/ / Village of Krasnye Baki (Nizhny Novgorod region): history and achievements

Settlement Krasnie Baki (Nizhny Novgorod region): history and achievements

The settlement of Krasnye Baki (Nizhny Novgorod region) forThe 400-year history of its development has undergone significant changes. And, of course, most of them are related to the diligence of local residents, who helped this amazing land to get up, expand and become the main center of Krasnobakovsky district.

Red Banks

History of settlement development

Earlier in the 14th and 15th centuries (judging by the ancient chronicles)in its place was a Mari settlement. The village of Baku was first formed only in 1617. The official record of this was made by the Moscow clerks. According to some reports, the village got its name in honor of the Bokovka River, but there are other versions, of which history is silent.

The village of Krasnye Baki was the center of the waterthe main and had the most important economic and geographical significance. This was the key factor in the development of a region rich in game and forests. For several centuries, new villages, temples were built, the fishing industry was actively developing. The main direction of the region was the transportation of wood.

This spurred the authorities to build a railway. Subsequently, the station Vetluzhskaya was formed, which after a while turned into a prosperous village. In the 20 th century, a wood chemical plant and a woodworking plant were built. In 1947, by order of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the village was given the official status of a working village of the urban type.

Krasnobakovsky district

Administrative center of the Krasnobakovsky district of the 21st century

Today the Red Banks of the Nizhny Novgorod regionoccupy an area of ​​579 hectares. More than half of the land is forested. The village is the largest municipal center, it is home to more than 20 thousand people, and every year this figure increases. On the territory there were construction plants, active construction of residential areas.

Productively develops cultural and sociallife and tourism industry. The industrial potential focused on wood processing and logging has considerably expanded. On the territory there is a large forestry technical school, the Vetluzhsky enterprise "Methoxil", the research and production plant "Polet", which produces medical goods and equipment.

Thanks to the efforts of local authorities, the appearance of the villagesignificantly changed for the better. The facade part of the buildings has visibly improved, the central square is constantly ennobled, roads for the reconstruction of highways are underway, shopping centers and new buildings are being built. Since 2004 the gasification of the entire district continues.

In the settlement of Krasnye Bakipre-school educational centers, technical schools, professional lyceums, as well as three higher institutions. For small Krasnobakovsky residents open schools of art and children's creativity. There are cultural institutions, museums and theaters. Great attention is paid to health care.

Red Banks of Nizhny Novgorod region

Picturesque places of the region

Krasnobakovsky district is proud of the naturalresources and attractions. One of such magnificent corners is the dendrological park, founded in 1970. On its spacious territory of 20 hectares relic plants are grown, brought from different cities of Russia. There are at least 300 species in total. The pride of the region is the Ant complex (60 g), which has the status of a natural monument. The favorite place of rest for residents and guests of the region is "Chistye Prudy".

Here is a beautiful temple of GeorgeVictorious, equipped with children's areas and summerhouses. The sacred place under the name "Forty Keys", located in the forest near the village of Senkino, enjoys special honor. According to scientists, there is an underground lake, from which numerous springs with holy water flow. Since ancient times, prayers have been held in this area and crosses have been installed.

The temple in the village of Krasnye Baki


The ethnographic center is located in the village. The nasal. On its territory there is an amazing lake called Tatar, surrounded by pine forest. Attracts an unusual shape in the form of a bowl and fairytale legends. Now here are actively working on the ennobling of the terrain. In the plans of the municipality to turn this place into a recreation center. Subsequently, various entertaining events, concert programs and festivals will be held in this zone.

In the province, the construction of tourist centers,sanatoria and hotels. At the moment, the boarding house "Forest Resort" is functioning, where excellent conditions for connoisseurs of Russian culture, wildlife and outdoor activities are created.

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