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Beaches of Tel-Aviv (Israel): photo, reviews

A trip to Tel Aviv, which are tryingbe sure to visit all the travelers who came to Israel, you can combine with the beach vacation. For most of our compatriots this city is a kind of fusion of antiquity and modern technologies that make its appearance unique. And for them it is a real discovery that the beaches of Tel Aviv are characterized by extraordinary beauty, convenience and cleanliness. Therefore, if you have to stay in this city, you will be able to tan well and bathe in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. And to make it easier for you to know where to do it best, we'll tell you about the most famous beaches of Tel Aviv.

Beaches Tel Aviv

Brief description of the beaches

Surprisingly, the best beaches of Tel Avivpretty hard. All of them are well equipped, have well-developed infrastructure and are remarkably clean. In addition, all the beaches of the city have something in common with each other:

  • the possibility of playing beach badminton (matcot), the device for which you can take without collateral and absolutely free of charge;
  • one or two sports grounds on the beach;
  • cafe, where they sell delicious salads or watermelons with Bulgarian cheese, so beloved by citizens who have a rest on the coast;
  • rescuers perfectly understand basic phrases in different languages ​​of the world;
  • on the shore there are several water motorcycles on duty;
  • beach areas are always equipped with changing rooms, toilets, shower cabins and medical centers, where they can provide first aid.

Already all of the above cantestify that the second city of Israel beaches is simply magnificent. In addition, each of them has a certain color and charm. From any Tel-Aviv beach, you have a magnificent view of the surrounding area, so when you are in the city, try to visit, if not all, at least most of them. Believe me, it will be hard to compare the impressions that you will have with this holiday with anything else.

What do tourists need to know?

Going to the sea, you need to know a few subtleties, which will not let you get into a mess. So, keep in mind that the beaches of Tel Aviv:

  • They are free, except for a single one, where local people like to relax;
  • are conditionally divided among different categories of the population, so you can choose a religious, youth or hipster beach;
  • are available for those who wish to sunbathe topless;
  • have their own work schedule, which must be observed without fail;
  • are a favorite place for jellyfish arriving here in late July.

Location of beaches

Caught in the bustling and bright Israeli cityFor the first time, many tourists do not even suspect how many coastal zones there are. But in fact the beaches of Tel Aviv, photos of which are often published in tourist catalogs, are considered one of the best in the world. Tourists are attracted here by fine sand, gentle entrance to the water and a convenient location - the beach area stretches along the entire city, representing a wide and beautiful strip of sand, to which locals often get on bicycles.

If you want to relax on all the beaches of the city, then simply rent a bicycle and move along the coast from one zone to another. And we, in turn, briefly tell you about each of them.

Beaches Tel Aviv Photo

Ajami Beach

This is the most southern beach area of ​​the city,located in the old and picturesque area of ​​Jaffa. Many tourists say that it is here that the most beautiful photos are obtained thanks to stone arches stretching along the coast.

It usually hosts a multinational audience,especially many representatives of the Arab diaspora. Local residents argue that this fact was the reason to allow frying on Ajami shish kebabs. And if you are planning a picnic, then boldly go to this beach, you obviously will not stand out among the local public.

Those who plan to have a snack in a cafe right on the beach, you can advise two cozy place:

  • Cassis Restaurant. It's very nice and peaceful, but the food does not belong to the cheapest on the beach. However, this does not bother those who want to dine in the indescribable atmosphere of the oriental restaurant.
  • The Oldman and The Sea. In this place is always full of people who are ready to defend even the queue to try delicious food at quite affordable prices. Interestingly, when ordering the main course, the visitor receives free drinks and snacks in unlimited quantities.

If you just want to buy water or light snacks, then you need to go about seven minutes to the nearest store.

beaches tel aviva reviews

Alma Beach

Many tourists call this beach the best in the cityand definitely the calmest. There is virtually nothing from the infrastructure, but it gives Alma more charm than spoils her. In the mornings, in this part of the coast one can observe large waves, so all the surfers of Tel Aviv are flocking here.

Holidaymakers on the beach - mostly locals, but tourists completely unnecessarily bypass this beach area with their attention.

Here is one of the most famousrestaurants of the city, specializing in cooking seafood - Manta Ray. If you plan to dine after swimming here, then book a table in advance. Usually there are no empty seats in the restaurant. Cooks Manta Ray cook very tasty and at home, so this place will definitely become for you one of the most beloved in Tel Aviv.

