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Hotel Aguas Azules: reviews and photos of tourists. Holidays in Cuba

Cuba is a hot tropical sun, coralreefs, snow-white sandy beaches, clear ocean water, great opportunities for fishing, stunningly beautiful nature, and, of course, comfortable living conditions for all who decided to stay at the Aguas Azules hotel. Reviews both about the country in general, and about this hotel in particular are mostly filled with flattering epithets and enthusiastic exclamations.

Sights of Cuba

To begin acquaintance with Cuba, as well as with manyother countries, perhaps, is from its capital - Havana. This city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The old part of the capital of Cuba today looks almost the same as in the colonial period. Here you can see rectangular squares, churches and houses erected in the Baroque style, as well as defensive fortresses at the entrance to the bay. And these are just some of those attractions of Havana that every tourist center of Cuba offers to visit its clients.

Slightly inferior to Havana regarding the historicalthe heritage of Santiago de Cuba. However, the inhabitants of this city are very hospitable and cheerful, having communicated with them, tourists can learn a lot about Cuban culture. In addition, in the territory of Santiago de Cuba, there are many museums and exhibition halls, which are certainly worth a visit.

Holiday in Cuba is unthinkable without visiting the islandCayo Coco is a nature reserve with sandy beaches stretching for 20 kilometers. The road connecting these two parts of the land deserves special attention. After all, it runs right on the sea and perfectly fits into the environment.

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Activities in Cuba

Most tourists have a holiday in Cubais associated with sunny beaches, fabulous bathing in the ocean waters and incendiary evening and day shows with Latin American dances and great music. However, Cuba has no less options for an interesting pastime for active people.

Fans of diving in Cubathere are 30 centers where you can both rent equipment for snorkeling, and learn the basics of scuba diving, if you are still quite new to this business. There are excellent opportunities for surfing in Cuba. However, those who plan to engage in this sport, you need to think about this in advance. After all, despite the suitable natural conditions for surfing, there is nowhere to rent a board, you only need to bring it with you.

Fishing, exciting underwater hunting, walkson a catamaran, a yacht, a boat, a trip through the jungle, jeep safari - all this can offer its guests Cuba. Tourism in the country is well developed, so if you can not limit yourself in the funds, you will open the most exotic corners of this country.

Cuba Tourism

Varadero - a great resort for beach holidays

Varadero is the main tourist centerrest in Cuba. Here there are luxurious white beaches, azure ocean waters, and the richest underwater world, and the dolphinarium, and the city museum, and cozy hotels, and evening shows in numerous establishments. But first things first.

Naturally, the main attractionsVaradero are magnificent beaches and a boundless ocean. It is they who encourage tourists from different parts of the world to book rooms at the Aguas Azules hotel. Reviews about rest in Varadero are practically devoid of negative, because here, in fact, there is nothing to complain about. If, for example, tired of basking in the beach, you can go to the dolphinarium, from the visit of which not only children but adults are delighted. In addition to the fact that you can look at these inhabitants of the water world, you can swim with them or take a picture with them.

Attention deserves a protected area - the parkHosone, where a lot of tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, and there is a wonderful lake. The main natural object of the park is the cactus El Patriarca, which is more than 500 years old. Speaking of natural attractions, it is also worth mentioning the caves of Cuevas de Bellamar and La Cueva de Ambrosio, located a few kilometers from Varadero.

And for a closer acquaintance with the history andCuban culture should be visited by the city museum of Varadero. Among its exhibits you can see a rich collection of maps of the peninsula, objects of Indian painting, culture and much more.

Club Amigo Aguas Azules

Aguas Azules: general information

At a distance of 40 km from the airport, in the cityVaradero, the hotel Aguas Azules is located. Reviews of tourists who used to stay here, say that it is not difficult to get to the hotel. The hotel itself consists of the main four-story building, built in 1996, and in 2009, restored, and ten two-story cottages. The hotel area is well maintained, there is a lot of greenery, swimming pool, currency exchange, souvenir shops. For an additional fee, you can rent a motorbike or a car. There is also an Internet cafe, however, paid.

