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Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * ("Flegra Palace Hotel"): photo, rates and reviews

Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * - hotel located onresort of Chalkidiki. It is a picturesque peninsula, washed by the Aegean Sea. Today Halkidiki is the largest tourist center of such a popular resort country as Greece. And here there is an occupation for everyone - both a lover of an active fun holiday, and one who prefers nature and archeological sites.

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History of the hotel

Everything began in the distant 1987 - thenthe foundation of the hotel was barely laid. Two years later, in 1989, the hotel started working. Initially it was a very small, compact complex, which could only accommodate a few people. But this, of course, was not enough, as the tourist business developed rapidly. The hotel was recognized by people and they began to actively book rooms there. Because it had to expand. In 1994 a new complex was erected. 13 years ago, repairs were carried out, and not an elementary cosmetic one. The three-star hotel has turned into a four-star hotel - it has become much more modern, plumbing has been replaced, new furniture has been bought. But the most ambitious reconstruction took place between 2007 and 2008 - then an absolutely new Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * appeared before the tourists. The photo of the old and modern hotel is very different from each other. Thus, a small hotel, which was planned as a family business, has turned into one of the most visited hotels in Greece.

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A picturesque place away from noise

Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * is located onthe peninsula of Cassandra (western part of Chalkidiki). The place where the hotel is located, on the one hand, is very profitable, and on the other - not quite. Here are picturesque landscapes, beautiful reefs, cliffs, endless sea spaces, peace and quiet. But, on the other hand, the hotel is still quite far from the airport - it is separated from it by 105 kilometers. Let this and that means that in these places it is very quiet and quiet, after all, you want to get to your hotel as soon as possible. However, this disadvantage fades against the background that the hotel complex can boast of. It is surrounded by an evergreen magnificent garden, and only 150 meters away there is a sandy beach. In addition, if you walk around the neighborhood, you can see numerous shops and Greek taverns, which are definitely worth a visit, pamper yourself with shopping and buy gifts for friends and family.

Entertainment and recreation

The Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * (Pefkochori) offersa wide variety of entertainment - from an outdoor swimming pool to a terrace. Those people who like an active lifestyle can play table tennis or billiards, go diving or rent a bicycle and go for a drive in the picturesque surroundings. By the way, on the territory of the complex is a gym equipped with everything that is necessary for really full-fledged training. If you want to relax, then you can take a whirlpool. And, of course, staying on vacation in Greece, you can not ignore the water and beach sports.

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Service and Service

Greece is a very hospitable country, and people herethe same friendly and welcoming. And, of course, service in the hotels of this country can not be bad. The same applies to the hotel Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * (Chalkidiki, Cassandra, Greece). The hotel guests are offered everything thatyou need, and what you may need: car rental, currency exchange, photocopying, fax dispatch / reception, ironing services, and laundry. On request, guests can be provided with a local press, a safe, personal air conditioning or heating. There are also special conditions - for example, family rooms, as well as soundproofed apartments. And what is still important and very pleasant is that the staff speaks four languages, among which Russian is one. The staff also speaks German, English and, of course, Greek.

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Room types

It is very important when studying this or that varianthotel to pay attention to the design of rooms and their variety. After all, the quality of the holiday depends also on what kind of atmosphere prevails in the apartments, in what style they are decorated, how comfortable it is to sleep on beds, etc. The Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * offers five types of rooms to potential guests. Double Standard - apartments made in a very special original style, and they are only in the bungalow. Double Superior - rooms that can accommodate 2-4 people. One of the most comfortable apartments are Executive, located in the central building of the complex. The unique exquisite interior and luxurious decoration - that's what characterizes these numbers in full. There are also two-room apartments - Junior Suite, which are separated by a door. And, of course, three exclusive Grand Suite - very special apartments, decorated according to modern design standards with a living room and a bedroom. The bathrooms of these rooms have a hydromassage bath. In general, an excellent alternative to the presidential number.

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Cost of accommodation

If we talk about which hotel is uniquewins in terms of a combination of price and quality indicators, then Flegra Palace Hotel 4 *, reviews of which the guests leave with great pleasure, will stand in the forefront. Of course, this is not quite an economical option, but the fact that it is budgetary can be said with certainty. For example, a double comfortable room for seven nights and eight days will cost 62 thousand rubles (for two). And this is with all taxes and breakfast included. If you take these same apartments, but for one, you will have to pay 45,000 rubles. At the preliminary reservation, by the way, it is possible to specify the wishes concerning that, what bed will stand in number, - double or two single. And now the most important thing - about how much is a representative suite. Week of rest in such apartments will cost only 75 thousand rubles for two. For special conditions this is a very low price. Probably, because of this the hotel is never empty. Therefore, having decided to choose this hotel as a temporary residence, it is worth puzzling with the issue of booking at least a month before settling.


A few words should be said about what,as developed in the Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * restaurant service. The first thing to note is the restaurant Titanes. He settled down in a cozy place, surrounded by greenery. A pleasant atmosphere, having a delicious lunch, a decent contingent, polite waiters and an amazing Mediterranean cuisine - all this is there. In addition, guests can pamper themselves with traditional Greek delicacies. And, of course, there is a bar with a huge assortment of light snacks, cocktails and drinks.

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Overall Impression

Stunning atmosphere, affectionate sea, strikingimagination landscapes and a sea of ​​entertainment - that's what Greece is remembered for tourists. Flegra Palace Hotel 4 * - a hotel in which it is really pleasant to relax, and this is evidenced by numerous positive reviews of grateful guests. They unanimously affirm that the hotel has everything that is necessary for life - cozy rooms, varied food, a wide range of drinks, entertainment and the services that are really needed. For example, guides offering different excursions. Young people note that in the nearby village of Pefkohori there are a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes, where you can have a good time and relax. Well, people who want silence, like the fact that all nightlife is located at a sufficient distance from the hotel. In general - the ideal option for holidaymakers of any type.

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