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Omsk, Victory Park: sights and monuments

It so happened that Omsk is not included in the numbertourist centers, but his past is of interest to many. The existing memorable places of the city can be correlated with some specific historical events. Thus, preserved all kinds of architectural values. If you visit Omsk, Victory Park should be in your tourist guide.

Omsk Victory Park

Everlasting memory

About 150 thousand soldiers lost the city of Omsk. Local residents respect their heroes and regularly place flowers on monuments. Particularly striking is the huge Victory Park, which housed various memorials in honor of the dead for their country.

It was created in 1975 and up to the present time is maintained in the proper form. The key figure is the Liberator Warrior, which is visible from many points of the city.

Victory Park

Be sure to visit Victory Park (Omsk). Photos of it are presented below. This is the best park zone among similar ones in Siberia. It covers an area of ​​about 214 hectares.

eternal fire in the park wins Omsk

In fact, the park consists of two parts: "Ennobled" and "untouched." Initially, the tourist falls into the first. It has the opportunity to get acquainted with the great creations of sculptors created for the glory of the Great Victory. It:

  • Sibiryachka, which has a height of 9 meters.
  • Warrior-liberator, reaching a height of 14 meters. He is proud of the whole city.

To the left of the Warrior-Liberator is"Natural" part of the park. In what other metropolis can you find the remaining hectares of forest? And there are about two hundred of them in the center of Omsk. In the park there are a lot of water reservoirs, some of which contain mineral water. In the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory (Omsk) you can get without any permission and arrange a holiday with a fire and a tent. This is a great opportunity to spend time in nature without a long journey outside the city.

park 30 wins omsk

There is an eternal fire in Victory Park.

Omsk is a youth city, and during a walk throughThe park can often be met by young people who run around the alleys with swords and axes. Do not be afraid of them, these tools are sham, and the guys are members of historical clubs. In the park, they sharpen their mastery of possession of cold steel. Fans of history often spend this hobby on whole days.

You can get to the park on any publictransport, the route of which passes along the Leningrad Bridge. We should go to the stops "Victory Park" or "DOSAAF". Every guest will like Omsk. Victory Park in the city is the best and most beautiful in all of Siberia.

Victory Memorial

A view of the memorial opens from the Square of the rallies. From it begins the road to the sculpture of the Liberator Warrior. This is the symbolic center of the whole complex. The "road of war" has a cobblestone covering and originates from the sculpture of Sibiryachka and his son. Park (30 Victories), Omsk and this memorial should be visited by every tourist who arrived in Siberia.

Sculpture embodies the firmness of characterand the determination of the women of the country who have done everything for the Great Victory. The boy is considered a symbol of the children of the war who gave all their strength for their homeland. They were able to restore Russia after the Great Patriotic War. The native land is symbolized by a number of birches behind the composition.

Sibiryachka is at the very beginning of a long"Roads of War." Overcome this path, full of dangers and surprises, the people could for 1418 days. On the sides of the road there are 18 granite monoliths. They represent the moments of military battles, in which residents of the city of Omsk took part.

park victories omsk monuments

The Victory symbol is surrounded by even rows of coniferstrees, which harmoniously fit into the complex. At the end of the 20th century, a chapel was erected, which helps not to forget about people who gave their lives for their Motherland during the war years. Many people like Omsk, Victory Park and other attractions will like it.

Chapel - the memory of the dead

In 1995, a chapel was built on the territory of thethis park. During her consecration, the names of the great generals of Russia were mentioned: Dmitry Donskoy, Alexander Nevsky and George the Victorious. Architects perfectly entered this church in the already existing, built by the time the style of the park.

Territory is regularly landscaped, and a largeThe reconstruction of the chapel was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War. Such a huge, perfected Victory Park will not leave indifferent any person.

Memorial to the soldiers-omicemen

This monument was erected in 2005. It was erected in honor of every dead soldier who participated in military conflicts that occurred even after the Second World War. In addition to this monument, relatives of deceased servicemen who valiantly performed their duty in peacetime arrive.

Igor Vakhitov is the architect of the memorial. He wanted to show that every resident of Omsk, who died while performing military duty, is remembered and honored. Every year, people flock to lay flowers and pay their respects. Be sure to look at the eternal fire in Victory Park (Omsk).

30th anniversary of victory in Omsk

Other sights of Omsk

The originality of this city does not hold. Where else can you meet funny monuments: "Lyubushku", "Sanitary Engineering" and "Fish"? Tarski Gates are also known. Their fate was similar to many ancient structures: destruction and subsequent restoration. The nature of the "Bird's Haven" reserve is beautiful and striking with its greatness Irtysh.

Before you visit the park of the 30th anniversary of victory(Omsk), do not forget about other beauties. For example, the house of Kolchak. Omsk became the capital city of Siberia by the order of Alexander Kolchak. At one time he lived in the house of merchant Batiushkov. The life of the ruler was attempted, and during this event the mansion was damaged. The recovery was difficult and long, the reconstruction led to the almost complete construction of this house from the ground up.

Today, there is a local registry office. On the facade you can see a memorial plaque, and the building itself is recognized as a cultural property of the Trans-Urals.

In Omsk there are more than a dozen theaters, and it is rightfully considered the theater capital of the Siberian region.

Necessarily in the program of the tourist there should be a theater, a cathedral, museums and Victory Park. Omsk (photos of attractions you will find in this article) - a beautiful city, it has something to see.

Victory Park Omsk Photo

Omsk is a city that remembers

In Omsk there are several famous museums. Everyone will amaze the audience with their compositions and exhibition halls. But nothing can be more remembered than the memorials about the great wars. Talented architects and sculptors managed to convey the greatness and power of the entire Soviet people.

Everyone should visit Victory Park (Omsk), monuments of the city and museums. You can wander for hours between the figures Sibiary and Warrior with a sword over his head. They inspire and remind of the greatness of Russia.

The city will be remembered for its architecturalmonuments in the form of merchant houses and at the same time a dynamic development of architecture. Every building and place here has its own history, which can captivate and bring us back to the past. Everyone will be happy to have a hospitable Omsk. Victory Park and the museum is the minimal program of sightseeing.

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