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Sharming Inn Hotel 4 * (Egypt / Sharm El Sheikh) - photos, rates and reviews

Sharming Inn Hotel 4 is a family-friendly hotel located inThe resort town, which is famous all over the world. It's about Sharm el-Sheikh. This hotel complex can boast of a good level of service and fairly affordable prices. And it is thanks to these two criteria that he enjoys great popularity.

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About the hotel

Sharming Inn Hotel 4 was built 14 years ago, in2000 year. Not so long ago, in 2013, it was reconstructed. The complex did not work for about two years, but last year it was reopened to start hosting guests. During the reconstruction, rooms and apartments were improved, the lobby was updated. Also, in addition to cosmetic repairs, replaced plumbing, put new furniture. And, of course, they updated the equipment in the kitchens and the fire safety system. Thus, the living conditions were as close as possible to the ideal. The hotel itself consists of one three-storey complex, as well as several bungalows. The entire hotel occupies an area of ​​3,900 square meters. This complex is distinguished by its original architecture and stylish decoration. In a beautifully decorated area, it's not just pleasant to be - you can perfectly relax by spending a few carefree hours on the beautiful terrace, enjoying the peace and tranquility in the shade of the trees.

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If we talk about the main advantages of thiscomplex, then the first thing worth noting is its advantageous location. And here we are not talking about the fact that it is literally 15 kilometers from the airport. This, too, is undoubtedly important, but there is something that attracts more attention. The fact that the Sharming Inn Hotel 4 is located in one of the best areas of the resort, on the picturesque cliff of Ras Um El Seid. Here, tourists can see the stunning coral reefs, the rich underwater world, and the spectacular views. No wonder the cliff was famous for its exceptional beauty. This place is really ideal for spending a few days of relaxing in such a unique atmosphere. Tourists can sunbathe on the terraces, swim in the pools, enjoy the sea or the landscapes of the beautiful gardens. One thing is certain - in Sharming Inn Hotel 4 you will not have to miss, everyone will find what to do.


Restaurants, nightclubs, discos are all onresort is in its diversity. However, if you do not want to go anywhere, but you still need to do something yourself, you should not worry about it. After all, in the territory of Sharming Inn Hotel 4 (Egypt) there is a lot of entertainment that everyone will like. If you want to spend time actively, you can go to a tennis court, or play billiards. Guests are even offered skiing! And, of course, staying in a seaside resort, one can not help but spend a day at the water sports, which include windsurfing, diving, diving with a tube and a mask. If you want bright sensations and emotions, you can go to the water park. In general, I must say, there are a variety of entertainment - from table tennis, ending with a karaoke bar.

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Quiet leisure

If the active rest is not for the lodgers, thenthere is nothing to worry about, in the hotel there is a lesson for lovers of peace and quiet. For example, Sharming Inn Hotel 4 has a library with a fairly large selection of different literature. If you want to relax completely, you can enroll in a massage room and get real pleasure from the session. In the complex there is an outdoor swimming pool, which is open all year round, and two terraces - one ordinary and the other for sunbathing. And, of course, a picturesque cozy garden where you can just retire with yourself. It should also be noted that the hotel has its own private beach, which definitely will please the guests - it's a closed area, so there will not be a lot of people in this area, as in the case with public places.

Restaurants, bars and service

For the guests planning their vacation, it is important not toonly what entertainment can offer them a hotel complex. Of great importance is also the service itself, the provision of food. In this regard, you can not worry, because the hotel has its own bar, two restaurants (service on the menu and buffet). Also, guests can be offered a diet menu (on individual request). And, of course, a snack bar. Still, if hotel guests wish, drinks and food can be delivered to them in the room. The food is varied, which definitely will appeal to lovers of delicacies. For example, in the restaurant "Caprice" you can taste the best Italian dishes, and in "Tempura" hotel guests are treated to dishes of Asian cuisine. Another nice point that should be noted is the attention - all drinks in bars are offered for the "all inclusive" service, so that you will not have to pay extra for anything. Strictly speaking, Egypt (Sharm el-Sheikh) has always been famous for the quality of service and service, so one should not be surprised at such a high level.

