners. In the rooms standard - shower cabins, and in suites - a bathroom with necessary toiletries.

hotel of Polotsk

Hotel "Polotsk" is famous for quite affordable prices. Accommodation here will cost you from 1500 to 2300 rubles per day (depending on the category of rooms).

"Parus" (Nizhne-Pokrovskaya, 50a)

This hotel belongs to the training base for regional and national rowing teams. The first guests she accepted in 2012.

 hotel sail polotsk reviews

Guests are offered to accommodate thirtynine single-room single rooms, one one-room single superior, nine one-room double rooms and one single two-room suite. All of them are furnished with necessary modern furniture. The rooms have televisions, refrigerators, shower cabins.

Hotel "Parus" (Polotsk), reviews about which inthe overwhelming majority of cases are positive, attracts guests with convenient location close to the main sights of the city, coziness and cleanliness in modernly decorated rooms and quite affordable cost of living (from 1600 to 2100 rubles).

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