Beach of Spring

Despite the official name, this beachoften referred to as "Banana" because of the large number of tourists and tourists from nearby cities. The beach area stretched almost to the market "Carmel" and bus stop, which makes it very accessible to all residents of Tel Aviv.

Most often come here people of middle ageand athletes. Quite a lot on the beach of Spring and fans of Indian culture who are engaged in meditation and yoga right on the sand. Also quite often here come and surfers, because at different times of the day in the coastal zone are rising suitable for riding waves.

You can have a snack here in Banana Beach, here they servesoft drinks and light snacks. But if you need something to rest, then you will have to go to the market "Carmel". And this is about 10 minutes. on foot, but you can buy everything you want on the shelves.

best beaches of Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Beach

This recreation area starts right after the beach of Springand is actually located in the center of the coast. Perhaps that's why almost everyone who flies to swim and bathe here: pensioners, schoolchildren, teenagers, budget tourists, living in hostels nearby, lovers of democratic parties and the like. The locals consider this beach not the best for a quiet family vacation, but it is difficult not to take into account its convenient location and the abundance of cafes and supermarkets nearby.

Beaches Frishman and Bograshov

These two beach areas are often considered by localsone. After all, they are located in the neighborhood and the boundary between them is very conditional. In this place, along the coast, there are numerous hotels in which tourists of average income settle. Usually it's European youth, there are a lot of young Frenchmen in this part of Tel-Aviv.

Both beaches are fairly clean and well equipped, and also have a developed infrastructure, so you do not have to go for a long time for a bottle of water and a lotion of tanning lotion from sunburn.

The best restaurant on the part of Bograshov isMetzada, which serves delicious cocktails, and the chic look gives a special charm to rest. Vacationers at Frishman prefer to dine at the London Cafe, where the menu includes many types of ice cream, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Here you can have a snack with sandwiches and light salads.

Tel Aviv Hotels with Private Beach

Gordon Beach Area

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv is ideal forathletes, because here at the very edge of the water is a fashionable sports complex. It consists of a spacious hall with modern simulators and a large pool filled with sea water. Also on the beach there are sports grounds for different games - volleyball and beach football, for example. In the evenings dances are often held here, and the music sounds from the morning until late at night.

In general, tourists from nearby hotels rest on Gordon. They spend their time quite calmly playing games and playing sports.

Keep in mind that the shops around the beacha little, but cafes and restaurants here, on the contrary, in abundance. It is difficult even to single out those establishments that are more than others deserve the attention of holidaymakers. All cafes serve relatively inexpensive and very tasty food.

gordon beach in tel aviv

Hilton Beach

This beach area may not like the usualtourists, because most of it from morning to night is occupied by men of non-traditional sexual orientation. Therefore, couples here can be quite uncomfortable. But in general, the beach is very beautiful and well-groomed, in the southern part of it in the morning gather surfers who want to catch their best wave.

Family beach area

The Tel-Baruch beach in Tel Aviv is considered the mostpicturesque and ideal for relaxing lovers couples and families with children. In one part of it there is a small club of surfers, and in the other there are dunes, ending with a beautiful cliff.

On the territory there is a small restaurant withsimple meals, where you can satisfy hunger and thirst. For those who prefer more refined dishes, we would advise to go a little further than the beach area to the neighborhoods chosen by tourists, where the most famous restaurants of Tel Aviv are located.

beach tel baruch tel aviv

Beaches of Tel Aviv: reviews

All the beaches that we have listed aremunicipal, so anyone can relax here. However, some tourists prefer to spend time in hotel complexes that have their own piece of coast.

In Tel Aviv, hotels with their own beach area rarity, since most of them are located at some distance from the sea. Most often, our compatriots, who dream of their own recreation area on the shore, book hotels with convenient access to the beach, which allows not to cross the busy streets.

Russians who visited Tel Aviv,great enthusiasm about the coast of this city. In addition to the zones already described, Nordau deserves attention. Its territory is fenced off from others by a high wall, and everyone who comes here clearly knows the schedule according to which six days of the week are divided equally between men and women, and Saturday is common, when you can relax on the beach all together. It is interesting that our compatriots on women's days come here with pleasure to sunbathe topless.

Also good reviews leave ourcompatriots about the smallest beach in the city - Metsizima. There are young couples who spend time very fun here. If you go to this beach on a working day, you will be able to appreciate its beauty, but on weekends it is simply impossible to get through here.

We hope that after reading our article nobody will say that the rest in Tel Aviv is far from beach.

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