Hotel Aguas Azules 3 * is located on the beachof the ocean. Thanks to this, his guests need not take more than two minutes to get to the beach. The length of the sandy beach is 900 meters. Therefore, no matter what time you come to it, a place for rest will always be enough. Towels, umbrellas and deck chairs on the beach are provided free of charge. Club Amigo Aguas Azules is an excellent option for family holidays, as here everyone, regardless of age, will be able to find an occupation to their liking.

Aguas Azules 3

Conditions for accommodation and meals

Aguas Azules has 331 roomscategory "Standard", 80 bungalows, 8 standard apartments and 6 suites with a private jacuzzi. All hotel rooms, regardless of the category, are suitable for 3 adults or 2 children and 2 adults. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

All rooms of Aguas Azules 3 * have a bathroom,consisting of a bath and toilet, hairdryer, TV, mini fridge and air conditioning. For additional money, vacationers have the opportunity to use the safe and telephone. Rooms are cleaned daily, and linen and towels are changed on request. Each room has access to a balcony or terrace.

There are 5 restaurants on site, in one of thewhich for guests are covered with breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the "buffet". In addition, its services to guests Aguas Azules offers 3 snack bars and 4 regular bars. Despite the abundance of choice of food and drink restaurants and bars of the hotel, no one forbids you to visit other catering establishments that are on the territory of Varadero. Aguas Azules, of course, is some distance from the center, where there are many restaurants and cafes, but you can get there without any problems if you want.

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As for entertainment, they are in the territoryThere are plenty of hotels, both for adults and for children. So, everyone can enjoy swimming in swimming pools, which are on site 3. For small tourists - from 4 to 12 years old, there is a club in which they can have fun and pleasant time with their peers under the supervision of the animator.

Fans of active pastime canoffer to play volleyball, football, big or table tennis, billiards or do non-motorized water sports. In addition, Aguas Azules has a sauna, a jacuzzi and a fitness room. Massage services are provided. During the day all hotel guests are entertained by professional animators, however it should be noted that Russian animation is not there.

Varadero Cube prices

Hotel Aguas Azules: prices

All those who decided to spend their holidays inVaradero (Cuba), prices - this is what interests in the first place. After all, it is necessary to find out if the tourist can afford a vacation in these places. And the lion's share of the budget, made up for rest, naturally occupies a hotel room and catering. Fortunately, the hotel Aguas Azules prices offers quite acceptable.

So, a double room for two adults withoutchildren can do from 35 000 to 64 000 rubles for 7 days. Everything depends on the category of the room and the time of the year. At the same time the price includes meals.

Photo in Cuba: why are they?

When choosing a hotel room, you canfocus on photos taken inside the premises, but fully rely on them not worth it. Because often the owners of hotels try to put the proposed rooms in the best light. And this is quite natural. That is why it is advisable during the rest to take photos in all possible places, which is quite enough both on the territory of Aguas Azules and beyond. Firstly, you can decorate your home album with new pictures, and secondly, back up your words with evidence if someone from your loved ones will recommend or not recommend staying at this hotel.

Do not forget to bring your camera to the beach andto other places where you will go on excursions, resting in Cuba. The fact is that in this country there are many such places and objects that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Aguas Azules reviews

Reviews of tourists

Spacious territory, clean rooms, luxuriousbeach - all this is said by tourists who once rested in Aguas Azules. The reviews are also filled with many good words about the hotel staff. However, there is also a "fly in the ointment": some tourists claim that the territory looks well-groomed only in residential buildings and swimming pools, and if you go to a tennis court or a football field, the impression is not the best.

The reviews also note that the hotelcorresponds to a solid 3 stars, so if you hear somewhere about the Aguas Azules 4 * hotel, check out this information. Perhaps it's a different version of housing or someone was wrong, giving a description.

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