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Several tips for holidaymakers: the return of railway tickets

If you suddenly changed plans or youjust missed the train, by law you have the right to return tickets. But it is necessary to remember that there are several rules, without observance of which you can not return money for an unused ticket.

Return of tickets
Return Policy

1. In order to carry out the return of railway tickets, the cashier will need to present an identity document. If you return someone's ticket, you will need a power of attorney from the passenger in whose name it was issued.

2. If the return of tickets is carried out abroad, then you can get money for them only upon arrival in Russia, by presenting a receipt that you will be given when you return.

3. The earlier the return procedure is implemented, the more you will receive the full cost of the ticket.

Time is money

return of railway tickets
If, for example, you hand over tickets more than 8 hours before the departure of the train, you will get back almost full cost, except for the return fee.

When dealing with this issue in the period from 8 to 2 hours before the train starts, in addition to the commission fee, you will be deducted another 50% of the cost of a reserved seat.

And if you want to carry out the return of the railway tickets 2 hours before departure or within 3 hours after, you will lose, in addition to the fee for the delivery of tickets, 100% of the cost of a reservation card.

Let me note that under the reserved seat there isin view of a certain type of fare, which is usually 30-80% of the ticket price, and in brand trains even more. To date, the fee for the return service is 141 rubles 40 kopecks.

Return procedure for electronic tickets

return tickets
Before handing out electronic tickets, firstyou need to register at the ticket office of the station. To do this, you need to know the order number and have a passport with you. Only after that you can carry out the return of the tickets at the special ticket office.

If the electronic registration procedure was alreadyit is necessary to cancel it before going to take the tickets. You can do this on the website, at the ticket office of the railway station, or through your operator. Keep in mind that you can not return e-tickets an hour before the train departure, because you will not be able to cancel registration.

The procedure for refunding money for handed over electronictickets take place within a month. Money is returned only to the resource from which you paid. That is, if you paid for tickets on a bank card, then they will go to her.

You can issue a refund of tickets for tickets in anyrailway ticket office or through its travel agent. Keep in mind that money is not returned for lost travel documents. Therefore, if you have the necessary amount of time, then the ticket is better to restore.

You can do this if you give it to the cashierrailway station, documents confirming that the passenger has actually purchased a ticket for this train, and this place is indicated there. In this case, you will receive a new travel document for free. I draw your attention to the fact that the money for the ticket issued by the carrier is not returned.

Be careful and careful. Have a good trip!!!

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