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Mir hostel, Alushta: review, special tourist information and reviews

There is no such person in the world who does not likevacation. Those same days and weeks of selfless rest and freedom. The legitimate time to forget about the hated work, the bad boss, almost everything in the world, surrendering into the arms of the sea wave and the warm rays of the southern sun. However, the question arises as to where to go, what to see and where to rest so that it will be remembered, liked and did not hit hard in your pockets. Turkey? Yes, cheap, yes, good service, but what to do outside the hotel? Thailand? The Dominican Republic? In our dangerous times, not everyone will decide to go to distant countries, especially with children. What to choose? And the Crimea remains. The very peninsula of happiness and eternal holiday with numerous houses, hotels and hostels, including, for example, the hostel "Mir" in Alushta, about which we will talk in more detail later.

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Hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums, beautiful embankmentswith bright lights and loud music, a native speech around and an atmosphere of serenity. The Crimea can be treated differently, but there is no such person who would not remember this place. It happens that someone comes and unsuccessfully chooses a place to rest. He comes across riotous neighbors, and in a cafe near the beach they cheated for a couple of hundred rubles, and that's all - this poor fellow becomes a walking anti-advertisement of domestic resorts. Others come in families for 10 and 20 years to the same place and do not imagine life without the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea with corn on the beach. What is the reason? Obviously, in a place of rest and, accordingly, in people who work there and live there. This can be "planned" in advance by booking a hotel room. For example, in the tourist center "Mir" in Alushta. Reviews about this place is not difficult to find. However, they will help to understand who is going to rest here, what are the weak and strong points of the camp site and whether you can even relax in such a place.

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the south coast of Crimea

The southern coast of Crimea, or simply the South Coast, is one of themost popular destinations. Yalta can be considered a year-round resort. After all, winter Crimea is no less beautiful, but much calmer and cheaper, and the sea can replace a warm pool under the open sunny sky. This part of the peninsula is sung in songs and poems. Brodsky wrote about Yalta, here lived A. Chekhov, L. Tolstoy. The emperors built their palaces here and spent a lot of time enjoying the beauty of nature and the wonderful climate.

Yalta is the most famous and expensive resort inThe Crimea. Luxurious hotels, palaces, sights, mountains, palm trees, coniferous forests, the sea and the subtropical climate made this cozy city Russian Riviera. In the summer, Yalta is increasing so much that its population is almost one million people - tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries aspire here. Before Crimea became an apple of discord between two fraternal countries, international festivals, sports competitions, concerts with the participation of world stars of show business were held here, and rallies with the participation of legendary riders were held every year in the mountain serpentine areas. All this made Yalta one of the most expensive places in the Crimea. However, who prevents to rest in the cities adjacent to Yalta? For example, in Alushta. The nature here is still subtropical, the mountains are high, the sea is blue, the recreation centers are comfortable, but most importantly - prices. They do not bite so hard.

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Sights of Alushta

Crimea. Alushta. The hostel "Mir". This is exactly the address of the place you want to return to. Why here? Because this city has a lot of advantages and interesting places. Rest here is interesting and relatively inexpensive. Alushta is located only 40 km from the capital of the peninsula. The road passes through a picturesque mountain road, and you can get to the resort city by car or bus in 40 minutes. For fans of all the unusual there is a more interesting way: you can buy a ticket for a trolley and in an hour or so to finish with a horned rod. By the way, this track is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest inter-city trolleybus route.

Everyone will find employment in Alushta. You can, for example, go to the amusement park, the water park, the dolphinarium (there are already two of them), take a walk through the beautiful park with juniper and Crimean pine, visit the aquarium with the largest collection of fish in Russia, go to the miniature park (there are small copies all Crimean sights), visit the arboretum, go to Partenit (about 20 minutes) and visit the large landscape park of Aivazovsky with beautiful ponds, sculptures and cozy paths in the shadow of coniferous trees or in Gurzuf in the house where he lived and worked A. P. Chekhov . Hand up to Yalta with its palaces, cable cars and museums. Not far from Alushta there are also several beautiful waterfalls, interesting caves and cave cities, mountains that can be conquered by quad bikes or even horses.

Tourist base "Mir"

The hostel "Mir" in Alushta is located in a verya cozy park with relict plants. Its area is more than one hectare. It is this location that can provide peace and quiet. There are no noisy discos, and the base itself is located in the Working (or Professor's) corner - the quietest part of Alushta. The hostel has its own private beach, medical center, parking, playground, library, dining room. Here you can find a wide range of all kinds of additional services: from aromatherapy to "sleep by the sea" service. The hostel "Mir" in Alushta consists of houses in which guests live. They can be without conveniences and with conveniences, and also there are comfortable wooden log-houses.

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Prices for holidays

Prices, of course, depend on the time of year and evenmonth of summer. In July and August, as a rule, the cost is higher for everything. Prices for the hostel "Mir" in Alushta are among the most democratic on the South Coast. In addition, there are always different discounts. For example, the cheapest option - a house without amenities in the velvet season or spring will cost only 400-500 rubles. The price does not include food and other services. In the summer, this house will cost almost 550 rubles. And the most expensive option - a single frame with amenities - will result in 1200-1500 rubles.

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Reviews of tourists

The hostel "Mir" in Alushta, in Crimea reviews collectsmost contradictory. And unfortunately, most of them can not be called positive. People complain about the lack of amenities and repairs in the houses. Some compare them to the kuratniki. There are complaints among the complaints that there is not always hot water on the base territory, and the administration is often not ready to solve the emerging problems. Service as such at the hostel "Mir" in Alushta is not, despite the fact that sometimes you can see reviews in which people praise the maids. In addition to frankly bad comments, you can see happy holiday-makers praising the local nature, the sea, the location of the boarding house, drowning in the green path and local food. Thus, there are two types of people: the first - disappointed with rest in this place, the latter - those who say the following words: "If to the Crimea - only to the hostel" Mir ". The choice is yours.

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