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Airport Ulan-Ude Mukhino: history, features, infrastructure, airlines

Ulan-Ude Airport - Russianairborne transport node of federal significance. Domestic and international flights are serviced here. It is located not far from the capital of the Republic of Buryatia and Lake Baikal.

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In 1925 on the territory of the modern airportUlan-Ude landed airplanes Volkonov and Polyakov, who participated in the flight on the route Moscow-Beijing. In 1926, the first regular flight to Ulaanbaatar was launched, as well as aircraft that carried out flights from Moscow to Vladivostok and from Irkutsk to Chita.

In 1931, the construction of a new airfield complex began, until 1941 the air communication on the territory of the republic was actively developing.

A new concrete runway was built by 1971. At this time, Ulan-Ude airport starts accepting domestic Il-18 planes. By 1981, the runway was modernized (it was increased by 0.8 km), parking for aircraft was built, which allowed to take Tu-154 airliners.

The new terminal building wasoperation in August 1983. By October of the same year, flights that had been transferred from Chita airport in connection with its repair began to be serviced here. In the years 1988-1989. The service of international transit and tourist flights, which were transferred here from the Irkutsk airport due to its reconstruction, begins. During this period, the maximum congestion of the air hub was observed: sometimes up to 70 flights were served per day.

In 1990 the annual volume of passenger traffic reached800 thousand people. In 2001 there was a division of the airline into several organizations, as a result of which JSC Ulan-Ude International Airport was formed.

In 2007, the runway was modernized andlight-signal equipment, which ensured the possibility of receiving and sending aircraft of any type, regardless of the take-off mass and time of day. On 1 June 2010, regular flights to Ulaanbaatar were opened. 10/29/2011 flight to Bangkok was carried out. In 2012, direct flights to Beijing, Antalya and Cam Ranh were launched. In 2014, the number of passengers served was more than 312 thousand.

Mukhino Ulan Ude Airport

Name of the airport

Initially, the main airport of Buryatia was calledMukhino (by the name of the nearest settlement). In 2008, a new name was given to the airport of Ulan-Ude-Baikal. Despite this, the federal authorities still refer to him as Mukhino. The name Baikal is used, as a rule, in colloquial speech and in the republican mass media.

Accepted aircraft, the characteristics of the airport complex and runway

The runway is 2.997 km long and 45 m wide. There is also one taxiway. The runway is capable of serving up to 10 aircraft per hour. The apron has 22 parking lots. In addition, there is a fueling complex on the territory of the airfield.

The terminal building can serve up to 100 passengers per hour, but today it needs reconstruction.

Mukhino has valid admission to receive and send all modifications of helicopters, as well as the following aircraft:

  • CRJ-200;
  • An-24 (26, 124-100, 140, 148);
  • ATP-42 (72);
  • Airbus A-319 (320, 321);
  • "Boeing-737" (757-200, 767);
  • IL-62 (76, 96-400T);
  • L-410;
  • "Saab 340";
  • Tu-134 (154, 204, 214);
  • Cessna 208;
  • Yak-40 (42).

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Airlines and destinations

Mukhino Airport (Ulan-Ude) is the base hub for Buryat Airlines and PANH. Also served here are airliners of the following carriers:

  • S7 ("Globe");
  • S7 ("Siberia");
  • Aeroflot;
  • Icarus;
  • IrAero;
  • "Nordwind";
  • "Taymyr";
  • "Ural Airlines";
  • «Yakutia».

Regular domestic flights are operated in the following locations:

  • Bagdarin;
  • Blagoveshchensk;
  • Vladivostok;
  • Irkutsk;
  • Krasnoyarsk;
  • Kurumkan;
  • Kyren;
  • Magadan;
  • Moscow;
  • Nizhneangarsk;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Orlik;
  • Taksimo;
  • Khabarovsk;
  • Chita;
  • Yakutsk.

In addition, regular international flights run to Manchuria, Beijing and Seoul, and seasonal flights to Cam Ranh, Bangkok and Antalya.

Airport in Ulan-Ude on the map of Russia: how to get

The air gate of Buryatia is only 15 kmfrom the central part of Ulan-Ude, as well as 75 km from the famous Lake Baikal. With the city it is directly connected by road, which passes through the Selenginsk Bridge. The airport can be reached by taxi, private transport, and also by buses 28, 55, 77 and 34, which depart from the railway station. The total travel time is about 20 minutes. The cost of taxi services will be from 200 to 500 rubles. Mukhino has the following address: Russia, Ulan-Ude, Airport, house 10, postal code 670018.

Ulan Ude on the map of Russia

Ulan-Ude airport - the main air gateBuryatia and the main East Siberian hub. This transport junction connects the central and the Ural regions with the Far East, Siberia. It also connects Russian settlements with the states of Southeast Asia and Oceania. The airport has two names - Mukhino and Baikal. The air transport hub has a very advantageous location and has a developed infrastructure, which makes it possible to make technical landings of aircraft with the aim of refueling. In the future, the airport will be reconstructed and developed, as Lake Baikal attracts tourists from all over the world.

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