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Grodno Zoo: the oldest and largest park of animals in Belarus

To visit the city of Grodno and not to visit the localThe zoo is a real crime. To date, the Grodno Zoo is considered the oldest and most interesting in all of Belarus. On an area of ​​5 hectares with comfort, in conditions as close to natural as possible, there are a variety of animals. Visit this place will be interesting for adults and children.

History of the foundation of the zoo in Grodno

Grodno Zoo
At the men's gymnasium named after Adam Mickiewiczthere was a Society of Nature Lovers. In 1925, the organization achieved the opening of the Botanical Garden in the adjacent park, today it is the Park. Giliber. A couple of years after the creation of the educational green zone, and its own zoo. It is believed that the first animal was an ordinary black beaver, which from Lunno to the zoo personally delivered Kochanovsky. In the first years of its existence the Grodno Zoo could boast a collection of 17 species of animals "exhibits". The zoo for educational purposes began to visit not only schoolboys, but also their peers studying in other institutions. In 1930, the zoo found its permanent residence permit. All the animals from it were transported to a specially equipped area, the zoological garden is located at this address today. Around 1935 the status of the organization was changed. Since then, there is a fee for entering the territory, and anyone can visit the animal park. All this time the zoo developed, its territory gradually grew, and new animals appeared. In 1936, there were about 400 individuals of various species.

Zoo during the Second World War

Grodno Zoo under the German occupation
Military years are a dark spot on historya zoo in Grodno. The territory itself was severely damaged, many buildings were destroyed, animals were killed, some particularly valuable individuals were transported to the Koenigsberg zoo. Suffered during the war and Jan Kohanovsky - one of the organizers of the Grodno Zoo. He was arrested along with 99 other members of the intelligentsia. When the local residents appealed to the head of the Gestapo with a request to release the prisoners, he said that he intended to shoot 25 people from hundreds of detainees, and release the others. Among those sentenced to death were also Jozef Vejurski, a teacher, the father of six children. In addition, he was a close friend of Kochanowski, and then Ian offered his life in exchange for the release of this man. The founder of the zoo was shot in the summer of 1942. The Grodno zoo during the German occupation was almost completely destroyed. In 1944, Soviet troops liberated the city, but on the site of a once-blossoming park of animals, they waited only for gloomy ruins. The zoo begins its new history in December 1944. At that time a new director was chosen, territory and building materials were allocated, and also the first animals appeared - two donkeys.

Restoration and reconstruction

At the end of 1946 the Grodno Zoo againbecame an interesting place for city residents and tourists. At that time, you could see deer, donkeys, foxes, brown bears, wolves, camels, wild boars, peacocks, ostriches and many other animals. Gradually landscaped the territory, rebuilt all the buildings. The official opening took place on September 28, 1946. At the same time, the institution was allocated as much as 5 hectares of land, which indicated real prospects for the development of an animal park.

Zoo in Grodno in our days

Jan Kohanovsky is one of the organizers of the Grodno Zoo
During the USSR, the zoological garden developed steadily, andin the perestroika years there was a typical decline and devastation typical for its period. A large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 2002. It was thanks to the repair and appreciable improvement of the territory that the Grodno Zoo took its modern look. Today in its territory you can see modern comfortable aviaries, a large terrarium, a contact area "Grandmother's yard", where animals can be petted and fed. For visitors there are enough benches for rest, cafes and restaurants, attractions for children, shops, among which there is a real pet shop, where you can choose a pet for yourself.

Useful information for tourists

Grodno Zoo Working Hours
The zoo in Grodno today is the largestin the whole of Belarus. It is in close proximity to the main railway station of the city, the exact address: Timiryazev Street, possession 11. The cost of a children's admission ticket is $ 2, and an adult is $ 4, kids under the age of 6 can visit the Grodno Zoo for free. Working hours of the organization: from 10.00 to 18.00 every day, without days off and holidays. Attention: animals can not be fed and photographed with flash.

Grodno Zoo: photos and reviews

Grodno Zoo Photo
Animal Park in Grodno - one of the most populartourist attractions and a favorite place for walking local people. Enthusiastic of his visit are children of different ages, because here you can not only look at exotic animals, but also pat some of them in a contact mini zoo and ride a cart or a children's train. A large area, a sufficient number of restaurants and cafes, as well as recreation areas make this place excellent for a family walk for the whole day. What is important, all the guests of the zoo in their reviews claim that there are no downsides to it. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this place - positive emotions are guaranteed!

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