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Hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria, Elenite): review, photos, reviews

Bulgaria was and remains the most democraticat prices by the summer resort, especially the family. The hospitable attitude of local residents towards Russians and the almost complete absence of a language barrier make this country desirable for our tourists. But where to stay in Bulgaria? Of course, on the shores of the Black Sea! And it is desirable for this to choose a hotel on the first line.

In this article we offer to your attentionhotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria, Elenite). The review of this hotel is built exclusively on the reviews of those who have already visited there. Tourists not only shared their impressions of the hotel, but also left us a photo of the complex's territory, its buildings, the pool, etc.

First of all, let's say that "Royal Bay" in translation fromEnglish means "Royal Coast". And indeed it is. The name is completely justified, as the hotel is located on the front page of an excellent beach. And one more feature of the hotel. It is an integral part of "Elenite Holiday Village" - this is the name of a huge resort complex, which also includes a water park. The sea, which can be reached within a maximum of five minutes, the water entertainment center, the gigantic landscaped area and the all-inclusive program - all this makes the Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria) the ideal place for a family holiday. But lonely people, as well as companies of friends, too, will not be bored here.

Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria)

What is the resort area of ​​Elenite?

Bulgaria has its know-how in servicetourists. These are closed recreation zones, which recently began to appear in untouched corners of the country, far from the city bustle. There, vacationers can feel like members of a club.

Elenite became one of such recreational zones. The name translates as "Deer". The construction of the complex began in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five at the foot of the Old Planina - mountains in the forests of which roe deer and chamois lived. Gradually the resort expanded, and in the southern part of the resort was the hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria).

Elenite reviews call a cozy and elite townwith a well-developed infrastructure. This village was erected in an unusually beautiful place. Many seasoned tourists claim that even the landscapes of Spain fade in comparison with the riot of greenery and azure sea in the resort of Elenite. Landscape designers have done a great job. In the garden, stylized in the woods, chic villas with white walls under the tiled roofs are hidden. The park descends to the golden beach, and surfers sweep the blue of the picturesque bay.

A special place in Elenite is the water park witha variety of slides. The electric vehicle runs along the huge territory of the complex. Reviews note that the climate here is atypical for Bulgaria. There is enough warmth for a beach holiday, but there is no exhausting heat, and the smell of pine trees guarantees a healing effect for those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria) Elenite

Where is Elenite Holiday Village

The resort complex of the club type is located ondistance from large cities. Here everything has a fun, eventful recreation. After all, guests of Royal Bay 4 * Hotel (Bulgaria) can use any services of this resort. "Elenite Holiday Village" is located almost in the middle between the resorts of Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Up to both settlements - about fifteen kilometers. But to get to the nearest airport, it takes time.

The air harbor of Bourgas is in fortykilometers from the hotel. Such a geographical location in Southern Bulgaria ensures that the holiday season here lasts quite a long time - from May to October. Even in the middle of autumn, the temperature of the sea rests at around twenty-four degrees. Absence of debilitating heat in the summer and cold winds at another time (from the north of Elenite reliably covers the mountain of Stara Planina), a sandy beach with a gentle bottom, a lagoon where a storm is a rarity - all this makes the area attractive for tourists with small children.

The hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria) is located insouthern part of the resort. But the epicenter of entertainment Elenite is located two hundred meters from the hotel. Therefore here it is cozy, quiet, but at the same time not far from different interesting places.

Shells and territory

Management Elenite is part of the hotel corporation«Victoria Group». At the very south of the resort, but closest to the sea, is the Royal Bay 4 * hotel (Bulgaria). Elenite, in addition to it, has in its composition six more hotels and villas. The huge territory of the complex is fully accessible to all guests. Reviews say that and bars with restaurants too.

In Elenite two hotels with a similar name - "RoyalBay "and" Royal Park ". The last hotel is five-star. But the fullness and equipment of the rooms is the only difference. In the rest the members of the club "Elenite" are equal.

Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria) Elenite reviews

The Royal Bay Hotel consists of oneeight-story building. This building is new, and vacationers will enjoy spacious bright rooms with beautifully working appliances. The only building of the hotel is, you can say, right on the beach. To the sand - only forty meters. Vacationers are very recommended to overpay a little, but order a number of "See View". The view from the spacious balcony opens just amazing, and sometimes you can admire the dolphins that swim very close to the shore.

Many holidaymakers appreciatedlocation of the hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria). Elenite with the Aqua Park "Atlantis" and entertainment is far enough to make noise disturb you, but also in walking distance. You can walk to the center of Elenite along a shady alley among cypresses, plane trees, palms and magnolias.

Room Categories

Four-star hotel Royal Bay 4 *(Bulgaria) has prepared rooms in which vacationers will feel comfortable. The cheapest category of rooms is the standard with a view of the park. In the bedroom there are two single beds, but there is also a sliding armchair, where a child or a third adult can fit. The area of ​​this room is twenty-five square meters, which is quite good.

The same conditions are in the standard. But there is one indisputable advantage. It is a view of the endless blue of the sea.

Hotel Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria) Elenite

The apartments are also located on both sidessleeping building. They are designed for two and three residents. They consist of a bedroom and a living room. In the first room there is a wide marital bed. In the living room there is a sofa. This category of rooms has an area of ​​fifty square meters.

The same size and studio. But these rooms consist of one room. But all studios have a view of the sea.

The best room category in the Royal hotelBay 4 * (Bulgaria, Elenite) reviews consider maisonette si vu. They are two-story. On the lower level is the living room, which can be a bedroom for one adult or two children. On the second floor there is another room with a king-size king-size bed. Needless to say, all the rooms in the building are equipped with spacious balconies?

Naturally, they are adjoined and their bathrooms with showers or baths.

And what is in the rooms?

Even in the standard hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria,Elenite) guests will feel the maximum comfort. The rooms are equipped with a new TV set with satellite channels, a small refrigerator and air conditioning. The bathrooms have a hairdryer. But hygiene products are put only once - at the arrival of the guest.

The reviews repeatedly mention cleanliness and freshnessbed linen. He, by the way, is changed twice a week. A new towel of maids will put you, if you throw old on the floor or hang on the edge of the bath.

There is a bedroom in the closet and an electronic safe that can accommodate a laptop. But the use of it is provided for a fee.

Tourists, vacationing in the hotel in the summer, praise the floor. This is a ceramic tile, it's a pleasure to walk on it.

But unfortunately, wi-fi is free only inlounge-zone, near the reception. If you want to go online and without extra witnesses to chat with relatives or friends on Skype, you will have to pay for this service.

The maids are cleaned in the rooms every day. And the thoroughness of their work does not change from the presence or absence of a tip. They just cherish their work place, and so they try.

Also, the reviews mention good soundproofing of rooms.

Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria) Elenite review

Nutrition, or Local "All inclusive"

Hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria, Elenite) practicesthe program "All inclusive". But, warn responses, if you arrived early in the morning, you can still be placed in a room, but a bracelet giving the right to use the infrastructure of the complex will be worn strictly at half past two. In the hotel there is a main restaurant with a terrace on the sea. It caters for tourists for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the buffet mode. There are three other restaurants "a la carte": Bulgarian, Mediterranean and fish cuisines. They work in the evenings. Reviews recommend to visit them all, the benefit of this service for holders of bracelets "All inclusive" is free.

On the territory of the complex there is a mass of cafes andsnack bars, which are located on the beach or at the pools of other hotels. There you can get refreshments, hot dogs, delicious pastries (its own bakery and confectionery) and ice cream.

In the water park "Atlantis" also operates a bar in which the guests of Royal Bay Hotel 4 * (Bulgaria) are also served free of charge. The reviews are very praiseworthy of the kitchen of the Sozopol restaurant.

