/ Montenegro in September. Holiday in Montenegro in September

Montenegro in September. Holiday in Montenegro in September

This article is for those who are planning a holiday inMontenegro in September. What is the weather in this Balkan country in the first month of autumn? And the prices? Will there be a busy excursion program? Is it still possible to swim, or will the water in the Adriatic become really cold? For these and other questions, look for answers in this article.

Montenegro in September

Charming Montenegro

Monte Negro - this is the name of this country in Europe. This is a literal translation of the real name of an independent state that once belonged to Yugoslavia. "Chernaya Gora" - this is how the inhabitants call their country. As for tourism, the most demanded is the Adriatic coast. Here there is a Mediterranean climate. Fans of rafting and mountain hiking are attracted to the eastern part of Montenegro, where the Balkans are hanging out. And ecological tourists will surely like it in the flatland country center. The weather in the first month of autumn in these three parts of Montenegro is different. The first breath of the approaching winter is felt by mountainous regions. But the coast is not so smooth. Although Montenegro in September is a place where the tourist season still continues. But in comparison with August, rest in Monte Negro in the first month of autumn has a lot of advantages. Let's consider them.

Rest in Montenegro in September

The Velvet season

One who rested in Montenegro in the summer, for sureI wanted to succumb to the numerous proposals of travel agencies and go on fascinating excursions. But people were stopped just by the deceitful heat. Even the air-conditioned bus did not encourage tourists to leave the coast covered by the sea breeze and go to see monasteries, castles or reserves. But Montenegro in September is a unique opportunity to combine beach and cognitive rest. Autumn in this country comes a month later than to us. Beaches, and all around, have a completely summer entourage. But already the stupefying, overshooting for +33 degrees in the shade of heat is already falling, and the nights cease to be stuffy. Rain in September falls to Monte Negro very little. It's time to go on excursions. Even in the Constitution of this country it is written that Montenegro is an ecological power. Reserves, zakazniks and national parks occupy a tenth of the territory of the state. It is impossible to rest in Montenegro and not to visit the largest canyon in the Tara River in Europe or not to see the stunning beauty of Skadar Lake. And lovers of conquering mountain peaks can rise to the highest point of the country - Lovcen - and not die at the same time from a solar or heat stroke. Not lucky in September in Montenegro, only raftingists. Since the precipitation is still very small, the mountain rivers have a low-water period.

Weather in Montenegro in September

Children's rest

Montenegro is somewhat empty in September. This is explained by nothing else than the beginning of the new school year. Children of school age, as well as their parents go home somewhere after August 25. But the celebration of life continues. If your child is too young for school, please make him happy with the continuation of the summer. In September, you will not be afraid that the evil southern sun will cause burns to the delicate skin of the baby. Colds also should not be feared, because the weather on the coast is summer. The air temperature drops somewhat in comparison with August, but the thermometer's column stays at the level of + 24-25 degrees in the shade during the day. True, the nights are fresh: + 16 C. The sea in Montenegro in September warmed up so much that it was equal in temperature to the air. The Adriatic has that unpleasant feature that a cold current can come to the coast. Water becomes like liquid nitrogen, even if the air temperature is + 35 C. But when such a flow comes, no one knows. Vacationers are not insured from him in July.

The sea in Montenegro in September

Montenegro in September: prices

Another plus of the autumn holiday in Monte Negrois its cheapness. Since families with children no longer buy tours to the Adriatic, and especially sensitive to the cold nature of people switch to the beaches of Spain, Turkey and even Egypt, the demand for housing and excursions in Montenegro is falling. And this generates a general decline in prices. Tour operators in our country are increasingly beginning to "throw" on the tourist market "last minute trips". Week on the coast of Monte Negre will cost two adult tourists at 20-22 thousand rubles, depending on the type of hotel. But in the country itself, prices are noticeably declining, becoming "as for their own". For apartments for 2-3 people ask 25 euros per night. And this is where five minutes walk to the sea! The price for food is also decreasing: a 1.5-liter water bottle costs 0.6 euro, a kilogram of meat - 5-6, the famous Negush sausage - 8.5, a route - 15 Є. Restaurants also lower the bar. For example, a plate of Meze costs 14 euros.

Montenegro prices in September

What to do in Montenegro in the autumn

September vacation on the Budva Riviera orresorts of Boko-Kotorsky bay means also a wonderful pastime to the beaches unfilled under the very outset. In Montenegro, many coasts with small pebbles or sand are marked with the Blue Flag for ecological cleanliness, safety and service. However, not a single beach live resting Monte Negro. The weather in Montenegro in September has to travel around the country. The ancient cities of Kotor and St. Stephen, which are under the protection of UNESCO, are waiting for you. In addition to the Ostrog monastery and trips to natural attractions, it is worth to go on the resorts of the Ultsin and Budva Riviera, visit Tivat and, of course, in the capital of the country - Podgorica. The most hot weather in September is in the Boko-Kotorsky Bay (Tivat, Perast, Herceg Novi). There the average temperature is + 27 C. The most rainy resort is Cetinje. There falls to 190 mm of precipitation. And it is colder in the mountains. At the ski resorts of Kolasin and Zabljak, daytime temperatures rarely rise above + 20 degrees, and at night it drops to +10.

September in Monte Negro: events

The beginning of autumn does not mark here the closureseason. Just changing the audience. Massively, families with children leave and young people arrive. Montenegro is the arena of the most interesting events in September. This month in the town of Mojkovac (near Kolasin) there is a festival of films Mojkovacka filmska jesen. Days of culture are celebrated in Niksic. In the framework of this holiday, poetry evenings are organized, as well as street theater performances. There is also a tennis tournament Montenegro Open. But the most original event is held annually in Budva. It is called the Days of Sirun. They celebrate the local breed of fish, which is found only off the coast of the Adriatic. Cyrus is smoked, fried, baked on the grill, cooked from it with a transparent ear, and then they are treated with these dishes to all comers.

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