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Vienna Hotels: Cognitive Vacations

Tours in Vienna are very popular notonly because of the presence in the Austrian capital of a huge number of attractions and a huge number of works of art and history, reviving here at every step, but also because here, like in no other capital of the world, you can choose for yourself a hotel that best meets your personal requirements and addictions.

Tens of thousands of people practically commita pilgrimage to the city in which the greatest composers of all time and people lived and created immortal musical canvases. I did not plan to go to Vienna specially - my goal was the administrative center of the land of Carinthia, the city of Klagenfurt, where I came at the invitation of Austrian colleagues.

Before returning home, I decidedspend a few days in Vienna. In a small, but cozy three-star hotel Glocknerhof in Klagenfurt, I studied reviews about hotels in Vienna to choose a suitable temporary home for several amazing days in the capital. Hotels in Vienna are very similar to the capital of Austria, they are just as elegant and luxurious.

But this does not mean that you can stop onlyin a luxurious and very expensive hotel. I found an excellent and not at all expensive hotel Kolbeck, located in the pedestrian area in the tenth district of the city. My choice was influenced by very democratic prices and the fact that up to one of the two metro stations could be a walking walk in five minutes, the area is very calm, excellent conditions for shopping, not far (can be reached on foot) - the world famous Belvedere.

But first I wanted to stay at the hoteltourist class Academia, which is located on the street Pfeilgasse. This is an amazingly quiet and quiet area, good rooms, just like in Kolbeck, the amenities are not particularly special. Hotels in Vienna are not only luxurious, but also quite simple and cheap.

I used to stay in budget hotelsduring my travels, my goal in traveling is never just a banal vacation, cognitive and business interests prevail, so I look down on convenience, just to have a shower and Wi-Fi. I even stayed a couple of times at the hostel, but I really need a habit. But it's cheaper to have a bench in the city park. However, these two hotels can be recommended only to those guests of Vienna who plan to stay in the hotel for two or three days, no more. For a long stay they are definitely not suitable! Another thing is the Ambassador, which is located in the heart of the city, in its historical part. Everything is good in it, and there are no shortcomings. That's just the price a little pushes.

Vienna hotels are often located in interestinghistorical buildings. Hotel Kolbeck, for example, was built in 1848 in the style of Biedermeier, at that time just come into fashion. The capital of Austria still has not lost its former importance as the musical capital of Europe and the center of huge cultural values.

Not only hotels in Vienna are interesting here, but alsoa lot of historical buildings, very peaceful neighbors with modern buildings, as you can see, for example, in the Museum Quarter, where an area of ​​60 thousand square meters collected the most valuable treasures of art.

My traveler experience says that studyingdescriptions of hotels during the preparation of the trip does not mean anything. But if you read on the sites, for example, reviews about hotels in Vienna or other capitals, then the picture is fairly objective. So, in this way you can explore all the hotels in Vienna and during the preparation for the trip it is already absolutely certain to know which hotel to stay at.

Tours to Vienna are sold in all travel agencies. But sometimes it's better to organize a trip yourself, because that's how you can fully enjoy your stay in Vienna, even if it's short-lived.

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