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"The Sokolsky Manor" in Gorny Altai: reviews

For true lovers of outdoor recreation, in the distancefrom the bustle of the city and the polluted rest, the "Sokolsky Manor" will be a wonderful place. A big plus is the availability of favorable conditions for accommodation with all amenities. Choosing this place for rest, you can be sure that you will have a great rest and at the same time you will not get tired of rest on the nature. There is the "Sokolsky Estate" in the Altai Mountains. Clean and fresh air, amazing scenery and a lot of entertainment - all this is waiting for you when you visit this place.

Modern holiday in the Altai Mountains

Located on the right bank of the Katun RiverThe homestead is a wonderful place to relax with the whole family, and in the cheerful company of friends. The tourist base presents all modern technologies in terms of design and equipment. There is also a beautiful artificial lake.

Sokolsky Manor

Both adults and children will find entertainment to their liking both on the territory of the base and behind its chapels. To the choice of visitors are presented different rooms and services. A total of 65 people can be accommodated at a time.

All created favorable conditions contribute to the comfortable and safe rest of all guests. The staff of the "Sokolsky Estate" is always ready to help and do everything possible for a good rest.

How to get to the tourist base?

In order to get to the "Sokolsky Manor"in Chemal, you can take advantage of two options. The first option is available for travelers regardless of their financial situation. You need to take a bus from Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Biysk to Chemal. Then exit in the village of Askat and go to the left bank of the Katun River, using the bridge. Then contact the estate by phone and you will be met.

The second option will be available to the owners of personalmotor transport. In order to get to the base, take a navigator with you. Your task is to drive by car to the village of Elekmonar, to cross the bridge and turn right towards "Rublyovka" of Altai, then follow the signs. There is a free secure parking on site.

Accommodation and prices

Accommodation in "Sokolsky Estate" in Gorny AltaiAvailable in double and quadruple rooms of standard and standard +. In addition, for adults and children up to the age of 14, it is possible to purchase additional seats in the rooms.

Standard rooms are equipped as follows: a double bed, two bedside tables, a TV with satellite TV, a rocking chair, a heater and a bathroom with a sink. Each room has its own veranda. The rooms of the standard + class do not differ much from the usual standard rooms. Furnished as they are, only in addition have a shower.

Rublyovka Altai

For companies of four people in the "Manor"Sokolsky "has four-bedded rooms.The furniture in these rooms includes two double beds, bedside tables, a closet, a bathroom with a sink, a rocking chair, a heater and a TV.On the veranda resting can rest and enjoy tea drinking.There are 4-bedded rooms of the category plus There are two rooms with a double bed and a pull-out sofa, the rest of the furniture is the same as in a standard four-bed room.

Prices for accommodation in the tourist base"Rubles" of Altai vary depending on the chosen number. On average, the cost is from 2000 rubles to 5000 rubles per day per room. In addition, you can pay an additional place for an adult at a price of 800 rubles, and for a child under the age of 14 years at a price of 500 rubles per day. Children under five without a separate bed are free of charge.

Meals in the "Manor"

Meals are not provided on site. At the water park there are cafes and restaurants, where you can have a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. For those who wish, there is a kitchen equipped with all electrical appliances, where you can prepare meals yourself. Near the kitchen there is a small banquet hall.

Close to the kitchen there is a barbecue area.

Sokolski Estate of Chemal

Leisure and recreation in the "Sokolsky Estate"

Vacationers can use the following services:

  • Large and small pools. The size of the large pool is 13 * 6 meters, and the small one is 3 * 3 meters.
  • Board games: checkers, chess, lotto.
  • Children's trampoline is freely available.
  • Children's playground with various swings, slides and so on.
  • Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.
  • Bath with a thermae and a room for rest, designed for 8 people.
  • Rent of bicycles and quads.
  • Excursions along the mountain Altai with a guide: foot, horse, water and automobile.

Sokolsky Manor Mountain Altai

Reviews of "Sokolsky Manor"

A lot of positive reviews about the touristThe "Sokolsky Estate" speaks of a high level of service. Guests of the base note the friendly attitude of employees and staff. The homestead is a great place for any holiday: with family and children, as well as with colleagues or friends. Accommodation in mini-houses is very convenient and comfortable.

Sokolsky Estate: reviews

Environment around very clean and airalso. Here, guests will find peace of mind from everyday affairs and city bustle. Simultaneously, tourists can return to civilization every time they want it. It is very convenient that the cafe, water park and restaurants are on the territory of the manor and do not need to go far. For those who want to relax and learn more about the world, you can take advantage of the excursion service. The guide will tell you everything about the surroundings and local sights. You can also plunge into the world of extreme sports and ride the Altai Mountains on ATVs throughout the company.

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