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Novy Urengoy Airport: history and modern infrastructure

The airport of Novy Urengoy is rightfully consideredThe main transport hub of the district, which connects the city with the main cultural and economic centers of the country. The services of the "air gates" are particularly actively used by those who work on a rotational basis, as well as other employees of the gas industry, service industries and their families.

A bit of history

The airport of Novy Urengoy is located 5 kilometers from the city. The local aerocomplex is capable of accepting ships of all types. The capacity of an aero node per year is 200 thousand passengers.

New Urengoy Airport

In the early 70's the population of Novy Urengoywas 520 people. In the village there was neither a hospital nor a school. In 1975, for the reception of important cargoes, a small Yagelnoye airport was opened here. In 1981, the aerocomplex was transformed into a united air squadron. With the development of the city, it was decided to erect a new aero node here. And already in 1980 from the local airport the first flight to "Tu-134" was carried out.

Modern Airport

Active development of city infrastructure andThe airport has made the local aerocomplex one of the best enterprises of the district. To date, the airport of Novy Urengoy constantly serves aircraft that fly to 23 cities of Russia. According to the technical specifications, the airport can accept aircraft of different types, as well as helicopters. The ground service and qualified personnel provide excellent passenger services and guarantee the safety of flights at the proper level.

Airlines such as Es Seven, RusLine,"IrAero", "Gazpromavia", "Yakutia" and "Uteir" make regular flights to the airport (Novy Urengoy). The arrival of aircraft from Moscow, St. Petersburg is not uncommon, because the airfield is connected by regular flights with major Russian cities. In summer, seasonal flights to Anapa and Samara open here.

Airport Infrastructure

The modern airport of Novy Urengoy is experiencing temporary difficulties with financing. As a consequence, there is only the most necessary thing for the passengers in the airspace.

airport new arrival destination

Only one terminal is open at the airport. On the ground floor there is a newsstand, shops, cafes and reception. On the second floor there is a well-equipped waiting room. In addition, there is a baggage weighing point, its packing, information desk, a luggage room and telephone booths on the territory of the aerocomplex.

To get from Novy Urengoy airport tocity, you can take a taxi or a bus. Bus number 3 runs from 6 hours 17 minutes to 23 hours 44 minutes. The interval between buses can be from 10 to 40 minutes. A taxi stand is located at the exit from the airport building. The trip from the terminal to the center of Novy Urengoy takes about 10 minutes.

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