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Zaeltsovsky Park in Novosibirsk

On weekends, when the weather is fine on the street,the best place to relax is the parks of Novosibirsk, where you can spend time in the bosom of nature, including the largest of them - Zaeltsovsky, which is one of the favorite places not only for picnics, but also for wedding photo sessions. There are many beautiful corners here, which are great for making original and memorable photos.

Zaeltsovsky Bor

Zaeltsovsky Bor - a unique forest areathe city with its stunning emerald expanses, untouched civilization, takes up to 80 percent of the citizens on the weekend. Its area is thirty-five hectares of plantations with picturesque glades, quaint paths, secluded places, relict pines.

And although the Zaeltsovsky Park is considered a country park, you can drive to it in a car from the city center in just five minutes. At the entrance there is a free, very large parking.

There is a railway for children on the territory,beginning with a very beautiful station, which the newlyweds often use as a decoration for a photo shoot. Here, in the summer months, a bicycle and roller rental service is open.

In general, Zaeltsovsky Park offers a lot of entertainment: this is a movie theater, where watching movies takes place in the car, and horseback riding.

Parks of Novosibirsk

The entire territory is segmented into zones,differing in their design, but united by the same theme railroad. This idea begins to be tracked already with the registration of the central entrance. The Zaeltsovsky park is literally strewn with stylized elements of railroad tracks, road barriers, bridge spans, steam locomotives - samples of the war period, expositions from details of earlier times. Trains and locomotives in different designs are a distinctive feature of the park. Attention is also attracted to forged sculptures, perfectly conveying the railway theme.

A huge number of arbours and sites thatfor recreation offers Saltsovsky Park, give the opportunity to choose a corner for a sincere conversation or organize some event on the real stage.

To services of fans of active pastimethere are rope tracks, paintball, mini-golf and roller-skating grounds, various attractions. In winter, those who are not afraid of frost come to the Zaeltsovsky Park to skate and ski.

Zaeltsvsky Park

The history of this place of rest is inextricably linked withthe history of the city itself. Since 1926, when Novonikolaevsk was renamed to Novosibirsk, the appearance of the capital of Siberia began to change gradually. Particular attention was paid to the greening of the city. There was even an idea to turn it into a garden city.

However, there was no greenery at that time in Novosibirskvery much: only a few gardens and groves - Trukhanovsky, Freedom, Starokladishchenskaya, Sosnovka and the Alhambra. But behind Yeltsovo district there was an excellent boron, which in 1930 it was decided to turn it into a recreation place for the townspeople. So there was Zaeltsovsky park. Initially, it was supposed to build one-day holiday cottages, a water stadium, an exhibition center, etc. Was even announced a competition for the planning of the territory.

The opening of the park took place in June 1932, and after three decades, two really grandiose projects were launched here - the children's railway and the zoo.

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