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"Nikolay Karamzin", motor ship: description, reviews

Such tours as cruises on the rivers on the ships,even in Soviet times enjoyed an unprecedented popularity. Traveling abroad for ordinary mortals were under strict prohibition, and the desire to travel existed always. Cruises on the ships perfectly help people to unwind, change the situation, meet the inner need for movement, communication, rest. During a trip along the river you can see a lot of new cities, sightseeing objects, admire the landscapes replacing each other, as well as swim and just take a walk in the green parking lots. Not for nothing cruises on the rivers and lakes of our vast country and to this day remain extremely in demand in the tourist market. One of the leading companies selling cruises on comfortable motor ships is "Mosturflot". River cruises in our country and in Europe are the main direction of its activities.

Nikolay Karamzin motor ship

Origins of creation

There are a number of motor ships named in honor ofRussian writers. "Nikolay Karamzin" is one of them. It is named in honor of the famous Russian writer and historian of the 18-19th centuries. The most popular of his works can be considered the work "The History of the Russian State," the story "Poor Lisa," the publication "Letters of a Russian Traveler." Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin made a great literary and historical contribution to the cultural life of the country.

This "comfort +" boat was built in1981 at the shipyards in Germany. He can simultaneously take on board 300 people. In 2002, modernization was carried out, partial repairs. Constant improvement of the conditions of stay on the ship, servicing of tourists in the upper class are the principles of the work of the staff of "Mosturflot" travel agency. River cruises are considered a holiday for really discerning customers.

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The equipment of the motor ship

"Nikolay Karamzin" - four-deck motor ship. All cabins correspond to a high level of service. Each of them has a shower, toilet, sink, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone, radio. In public areas, you can use the free Internet, Wi-Fi. All cabins are divided into single, double and triple rooms, also there are cabins of "luxury" and "junior suite" categories.

At guests' disposal there is a bar witha dance hall, a panorama bar, 2 restaurants, a library, a music room, verandas for relaxation, a specially equipped place for sunbathing, sports simulators.

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"Nikolay Karamzin" - motor ship-boarding house

During the rest on this vessel tourists havethe opportunity not only to relax, but also to undergo health procedures. The uniqueness lies in the fact that "Nikolai Karamzin" is a motor ship-boarding house. The program of recovery is aimed at obtaining psychophysical relaxation of tourists, increasing immunity, improving overall health. It includes morning exercises and gymnastics, an oxygen cocktail and phytotea, a balanced diet.

Breakfast is available on a buffet basis,lunch and dinner on the custom menu. There are specialized dietary and vegetarian dishes, in the menu the calorie content of dishes is calculated. The cost of the tour includes the use of sports equipment and equipment during the green parking. For an additional fee, you can order a general massage, massage the collar zone or face. In combination with fresh air, sun, positive emotions, all these procedures have a good health effect on the entire body.

nikolay karamzin motor ship

Entertainment activities on the ship for adults and children

Families with children are very fond of choosing for their ownrecreation river vessel "Nikolay Karamzin". The motor ship "Mosturflot" provides excellent opportunities for family vacations. On board there is a children's room, children's animators are working, contests, quests, master classes for teaching children various kinds of skill, during stops in cities, always offered excursion options adapted for children. The restaurant has a special children's menu, children's chairs are provided.

Adults, too, will no longer be bored. In addition to an excellent cultural and historical program in the cities, on the road there are entertainment activities, concerts, artists are invited, competitions are held.

On the first and last day of the cruisefestive dinners, on which it is desirable to follow the dress code. If the route of the ship passes through the national republics, for example, through Tatarstan, Karelia, Chuvashia, Perm Krai, Mari El, then this day the menu includes national dishes of peoples living in this or that region, and theme nights and events are held with a special ethnographic program.

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Medical and safety on board

"Nikolay Karamzin" - a motor ship designed forimpeccable service of tourists by creating for them an atmosphere of absolute safety and care. On board the ship around the clock is the doctor on duty, ready to provide emergency medical assistance if necessary.

Staff is constantly being trainedsafety on board in case of an emergency. Workers are taught how quickly, clearly, and most importantly, correctly act in emergency conditions, for example, in the event of a fire. In each cabin in the closet you can find an individual life jacket. Their number strictly corresponds to the number of people on board. For tourists, mandatory instruction is given on using a life jacket. In a prominent place on all decks there is a plan for evacuation and emergency exits. The ship is equipped with emergency inflatable rafts, lifeboats. In the event of an emergency, the captain of the motor ship Nikolai Karamzin is urgently contacted by ground rescue services.

Navigation, 2017

The first cruise for 2017 is scheduled for the period fromJune 28 to July 10, goes to Kazan. Tourists can already now buy tours to the motor ship "Nikolai Karamzin". Reviews about them for previous years of work are exceptionally positive. All cruises begin and end at the Northern River Station of Moscow. The last cruise is 3 days, from 22 to 24 September to Uglich. During navigation in 2017, "Nikolay Karamzin" will carry out only 10 cruises in different directions: to the Republic of Karelia, Tatarstan, to St. Petersburg. Tourists will see many cities in Central Russia: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ples, Tutaev, Rybinsk, Myshkin and others.

Excellent rest will be provided by the company "Mosturflot", inparticular motor ship "Nikolai Karamzin". The testimonials of numerous satisfied passengers show this. Prices for tours are not the lowest, but the level of service offered during cruises, according to the general opinion of tourists, corresponds to the cost of permits. Proof of this is the large number of regular guests who travel on this boat from year to year!

"Nikolay Karamzin" - a ship for discerning customers, who are happy to welcome guests to the navigation of 2017!

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