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Hotel Dias Studios 3 * (Greece / Rhodes): rating, tourists reviews, photo

Rhodes has a lot of amazing places,attract tourists, like a magnet. One of them is the resort of Faliraki. It lies on the eastern tip of the island, roughly in the middle between cities such as Rhodes and Archangelos. There is always an atmosphere of celebration and happiness, always having fun. But a completely different life awaits tourists at the Dias Studios Hotel 3 *, located some distance from the center of Faliraki. Here there is peace and soulful home atmosphere, cleanliness and comfort. Perhaps it is because the hotel is run by a family of friendly and good-natured Greeks, who traditionally respect the laws of hospitality and are caring for each of their guests.


In a relatively quiet place of livelythe radiant resort of Faliraki is Dias Studios 3 * (Rhodes). Reviews of tourists on this occasion diverge. One likes that the hotel is far from the noisy resort center, others consider this a disadvantage, but everyone agrees that it is much more comfortable to relax here by renting a car. The hotel is located in close proximity to the central highway, but the noise of the cars does not interfere with rest, but the bus stop is almost there. Those who wish to take a walk in the center of the city of Rhodes will spend only 15 minutes and a fixed 2.4 euros on public transport. The distance is slightly less than 13 km. The famous Lindos is almost twice as big - 33 km, and the bus ticket costs 4.4 euros. The area where Dias Studios 3 * is located is quite quiet. Nearby there are several other hotels, taverns and small shops. To the center of Faliraki, you can walk 2.4 km on foot or take a taxi.

How to get there?

Quickly and conveniently you can get to Dias Studios 3 *. Rhodes in its infrastructure has a large international airport "Diagoras", built in 14.2 km from the capital of the island. Aircrafts from Moscow and several large Russian cities arrive here, including St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, and Samara. Those tourists who bought a tour in the hotel, meet the tour operators and deliver to the place on modern transfers. The distance is 15 km, the journey time is about 25 minutes. Independent tourists can get to the hotel by taxi (about 75 euros) or by buses heading towards Faliraki from Rhodes.

Dias Studios 3


Dias Studios 3 * looks stylish and modern. The photo shows how beautiful the hotel buildings and the pool framed by palm trees look in the night illumination. The hotel area on one side adjoins the road. Here, at the central entrance, transfers stop, and next to it there is parking, which is convenient for those tourists who decide to rent a vehicle. The area of ​​the territory is small, but everything is cleverly planned on it. There is a large swimming pool, a glade for playing mini-football, several recreation areas, where tables and chairs. All this is surrounded by exotic and ordinary trees, creating a cool and shadow.


Hotel Dias Studios 3 * is positioned as a placequiet family rest, so noisy disco, numerous sports grounds and a spa here. In the main building, in a very spacious and furnished with modern furniture, there is a 24-hour reception. One of the owners of the hotel is working for her. Russian is not known here, but fluent in English. At the reception, you can leave your bags and bags in the storage room, deposit money in the safe (chargeable), take a copier and fax, call a taxi, rent a bicycle, get keys from a rented car, hand over things. Next to the reception there is a bar and a games room, where there is one pool table.

Dias Studios 3 reviews


Only 45 rooms have in the infrastructure of DiasStudios 3 * (Rhodes). Reviews about their condition are satisfactory. Since this is a hotel-studio, each room is equipped with a kitchen area with an electric stove and a minimal kitchen set (1 saucepan, 2 plates and 1 cup per lodger, and 1 tableware consisting of a spoon and fork, but without a knife ). Design in all rooms, as well as in the whole hotel, ultramodern, the furniture is all new, but simple, pretentious and heaps of objects in the rooms there. All colors are chosen warm and cheerful, which creates a positive mood.


- "Standard" with an area of ​​25 squares. The room is for 2 adults, but there is space for an extra bed. Equipment - wardrobe, chairs, table, bedside tables, beds, air conditioning (free), medium sized fridge, flat wall-mounted TV (TNT channel), safe, internet, hairdryer. In the hygiene room there is a wash basin, a shower with a curtain, a toilet bowl. On the day of settling, minimum sets of hygiene products are provided.

The rooms have cozy balconies, where it is pleasant to sit quiet evenings and admire the surroundings, and from some rooms - by the sea.

- "Family" area of ​​50 squares, designed for 4 people. These rooms are two-room, with internal doors. The design and equipment here are exactly the same as in the one-room "Standards".

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The bulk of tourists take tours in Dias Studios3 * with power "BB". Breakfasts are served in the restaurant or on the outdoor veranda by the pool. Type of serving buffet. In the menu: ham in sliced, cheeses, olives, salads from fresh vegetables, eggs, yoghurts, fruit, rolls or croissants, juice, coffee or tea. Lunches and dinners tourists can prepare themselves from the products bought in supermarkets. The nearest, called "AV Vasilopulos", is about three dozen meters towards the beach. This is one of the best retail chains in Greece, where there are often promotions and discounts, and there is a line of own products that are very cheap. On the way to Rhodes there are two more good supermarkets, where you can also buy.

Those who do not want to stand on the stove can restlunch and dinner in the taverns, which are in large numbers in the Faliraki. It is especially pleasant and romantic to have dinner on the waterfront drowning in the fires to the sound of pleasant music.

