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Cantons of Switzerland offer ideal conditions for rest

Despite the fact that Switzerland is smallthe state in the heart of Europe, it has a lot of its interesting distinctive features. These are the four official state languages, the oldest democracy in the world, the confidentiality of bank customers, delicious chocolate and the most prestigious watch brand. Although in Switzerland there are unified federal authorities and in fact it is a federal state, its name still sounds like Confederation. Therefore, the cantons of Switzerland have extensive powers of self-government.

In total there are 26 cantons in Switzerland. This is the name of the unit of the administrative and political division of the state. Each of them has its own laws, its government and its own court. The federal government of the country does not interfere in the administration of the cantons and deals with international economic and political relations, as well as issues of state defense. The cantons of Switzerland are not at all similar in size and population density to each other. For example, there is a canton of Basel with an area of ​​only 37 square meters. kilometers and the canton Graubünden measuring 7105 square meters. kilometers, in which approximately the same number of people live.

Only one and a half centuries ago Switzerland was verypoor country. Its native inhabitants had to go to the New World in search of happiness. All geographical names on the territory of the United States related to Switzerland bear an imprint of longing for the homeland of immigrants who came there from this small European country. In the end, the country changed. The cantons of Switzerland are able to provide their residents with a well-paid job, and Switzerland itself has become a strong international power that conducts an active immigration policy. Today, the foreign population in the country is about 20%.

This absolutely amazing alpine region has becomethe largest tourist region in Europe. Rest here, above all, is focused on lovers of mountain skiing and beautiful mountain lakes. Rest in Switzerland makes an unforgettable reigning among the majestic mountains of extraordinary silence. Tours in Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Friborg and other popular tourist towns give all visitors a lot of impressions. The ancient traditions and pristine nature, edelweiss and strange cacti - all this can be found in this unusual ski country.

Thought out to trifles and incredibly developedinfrastructure of tourist facilities, perfectly constructed motorways and the largest network of railways give it the status of a magnificent country for tourists, supported by all cantons of Switzerland. Add to this the possibility of organizing a unique holiday in Switzerland at any time of the year and its incredibly favorable geographical position, and you will understand why 15% of the national income brings the country's tourism business.

Extremely interesting tourist trips toSwitzerland, which include excursions to the famous sights of various cities, ancient castles, the richest museums of Geneva, Zurich, Bern, storing behind their walls a lot of amazing secrets. The immense lakes, majestic mountains and small cozy country villages make the impressions of the tourist trip unforgettable. This beauty can be seen not only traveling the country by bus. It is common practice to rent a bicycle for travel. You can also make hiking trips. Along the shoreline of the lakes nature itself has created specially created tourist trails. For a ski holiday in the country, simply ideal conditions have been created. The resorts of Davos, Grindelwald, Crans-Montana are considered a European pearl for extreme people from all over the world.

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