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Can I tan in the shade of the sea, under an umbrella or a tree?

Bronze shade of the skin is the goal of many people,wishing not only to bring the rest of the magnets to the refrigerator. The people around should immediately understand that their friends were lounging on the beach under the sun. For owners of sensitive skin, this desire can turn into an unfavorable outcome.

Long but safe way

Almost everyone who rested on the beach,I was restlessly turning in a dream because of my reddened back, and then ripping off flakes of dead skin. Doctors insist that such tests are not very useful for the body.

can I tan in the shade
But what about those who want to find a safe placebeautiful skin tone? Is it possible to go to sea only when the sun sets? There is a workaround. It requires more patience, but it has no negative consequences.

Can I tan in the shade and not treat painfullyburns? Many are sure that this is fiction, but there is every reason to think much more optimistically. Owners of thin and white skin can take the method to the note and forever forget about the unpleasant complications and sacrifices brought to the gift of beauty. Having learned from bitter experience and not wanting to repeat the tests passed, people are interested in whether it is possible to tan in the shade under an umbrella.

Reasonable march

The sun's rays are safe forhuman body in the periods before noon and after 5 pm. Even at this time, sunscreen is useful. Excessive precaution does not hurt, so even water resistant products are updated after each bath.

Under a tree or a canopy it is much more comfortable than onsunburn, and tan comes out even. For example, it will not be so that after dozing off for 20 minutes, you will see a trace from your glasses on your face. Even the most sensitive skin in this case is reliably protected from external stimuli.

Doctors, answering the question about whether it is possible to get sunburnedsitting in the shade, wholeheartedly support this approach. The most important thing is not to forget about precautions, to update the layer of cream. It often happens that the shoulders burn already when the person is in the water or decided to take a short walk to the nearest stall with ice cream. So, even being under a tree, you should not lose your vigilance. Sun burns do not paint anyone, unlike a tan.

can one tan in the shade of the sea

Tan under the clouds

It happens that the weather spoils in the veryan inopportune moment, for example, in a single day off, when you are about to luxuriate on the beach. Well, nature knows best what it should be. You, in turn, too, do not despair.

The cloudy sky is not at all an excuse to give upmarch to the sea, even if your goal is a bronze shade of the skin. Sunburn in the shade is possible and highly recommended by doctors. Thus, you will come in contact with the summer joys, without harming your body. Having carried out a sortie on the shore in cloudy weather, you absolutely will not lose anything. The skin color will be uniform, and such a tan will last longer. Through the clouds well passes ultraviolet, so that, according to physicists, chemists and other scientists, they can not be equated with the usual shadow. There is an opportunity to relax peacefully, enjoying a beach holiday.

can I tan in the shade of a tree


Again, figuring out whether one can tan inshadow, do not neglect the protective means, because the skin can not be reached only by direct sunlight, and then only a quarter. Otherwise, the impact is the same as on a normal clear day.

The effect is much more beautiful than the red onesirritations received after a burn at noon. No wonder they say that nothing good can come out right away, but a real work of art is created gradually. This is just a similar case. The sunburn falls exactly. Do not have to suffer with blisters and dropsy, which often appear in those who fanatically approach to the hikes on the beach and do not use cream. Of course, beauty requires sacrifice.

People who asked if it is possible to tan inshadows on the sea and decided to try this method, usually have to stock up a lot of patience, however, and the threat of side effects for them disappears. So it's better to wait a little than to hurt yourself. Vacation is not a time for haste. It is more rational to direct efforts to a healthy rest, bringing new energy, and not forcing to suffer subsequently.

can I tan in the shade under the umbrella

The Omnipresent Sun

Finding out whether it is possible to reach the tan in the shade, and firmlydeciding to follow this path, a person develops for himself a system of observance of precautions, so that certainly nothing prevents the bliss, for which he goes to the sea.

Sunlight penetrates even through the water at 1meter in depth. Watching the divers descending to the bottom in special suits to photograph or take pictures of his beauty, you can notice an interesting feature.

After dressing, you can see that they only have sunburnon the right hand. The fact is that the video camera is located in it, so it is an object to hit the sun's rays. They hide the left one. What can we say about air masses. Understanding whether it is possible to tan in the shade of trees without a special cream, the layer of which will be constantly updated, the answer to the question posed is negative, especially if the water is nearby. It is capable of reflecting the sun's rays, like a mirror. So every vacationer, even being under an umbrella or under the clouds, constantly splashing around in the water or moving, should remember the protective equipment. Often, letting the situation out on its own, to our great surprise, people get burned. So the loss of vigilance can lead to trouble.

Can I tan in the shadow of a building

How to improve the effect?

Can I tan in the shade beautifully? Certainly. But for this you need some participation. The sun, of course, will do its job, but the organism is still yours, so much depends on you too.

Well, if there is no hurry and the person lives nearof the ocean. But many people come to a strange city or country to splash in the waves of the southern sea. They usually have not more than three weeks left. And if there is only one left, and there is no sunburn yet? There is an exit.

Man is able to promote sunburn,using the products necessary for this. A healthy diet, in principle, helps the body function better, and this case is no exception. Well protect from the burn vitamins contained in melon, apricots and broccoli, watermelon, spinach, grapes, liver, almonds, fatty fish, avocado, meat.

Learning about whether it is possible to get sunburnt in the shade, and wantingto realize this in practice, a person should not forget about vegetable oils. Activates the change in skin color of walnut, jojoba, sesame, coconut, cocoa and shea butter. Bronze shade will appear due to the extract from apricot and avocado. To keep it on your body for weeks after coming from vacation, almonds, olive, dog rose, peach will be useful.

Align the tone and give it matte can sesame, walnut, wheat germ. Good recovery properties for the epidermis in avocado.

can I tan sitting in the shade

After going to the beach

After the person has learned, whether it is possible to get sunburned inshadow of the building, and achieved the desired effect, he must take care of the skin, when its shade was replaced by the desired one. Careful attention is required after contact with the sun's rays.

Even if redness and burns do not, on the epidermishad an impact that the body does not write off. At 3 o'clock, following the arrival from the beach, it is worth refraining from bathing in the shower and bath. In this case, the bronze shade will lie flat, fixed properly, and the skin will have enough time to calm down. However, this rule does not apply to sea bathing, since it is more harmful to the body of salt for a long time, so it is better to get rid of it immediately.

After sunburn

Cream after sunburn can be purchased inshop, pharmacy or made by hand. From aging, the skin is protected using a mixture based on the purchase agent with the addition of a few drops of vitamins A and E, jojoba oil. Thus, the influence of ultraviolet on collagen fibers, responsible for the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, is reduced. Apply this composition after going to the shower. The result is pleasantly surprising.

Arguments in favor of tanning in the shade

Unreasonable planning of beach holidays anda long stay under the hot rays of the sun entails irreversible consequences, such as, for example, melanoma. Skin loses its ability to protect itself naturally, becomes more susceptible to negative external influences. Immunity decreases.

tan in the shade
Skin cancer is a disease that has befallen many fans of uncontrolled sunburn, too carried away in pursuit of an attractive, bronze hue of the skin.

If in the first stages something else can be done,then, by launching the situation, a person practically does not have a retreat to normal healthy life. So it costs ten times to think before you "bake" your body under the midday sun.

An alarming sign is the appearance of pigmentedspots with uneven outlines and heterogeneous coloring. Seeing them, you need to see a doctor. If the birthmark, which is a natural reaction of the skin to excessive sunlight, grows more than 6 millimeters, it is removed. So tan in the shade is recommended to everyone who values ​​their health.

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