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The best saunas: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Sauna is always a holiday for the soul and body. After all, it is great for healing and cleansing the body. This is a very popular place to relax. The perfect place to relax after hard working days is often the sauna. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in this regard is pleased with the big choice.


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This is a large two-storey hotel, very quiet andconsisting of several buildings. It has both standard apartments and deluxe rooms. The hotel is fully equipped with wireless Internet access, telephony for communication with other cities and countries, satellite television. The service of the storage room for an unlimited period is provided. And, of course, there is a warm sauna. At guests' service is a Finnish steam room, swimming pool and hydromassage. In the rest rooms there are massage chairs.

Also at the hotel there is a restaurant with a bar,a banquet room and a fireplace. Visitors like that the area is closed and you can walk around it. Good feedback about cozy rooms and sauna. But some do not quite like a poor menu.

Address: Yew Alley, 5.

Sauna at the hotel "Gagarin"

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In the hotel itself there are:

  • Single rooms with double beds,a desk and a telephone. There is a minibar, TV and a bathroom with everything you need. The price for such a room starts from 3700 rubles per night.
  • Double rooms are larger. The cost is from 4300 rubles per day.
  • Triple rooms - from 5700 rubles.
  • Apartments, accommodation in which is estimated at 7500 rubles per day.

The sauna here is very cozy. For guests the cost of the visit is 700 rubles per hour. For other visitors - twice as expensive.

Visitors like the comfort of rooms and menus. Those who come here for work, praise the speed of the Internet. But there is a disco on the weekend, and not everyone is happy with it.

There is a hotel along Komsomolskaya Street, 133.

Sauna "Amulet"

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Address of this sauna: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Third Building Street, Building 1A. Works around the clock. It is worth going to all lovers of fragrant brooms, hot steam, delicious and fragrant tea and cold beer. This bath complex is located in a cozy and quiet private sector. If you book for more than three hours, the delivery of visitors back and forth. People like this opportunity very much. The territory of the sauna is fenced and can accommodate up to eight cars. The external territory is observed by video equipment.

Room with a pool table and jacuzzi is 1200 rubles. With a pool - a little expensive. Also here you can buy oak brooms.

Santa Rizot Hotel

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This is one of the best hotels in the FarEast. It is located in a very beautiful forest. At the service of guests are cozy rooms, Japanese and European restaurant halls, bars, as well as all for outdoor activities: gym and billiards room, tennis courts. You can relax in the spa.

Well and the main thing - here there is both male, and female Finnish sauna. After a relaxing warmth, you can dip into the cool pool and enjoy the hydromassage.

On a cozy terrace you can breathe clean forest air, listen to the birds singing, drink a cup of tea. In summer, you can lie down in a deckchair and sunbathe, and in winter - dive into the snow.

All visitors are satisfied with the hotel and its amenities.

The cost for one person is 700 rubles for two hours. Working hours - every day from one hour to 23. Address - Vienna Street, 3.

Sauna "Pharaoh"

Here you can relax with the whole family. In the sauna there are three rooms. For children there is a special pool, the water in which is heated. On television, they broadcast cartoons. If you inform in advance about the arrival, the water will be heated. Nearby is the swimming pool for adults.

On the ground floor there is a lounge, and in the room -billiards and karaoke. Well and the main thing - an excellent steam room. The interior is very beautiful: the wooden shelves look very comfortable. It is convenient that there is a toilet next to the therma.

You can both bring food with you, and order. The menu is quite rich. On the territory there is parking.

Some people visit Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for this sauna. Address: Prospect Mira, 58-B.

This concludes the overview. The best saunas of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk were briefly described above. Reviews about all the positive. Therefore, you need to choose according to personal preferences. If you want to see more in detail what the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk saunas offer, you can see the photo above in the article and on official websites.

Sauna is a good place to relax on any occasion: day off, birthday, corporate. After all, except the steam room, there is also billiards, and karaoke, and a swimming pool.

In any case, it is most convenient to choose the place of rest, which is located closer, so as not to spend a lot of time on the road.

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