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Athens: the airport. How to get to the airport in Athens? Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"

Athens is rightfully considered the cradle of the worldcivilization. In this regard, this tourist destination is among the most popular of all that exist on our planet. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world come here who wish to see many local attractions. The first object that meets them when they arrive in Athens is the airport, called "Eleftherios Venizelos". About him in more detail and will be discussed in this article.

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general description

Greek Capital International Airportrepresents the largest air harbor of the state. It was launched in operation relatively recently - on March 29, 2001. Despite this, for such a short period of time, Eleftherios Venizelos reached the leading position in terms of the volume of passenger traffic in the country. In particular, the average annual value of this indicator is about 16 million people. The national airline of the country "Olympic Air" is based in the city of Athens. Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" at the same time became for her a real home. Every day, its employees serve flights that follow almost all European destinations (England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and others). In recent years, due to its innovative programs (various contests and exhibitions are held here, as well as theatrical and musical performances are shown), it has become a real cultural resting place.

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Short story

The air harbor under the name "Hellinikon" onFor more than fifty years, she has taken all the planes arriving in Athens. The airport was located seven kilometers from the center of the Greek capital in the southern part of the city. "Eleftherios Venizelos" began to erect during the preparations for the holding of the Olympic Games in the state. It is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the city and is named after the prominent local politician and diplomat. Since 2001, all liners that arrive in the Greek capital land here. Over the past twelve years, the country's main airport has increased significantly. Moreover, many motorways were brought to it, and even a subway line was built. As for "Hellenicon", the local authorities plan to create a museum on its base.


The main and satellite terminals are twoof the main Greek airport. Athens (the city's airscape scheme is shown below) is a city where passenger traffic is distributed in directions. In the first of the terminals, flights are serviced that do not leave the Schengen area. As for the terminal, planes take off from other countries (Russia, Britain, the USA, Singapore, China and so on). The main and satellite terminals are combined at the expense of a tunnel, through which one can move from one part to another without any restrictions.

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What is the best way to get there?

Now a few words about how to get there. Airport (Athens boasts very good transport links) is connected to the city by bus routes, express trains, metro, taxis and electric trains. The fare in the subway is 8 euros, and when buying a ticket in both directions you need to pay 14 euros. The main feature of this type is that after composting the ticket they need to use for an hour and a half. The metro in the Greek capital consists of three branches, each of which has a lot of stations. In this regard, people who first entered the city, as well as poorly proficient in Greek or English, can face certain difficulties.

As practice shows, one of the mostThe best options for travel are the express bus number 95. The cost of the ticket, which can be purchased even from the driver, is 5 euros, and stops are near the fourth and fifth exit from the airport. In order to get to the city center, in this case it will take about forty minutes of time.

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Whatever it was, the easiest way is to take advantage oftaxi services. The parking of these cars is located immediately near the second and third exit from the building. The fare from here to the central part of the city is 35 euros. At the same time, it should be noted that during the period from midnight to five hours, the cost rises to a mark of 50 euros, since no other transport at this time runs.

Waiting rooms

Now a few words about the expectation of passengers,arrived at the airport. Athens ("Eleftherios Venizelos" including) is a modern city, where all the amenities for tourists are provided. On the territory of the air harbor, two waiting rooms are equipped. The first of them is called "VIP" and has an increased level of comfort. The main services provided here for clients are their accommodation in apartments, a variety of games (including billiards, tennis), flight information, a cafeteria with an extensive menu, press delivery and others. As for the usual waiting room, it is provided for passengers who do not want to pay big money for their stay at the airport. The conditions here are the same as in other air harbors - seats (which are often all occupied) and paid services (medical care, storage rooms, canteens).

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other services

As for passengers traveling withchildren, on the territory of the airport there are children's rooms, as well as entertainment rooms. It should be noted that their personnel speak several languages. Among other things, Eleftherios Venizelos offers a conference hall for 150 people. You need to book it in advance, and airport employees can provide it with everything you need, from drinking water to computer equipment.

Getting useful information

All data related to flights, their timearrival and departure, the numbers of the exits are displayed on the big information board of the airport. Athens is a city in which you can easily get lost, and most of the tourists who first come here do not have a guide. On the second floor of the building there are several racks for passengers, where you can find the necessary information, including a map of the Greek capital with all the sights of the city.

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Shops, kiosks, internet

One of the places where you can buy souvenirs ata trip to Athens - the airport, on the territory of which there are a large number of shops, stalls, restaurants, cafes and shops. They can also purchase food, clothing, tablets, telephone, computer accessories and so on. At the same time, one can not help but emphasize that even with duty-free trade (Duty Free), prices here are quite high. As for access to the Internet, there are many areas on the building where you can use free Wi-Fi. All of them are marked with labels on which the Wireless Internet Zone is written.

International recognition

This year, during the meeting of the Councilairports of Europe ", which took place in the German city of Frankfurt, the airport" Eleftherios Venizelos "was named the best air haven in Europe in the category of facilities, which annually serve from 10 to 25 million passengers. Such a prestigious award, he was awarded for high achievements in a relatively difficult economic situation and active participation in the program of restoration and development of Athens. Thus, we can safely say not only about the high service provided by the airport, but also about its great contribution to the tourist development of the Greek capital. This recognition was far from the first in its history. Last year Eleftherios Venizelos was awarded for innovative actions and initiatives in matters related to environmental protection.

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