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Best Hotel Kemi

Karelia is the center of ecotourism in Russia andIt enjoys constant popularity among lovers of enjoying the silence and primitive beauty of nature. The city of Kem is a transfer point for those who wish to visit the famous Solovetsky Islands.

Kemi Hotel "Prichal" is the most famous holiday destination, which gives the opportunity to the clients not only to have a good time, but also to enjoy sports or a favorite hobby.

Kem City

The regional center of Kem is located on the river of the same name near the place where it flows into the White Sea. An amazingly beautiful land, however, does not spoil the inhabitants and its guests with a hospitable climate.

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Here is a very short and cool summer, whichlasts a maximum of 1.5 months - from July to mid-August. Despite this, there is no hanging from tourists, as the main sights of the city and the surrounding area are clean air, unspoiled nature and beautiful people.

The city of Kem, whose hotels are ready to receiveguests year-round, is the starting point for Solovki, which can be reached by boat. The Solovetsky Islands, on which the monastery's monastery is located, is a historical place given to the monks Martha Boretska in the 15th century.

In the 16th century Kemskaya volost was ruined twice - first by Finns and then by Swedes. In 1591 a fortified prison was built on Solovki, and from the end of the 18th century Kem was given the status of a district town.

During the Soviet era, the famous monastery became a place of imprisonment for political prisoners, and a concentration camp was built in Kemi, where they were waiting to be sent to the islands.

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Today, not camps, but hotels (Kem, Karelia)give shelter to travelers, and Solovetsky Monastery is a museum-reserve, open to visitors. Its historical value and sad history attract thousands of tourists every year, which makes it possible to support the monastery financially.


The hotel "Prychal" (Kem) is considered the best place for recreation, as it is located on the very shore of the White Sea in the village of Rabocheostrovsk at the address: Naberezhnaya, 1.

In total, there are 8 beautiful cottages,located in a picturesque place. Each of them is ready to receive guests with the expectation of their preferences and opportunities. The total number of rooms - 93, and seats - 190.

Unfortunately, the city of Kem does not havesights worthy of close attention, so mostly tourists come to visit the Solovetsky archipelago or ecotourism. And the mushroom pickers, and berry, and fishermen are well known for these areas, which no one else was released without a catch.

In the cottage number 1, except 9 cozy rooms, there are also a restaurant and a bar, where you can order Russian cuisine or have a good time with friends for a beer.

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Depending on the cost, the rooms are divided into categories: economy class (in which the toilet and shower are in the block), as well as a suite, a junior suite with all amenities.

Cottages "Wharf"

Hotel Kemi "Prichal" is located 12 km fromrailway station, but in the immediate vicinity of the pier, which is extremely convenient for those travelers who decided to go on a boat to Solovki.

Tourists who prefer comfort and do not regret ithis money, choose a cottage number 8. There are 28 rooms with a high level of comfort, among which in two rooms - single and double - there are operating fireplaces. The hotel "Prichal" (Kem) has a level of 3 *, which is quite good for a small provincial town.

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The rest of the cottages have rooms either with amenities that are designed for several rooms at once, or with their own shower and toilet. The cost of living directly depends on the level of amenities.

In the cottage number 5, except for 22 rooms, there are reception with the administration and a souvenir shop where you can buy memorable gifts to your relatives.

Infrastructure of the hotel "Prichal"

The hotel "Prichal" in Kemi is suitable for resting not only tourists who are passing to the Solovetsky Islands, but also for those who wish to spend their holidays or weekends with profit.

At the disposal of holidaymakers is a restaurant, bar and sauna,but the main attraction of this region is a picturesque area rich in mushrooms, berries and fish. Beautiful white nights and, albeit for a short time, but real polar days, attract lovers of northern beauty.

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Vacationers who prefer bird watching,also will not be disappointed, as on the local river Kemke nest wild ducks, which you can feed and watch their broods. Seagulls make up "competition" for ducks when feeding, like ubiquitous sparrows and pigeons.

In the summer for tourists, rafting along the river, boat trips to the Kuzovets archipelago, sailing and hiking in the forest for mushrooms and berries are organized.

In the winter, the Kemi Hotel "Berth" invitessnowboarders and skiers. Since the winters in these places are very snowy, the cottages do not remain empty - beginners skiers learn to descend from small Kemsky heights, and fans of thrill can take part in dog sled competitions.

Mushroom and berry hunting

Since Karelia is a land that does not have large industrial enterprises, it is a real paradise for mushroom pickers, as one can not be afraid that the mushrooms found can be poisoned with chemicals.

The hotel "Prichal" in Kemi (Karelia) is oftenbecomes a "shelter" for mushroom pickers, because these edges are famous for a large number of mushrooms, as well as berries. Smurches, butteries of incredible size, chanterelles and king of mushrooms - white mushroom - are found in local forests everywhere.

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For berries, the abundance of blueberries, cowberries,cloudberries, cranberries, blueberries and wild raspberries gives an opportunity to clear up for your favorite pastime. It is important that all vegetation of Karelia is recognized as ecologically clean and is in great demand among the population outside the republic. There are so many berries that you can collect them without leaving the city of Kemi, right in the city park.


For fishermen, this region is also a paradiseplace. Forest Lake will please them with the catch of pike, pink salmon and even salmon, and in the White Sea it is possible to catch a sea cod with a net. For fishing, a license is required, which is easy to arrange. Travel agencies even organize tours for fishermen on weekends, so in Kem, the hotel "Prichal" is not empty either in winter or in the summer.

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Trophies of such tours are wolffish, flounder,sea ​​bass, goby and other fish. On odd years to the shore of the White Sea, suitable for spawning are the true herds of pink salmon fish, whose caviar can be eaten from July to August.

For the most advanced fishermen, ready to spend time on long fishing, fishing camps are organized, which can be reached by boat.

Mini-hotel "Kem"

In addition to the cottage complex "Prichal", guestshospitably meets a mini-hotel Kemi with the same name. It is located in close proximity to the railway station and offers travelers not only cozy rooms for recreation, but also round the clock meals.

The cost of rooms from 800 rubles a day makes it popular with tourists traveling to the Solovetsky Islands. From the mini-hotel a bus leaves, delivering passengers to the seaport.

Economy rooms do not have their own amenities (they are located on the floor), and in the standard category there are their own toilet and shower.

All rooms have their own balcony with a view of the city.

Hospitable Territory

Tourism in the Kem District is just beginningto develop, so these places are in demand among those travelers who are attracted by nature, rather than monuments of antiquity. Here you can spend a full weekend with your family and friends, doing your favorite thing - listening to birds, fishing or "hunting" for berries and mushrooms.

The hospitable Pomorie region generously shareshis wealth and will not leave anyone indifferent. Hotels in Kemi give shelter to travelers, and cafes and restaurants are ready to feed hungry tourists with dishes of Russian national cuisine. Convenient transport interchange allows you to easily get to the city by car and train. If you fly by plane, you should take a ticket to Arkhangelsk, and then take the ferry to Kem.

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