If you like fish, tourists recommend that you visit "Talian". This restaurant is located on the beach and has the look of a ship.

Royal Bay 4 review (Bulgaria)

What they say about nutrition

Sophistication and a variety of dishes mention any,dedicated to the Royal Bay Hotel 4 *, overview. Bulgaria can boast of very delicious national cuisine. And the crown dishes can be enjoyed even in the restaurant, which works in the buffet mode. Especially tourists praised the soups and the Bulgarian okroshka. Always on the tables were a few dishes from poultry, pork, beef, lamb. The reviews mentioned the abundance of vegetables - both fresh, seasonal, and in marinated form. At each meal, fruit was served - peaches, grapes, watermelons, melons. Children were delighted with ice cream - it was always about five kinds, and it was available throughout the day. Almost every tip praises confectionery products. They serve hot drinks with desserts - both European and local, Bulgarian. Reviews recommend trying banitza and baklava.

Local alcohol in the bars of the Royal Bay hotel is free for all-inclusive bracelet carriers. The reviews mark a good dry wine and excellent grape vodka rakia.

Royal Bay 4 (Bulgaria) photo

Beach, swimming pool, water park

Hotel Royal Bay 4 * (Bulgaria) photo oftendemonstrate from the sea. The huge Elenite beach will satisfy all tastes. It is mostly sandy, but you can find some pebbles. Bathing here will be ideal for small children. After a sunset at the sea is very gentle. The location in the bay has that side effect that can inflict a lot of algae. But the beach is constantly cleaned and cleaned.

Sun beds with umbrellas are free of charge for the guests of the "Elenite" complex. There are enough of them to take up space under the sun at five in the morning. Yes, this is prohibited by the rules.

Swimming pool for adults in the hotel "Royal Bay" is one. The second, small, designed for children. But guests can use the pools of all the hotels in the Elenite complex, and there are seven of them in the territory.

Very many reviews if not dedicated, then at leastmention the water park "Atlantis". Entrance to this town of water entertainments and use of all attractions are free of charge. Tourists assure that the slides are there for every taste. They are without joints, so you can not get hurt or tear a bathing suit. Two slides are quite extreme, but there are entertainments for more cautious people. In the water park there is a bar where delicious ice cocktails are made. Tourists say that they did not see the queues for the hills.

Conditions at Royal Bay Hotel 4 * (Bulgaria)

Reviews often claim that the hoteldeserves not even four, but all five stars. On the huge territory of the complex you can find shops, ATMs, currency exchange, medical room. You can come here with pets if their weight does not exceed five kilograms.

"Royal Bay" with confidence can claim the title of a spa hotel. After all, on its territory there is a wellness center with a Finnish sauna, a Russian steam room, a Turkish hammam, a jacuzzi and a fitness room.

Day and evening guests entertain the teamanimators. Boys and girls organize competitions in beach volleyball, mini-golf, conduct aqua aerobics classes. There are tennis courts, billiards and bowling rooms, a shooting gallery. In the evenings discos are held with the involvement of professional DJs.

Free access to wifa is available near the reception desk, whose staff speaks Russian.

Since Bulgaria is traditionally considered a countrychildren's recreation, the hotel has a lot of entertainment for the youngest guests. For them, runs a shallow swimming pool, a mini club and a playground. And there is a park with children's attractions and donkeys.


Reviews recommend not to sit in Elenite, andto make independent or organized trips to the surrounding sights. It's Bulgaria! Hotel Royal Bay 4 * is located in a very good location. The most famous sight of this region is the ancient town of Nessebar. You can get there not only by bus. Tourists are advised to go to the marina Elenite (it is located in the hotel "Royal Park 5 *") and go to Nessebar on a tourist boat. True, such a trip will be more expensive (12 levs in both directions, and on the bus number 8 - only eight).

The reviews also praised the tour to the Bulgarian village. Despite the fact that most of the guests in the hotel are Ukrainians, the guide speaks Russian.

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