In Dias Studios 3 * guests servicestwo bars are offered, where you can take all your drinks for the whole day, order a cocktail or different types of coffee. In the heat, frape with ice, as well as fresh juice from oranges, is very popular. Bars in the hotel are located in the lobby and near the pool. Nearby there is a wonderful terrace for rest.

Dias Studios 3 about Rhodes

Hotel for children

Dias Studios 3 * for kids can offerLittle. In the rooms, according to the preliminary agreement, there are cots - playpen, and if the child is younger than two years, there is no charge for it. The restaurant has special highchairs, but the menu is common for everyone and some hot dishes are not cooked here. In the pool is equipped with a children's area, where the depth is small. There are no playgrounds on site, babysitting is not provided.

Leisure for adults

Not a very large choice of entertainment for adultsoffers Dias Studios Hotel 3 *. Rhodes attracts those who love Greece, and the resort of Faliraki those who plan to spend time on the island cheerfully and diversely. To do this, there is a lot of opportunities, you just need to get to the center of the village. And at the hotel, the rest is quite calm. A spacious and very clean pool is offered to tourists. Around it are new sunbeds, umbrellas, there are tables, behind which you can sit with a glass of a pleasant delicious drink. For sports fans a small football ground is arranged, and in the lobby there is a billiard table. The lobby bar is open until 11pm, but discos are not available at the hotel. Moreover, the owners carefully take care of their guests and make sure that there is no noise.

Dias Studios 3 Greece Faliraki Rhodes


In relation to the beach a bit uncomfortablelocated Dias Studios 3 * (Rhodes Island). In the reviews tourists call different numbers, how many to walk to the coast. One takes about 15 minutes, the other about half an hour. Transfer is not provided, buses also do not go there, only on foot. There is no direct convenient road to the beach, you need to walk along one street, then turn to another, cross the road. This is the only drawback of this hotel.

But the nearest beach is beautiful, with a coating ofpure golden sand, with the cleanest sea, in which even at a depth of 10 meters, you can clearly see the bottom and every living creature. On the beach there are dressing rooms, showers, rescuers work. Nearby there are cafes and taverns, where we are always happy to offer dishes of real Greek cuisine. From entertainment are offered parasailing from 40 to 70 euros, water skiing costing in one round 30 euros, "bananas", "cheesecakes" from 20 euros, catamarans from 15 euros. A motor boat can be rented for 55 euro per hour. Umbrellas and sun beds on the beach are paid for, at 8 euros per set.

Hotel guests who rented transportmeans, can rest on any other beach. The most popular is the name of Anthony Quinn, where the film "Greek Zorba" was shot. The most deserted and clean beach is Afandou, located quite close to the hotel in question. At the resort there is even a nudist beach, where everything is organized quite civilized. It is located in the south direction from the Faliraki embankment in a beautiful cove.

Dias Studios Hotel 3 Rhodes

Entertainment outside the hotel walls

Satisfied and interesting can spend their holidaysall guests Dias Studios 3 *. Reviews of people note that absolutely all tour operators accredited in the hotel offer a lot of excursions. Among them are acquaintance with Rhodes, trips to the nearest islands by ferry, to Lindos, to monasteries and many others. "Experienced" tourists advise everywhere to travel independently or take excursions to the travel agency of Rhodes. Undoubtedly, interesting for fans of antiquities and relaxation is the visit to the thermal springs in the village of Kallithea, to which only a few minutes from the hotel by car. Go there and buses. In addition, guests Dias Studios can plunge into the reckless, full of pleasant surprises the life of the resort of Faliraki. Here there is the largest in Greece water park with slides for babies and for extreme, with cafes and shops, with zones of rest. In addition to the water park, in the village there are several amusement parks, where there are attractions for every taste and age. For youth in Faliraki there are night clubs, discos, dozens of bars and taverns with live music. Among them: Q-Club, Liquid Club, Champers, Paradise, considered the most popular. Children, and adults will be interested in visiting the equestrian club and horseriding around. Equally fascinating are walks by the sea on boats and yachts. On such excursions, as a rule, organize a dinner, bathing, and sometimes even parties.

Additional Information

In Dias Studios 3 * you can buy a tour in many travel agencies of Russia or book a room by yourself (0030) (2-24-10) (8-76-27). There will be no difference in service and amenities.

Registration on arrival and issuance of keys from the numbers here is made from 14-00, to release the number preferably to 12-00.

Accommodation with any animals is not allowed.

Payment for services is carried out by credit cards or in cash, but according to the law of the country, their amount should not be above 1500 euros.

Dias Studios Hotel 3

Dias Studios 3 * (Greece, Faliraki, Rhodes): reviews

The rating of this hotel is from 3.87 to 4.7 from5 possible points. This difference is mainly due to the attitude of tourists towards the location of Dias Studios. So, those who rented a car, it completely suits, and the rest causes certain inconvenience. In particular, many reviews indicate that it is especially difficult to overcome the road to the sea in the sun. The advantages of the hotel are:

- cleanliness in the territory, in the restaurant, in the rooms, in the pool;

- regular change of towels and bed linen;

- comfortable spacious pool;

- excellent rooms with kitchen;

- nice staff;

- Remoteness from noisy places, which makes it possible to sleep well and rest.

Notable shortcomings:

- far away from the sea and all places of entertainment in Faliraki;

- in the rooms there is a very modest set of kitchen utensils, much has to be bought;

- there is almost nothing for kids;

- there is no entertainment for adults;

- monotonous breakfasts.

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