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Additional services

Sharming Inn Hotel 4, reviews about the hotelwritten primarily in a positive manner, is characterized by a really high level of services. For example, in addition to delivering food and drinks to the room, guests are offered car rental, free transfer, speedy check-in process, luggage storage, dry cleaning, laundry, photocopying, and much more. Guests can even be offered babysitting services, which is definitely a plus, because many people go on holiday with their children. Still people who do not know what interesting places are best to visit will benefit from services provided by the hotel's tour desk. Sharming Inn Hotel 4 reviews are also positive because it has literally everything that a person can need. Do you want to tidy yourself up? You can go to the beauty salon. Change the image? The hotel has a hairdresser. Buy friends gifts? The gift shop offers a wide range of pleasant little things. Needless to say, if the hotel has even a point where you can send or receive a fax.

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Rooms and Apartments

To make the rest really good,it is important that the numbers meet all standards and standards. In this regard, you can not worry. All apartments have a plasma TV with satellite channels, air conditioning and a balcony. The rooms also have a minibar and a fully equipped bathroom. Modern new furniture, safe, telephone, hairdryer, clean bed linen and towels - all this is offered to hotel guests. And, of course, access to the Internet. In general, nothing superfluous, all that is needed for healthy sleep and adequate rest. By the way, if the guests decided to come with their little child, you should indicate this when booking - then the administration will prepare a baby cot, and completely free of charge (if he is not 4 years old).

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Cost of accommodation

What, besides good service, does Egypt still know? Prices - that's about what else has not been said. The hotel really has a very democratic price policy. For example, seven nights in a fully-equipped room for two people will cost about 19 thousand rubles. Guests will be offered a double room for this price, as well as a complimentary breakfast. In this amount taxes are included - standard, city, and service charge. Guests can specify personal preferences for beds when booking (two singles or one double). They can also choose the desired view from the window - the pool or the garden. And in a triple room you can stay for an amount of 26 thousand rubles. As you can see - the prices really please the eye. It is the combination of pleasant value and good level of service that attracts tourists.


Staying in a hotel will definitely staya good impression if the tourists there are well treated. They say that they meet on clothes. So, in Sharming Inn Hotel 4, photo of which definitely causes the desire to visit this wonderful place, all the guests are very friendly and hospitable. So the first impression in this case is not deceptive. In addition, I want to mention another very pleasant moment. High-class staff speaks six languages! This is German, Italian, French, English, Arabic and, most importantly, Russian! This nuance can not but rejoice, especially those guests who experience some linguistic problems. So if there are problems with orienteering around the city, you can just ask the administration or the reception desk - they will not refuse help.

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Guest comments

Strictly speaking, many tourists go to theseplaces to enjoy beach holidays. What first thing arises in the view of a person when he hears the word "Sharm el-Sheikh"? The sea, of course. Boundless beaches, clear waters, hot sun ... tourists who come to these places for the sake of sunbathing and buying, are satisfied. After all, the hotel has its own beach. But if you read about the Sharming Inn Hotel 4 reviews, you can understand that this complex is good not only because it has a private beach area. Firstly, the hotel offers various bonuses and compliments. The latter include gifts for newlyweds, birthday presents, wedding anniversaries and surprises for regular guests. Guests note the diversity, and in animation, and in activities, and in food. Many people who have something to compare with, assure that this is the best option that can be in Egypt. And if you still have doubts about which complex to make your choice, then it's not worth hesitating for a long time - definitely the best option will be Sharming Inn Hotel 4. A warm welcome, high-quality service, professional and correct staff, a lot of entertainment and a variety of leisure activities - what else is needed to spend an unforgettable holiday and relax from the gray days?

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