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Holidays in Myskhako: reviews of tourists

With the advent of summer, everyone aspires to move away fromcity ​​bustle. But if someone's rest is limited to work at the dacha, then many are happy to go to the sea. Modern bases require a lot of money from tourists, and not everyone can afford such a pleasure. For tourists who want a good rest and do not spend a lot of money, there are places where they can go with the whole family. One of these places is the village of Myskhako, reviews about it are positive. This is a Caucasian resort, which every year attracts more and more tourists.

What is the village of Myskhako

Myskhako is a small village nearNovorossiysk. Here you can have a good rest and save a little on paying for housing. Other microdistricts and settlements of Novorossiysk are overcrowded with various hotels, hotels, recreation centers. In Myskhako you will not find it. Here, the entire coast is built up by private cottages and small houses. Tourists are offered to rent a whole cottage or a separate room.

All the houses are located 2 minutes walk toseas. It is very convenient. It can not be said that Myskhako is a budgetary settlement. But you will manage to save some money. Many tourists, hearing about the rest in Myskhako reviews, go here by big companies and rent houses for a very long time. The rooms have everything you might need during your vacation. If you still doubt, then read about rest in Myskhako reviews of vacationers, many even post photos.

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How to find

The village of Myskhako is the south of Novorossiysk. To get from there to the city center, you have to overcome six kilometers. The cottage community is conveniently located on the eastern slope of the Koldun Mountain. It is a relatively low mountain at 447 meters. If you want to admire the local nature, then visit Cape Myskhako, which is in the west of the village. It is an incredible natural beauty that attracts you to look again and again. From this height you can admire the Tsemess bay and the city of Novorossiysk itself.

You can come here in any convenient way for you:

  • By rail. From many cities of Russia there is a direct train to Novorossiysk.
  • Through the air. There is no airport in the city, but if you fly to Anapa, you can reach the right place without any problems.
  • By sea. In summer, special flights are launched for tourists, which allow you to get to the place of rest from any coastal city.
  • By car. Many choose this particular mode of movement. To get to Novorossiysk, you should go on the highway M25-M4.

When you get to the city, you can take a bus that will bring you to Myskhako, or hire a taxi.

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General information about the village

As already mentioned, Myshako is a smalla cottage community that belongs to the Novorossiysk District of the Krasnodar Territory. Here private houses prevail. The coast has just begun to build up, but today the population is eight thousand people. Many come here to relax and rent cottages for a certain period. But someone buys these cottages to use as a summer residence or to rent out to holidaymakers and earn money on it.

Of course, the village is famous not only for its beautifulspecies. The pride of this village is the winery. Vineyards here have appeared since ancient times. They were planted in 1869. This happened almost immediately after the annexation of this area to the Russian Empire. The wine produced at this plant is named after this place. It produces "Myskhako" - wine, reviews of which are heard on all the beaches and all the restaurants of the coast. Since its pleasant taste can be enjoyed not only by local tourists, but also by tourists who live on the same coast.

If you still can not decide where to go,safely go to Myskhako. Here you can enjoy the stunning nature, swim in the clear sea, sunbathe on clean and little-filled beaches. A highlight of your holiday will be wine, which is produced at the local factory. Still no one vacationer brought from the village Myskhako reviews that would not have attracted his friends and acquaintances.

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If you read about Myskhako reviews in whichsaid that this is a settlement, do not think that there is absolutely nothing to do here. Young people can easily reach the city to visit a nightclub or other entertainment facility. Tourists with children will also be able to find an occupation in the city, for example, a cinema. The "nail" of the program is, of course, a winery. Here you can learn not only the history of the plant and the technology of preparation and storage of wine, but also taste all the beverage varieties it produces. Every tourist should consider it his duty to visit this place.

If you like outdoor activities, then boldlygo on an excursion to Mount Koldun or Cape Myskhako. Here you can hear a lot of interesting legends and stories and admire the beautiful views. If you manage to climb higher, you will be lucky to admire not only Novorossiysk, but Kabardinka.

Those who go on vacation not in the swimming season, canget on the holiday of the young grapes, which is held in November. This is another exciting spectacle and an opportunity to taste young wine, which in a few years will change its taste. Perhaps this will be the occasion for a second visit to this place.

Even without any excursions and entertainmentyou can spend time with benefit for yourself. Incredible nature, clean sea and complete absence of city bustle and noise - what else does a tired tourist need on vacation.

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First of all, Myshako - the sea, reviews about whichthe most positive, but to get into the water, you need to go through the beach. Local beaches can be divided into three zones. The first is the central beach, which is covered with pebbles. Here you can find a variety of water activities and other services for tourists. Log into the sea here is very convenient, so this beach converges the bulk of tourists. This creates some inconvenience, since the length is only 350 meters. The central beach belongs to the eastern part of the cape.

Next come the wild beaches.There are less people gathered here, so the sea is much cleaner and calmer, and on the beach you can quickly find a suitable place. They are also covered with pebbles, but there are places where the sea meets the mountain, and the shore is more stony and steep. Such places are very fond of extreme people who like to jump from the rocks. Although this is a rather dangerous pleasure.

The third zone is small beaches, which are located in the settlement zone and are practically not equipped.

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Winery "Myskhako"

This is one of the main attractionsNovorossiysk. Visiting the winery is included in the route of many excursions, which are held here. Once here, you can enjoy the open views of the plant and its vineyards, the fruits of which are used to make local wine. This plant is considered one of the oldest and largest in the region.

Then the tour continues in the cellars, whereWines with many years of aging are stored. Such always cost a lot of money. At this plant, even ice wine is produced, which, most likely, not everyone heard. It is made from grapes, which are frozen right on the vine. The best wine of this kind can be tried only from Canadian producers.

The tour ends with a tasting.Tourists are offered several types of wine for sample, you can buy them for your own collection. An interesting fact is that this factory makes wines that are supplied to the Kremlin. And the president of the Russian Federation prefers the drink, which is produced exactly at the winery "Myskhako".

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the main souvenir brought from Myskhako will be a bottle of the drink you liked from the largest winery in the region.

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All tourists who visit this place remainare satisfied. Here everything is done for tourists. Large families and companies can comfortably sit and enjoy a vacation. The entire territory of the houses is fully equipped for the convenience of guests and is planted with beautiful flowers and a lot of fruit trees. About the rest in Myskhako reviews leave only positive. Pure sea and well-groomed beaches, incredible views and the opportunity to learn many ancient legends and stories. Here you can just relax on the beach, or you can visit all sorts of excursions, where you can hear many interesting things and admire the local nature.

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As you can see, you can relax in Myskhako yourself and withfamily, everyone here will find something to their liking. You can learn a lot of interesting things and bring good souvenirs to relatives and friends. If you are looking for a place to relax, Myskhako is always waiting for its tourists.

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