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Nizhny Tagil Hotels: names, addresses, reviews

Thanks to an unusual combination of industry and wildlife, the city of Nizhny Tagil attracts guests not only from all over the country, but also from all over the world.

Inspired by industrial romanticismphotographers go here to see with their "cameras" the magic of metal processing, and tired of the worldly bustle - to relax in the bosom of nature in the most tranquil manner.

Every tourist will not be offended by the choice of the hotelLower Tagil. The maximum concentration of rentable apartments and hotels is in the northern part of the city, but it is difficult to consider this a disadvantage, since the locality is small, and the distance to its center can be easily reached on foot.

Relax without cares

In the center of the city there are two hotels, whereYou can feel yourself at home. Here they will warm, nourish and solve all the problems: a spot on the coat will be pulled out, and a taxi will be called, and everything will be done for maximum convenience. This, of course, "Park Inn Radisson" and "Tagil."

Nizhny Tagil Hotels

If a visit to the city is planned in conjunction withfamily, then there is nothing better than rented apartments. This is an excellent alternative to such a variant as Nizhny Tagil hotels. There will be complete freedom in everything, and the size of such "numbers" is much larger, as well as the opportunity to prepare meals independently and invite friends to visit.

Economical options

For travelers who have limited budget and simpler requests, there are 17 other offers of B & B hotels - "bed and breakfast", without much frills, but also clean.

The most popular, according to reviews, options: "Metallurg", "Forest", "North Urals" and "Sports". Each hotel in Nizhny Tagil has its own peculiarities, pluses and minuses (where without them?), But based on the conditions, you can choose exactly the institution that is right for you.

Hotel «Northern Ural»

In the city, this institution is known simply ashotel "Ural". Nizhny Tagil, except for industry, is also famous for recreational and sports facilities, so many hotels, hostels and hotels are located on their territories.

Hotel "Ural" (Nizhny Tagil)

The "Northern Urals" is part of the Uralstreatment and rehabilitation center. Therefore, there is free parking, 24-hour security, access to the gym and, of course, the Internet. Reviews about the "Ural" are only positive, because it is new, with a simple but high-quality repair, and it has everything necessary for life.

The peculiarity of the hotel "Ural" is the equipment of the wholeterritory and separate rooms for people with disabilities. Where and the opportunity to order food with a drink in your room. But for those who like to get food on their own, a café is provided in the treatment center. Walk to it you need to make a garden alley, and this will distract from everyday problems.

Hotel "Metallurg"

"Metallurgist" - a separate page of the history of Nizhny Tagil. In it all the former pomposity of the city. The building itself is a "stalinka" with a beautiful stucco and high ceilings.

Hotel Metallurg"

According to reviews, the hotel knew the best times. But according to the latest information, the repair is completed, and everything has become much more neat, cozy. Therefore, the hotel "Metallurg" is waiting for tourists.

It should be noted the breakfast: first, they are included in the cost of living; secondly, despite their simplicity, they are satisfying, which is an undeniable advantage for those traveling for business purposes, since they need strength for the whole day.

Hotel "Metallurg" is located in the northern partcity, but not as far from the center as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, absolute access to all the benefits, such as pizzerias, cafes and shops, is provided.

In addition, the staff has a positive fame andmany times won the favor of his habitual responsiveness and courtesy. Therefore, if you need to find out anything, you can not be afraid and go straight to the hotel staff: they are always friendly and courteous, they will help.

Hotel Lesnaya

It is farther from the city center thanpreviously described options (20 km). But Lesnaya is not the most peaceful hotel. The thing is that most corporate, family and city celebrations are happening right here.

Hotel Lesnaya (Nizhny Tagil)

The scale makes it possible to create a huge territory, and the fabulousness is brought by the fact that the hotel is in the forest.

Hotel Lesnaya (Nizhny Tagil) has wonfour stars, and this corresponds to a decent set of services and their level. As envisaged in hotels of this type, a transfer to Lesnaya can be arranged from anywhere in the city, and vice versa.

All rooms are of a high standard. This is a place where you can relax in peace and have plenty of fun.

Hotel «Sportivnaya»

Near the sports complex was bought twodistant from each other residential multi-apartment buildings. They are refitted, and they have rooms for athletes who come to the competitions. For this reason the hotels got the names "Sports-1" and "Sports-2". Here, with pleasure accept all comers, but the level of service is minimal, and the stay, rather, is like living in apartments, rather than in a hotel.

Guests of Nizhny Tagil note the advantage"Sports" the availability of a constant and uninterrupted Internet. Often this factor is the main factor when choosing a hotel, because mini-hotels and hostels do not offer Internet access at this level.

The hotel consists of 60 and 70 rooms (in each part) with different footage and the number of seats.

Hotel "Sportivnaya"

The only condition to which you must be prepared is the closure of the hotel at 11 pm on the bolt. Therefore, until this time, you must return to your room.

Choice for a tourist

We examined several completely different types of places of residence. The choice is wide, and, by doing it, you can focus on your desires and financial possibilities.

Of course, this is not all the options, and in the city there are other hotels. But these hotels of Nizhny Tagil are most often visited by tourists, there are a lot of positive reviews on the Net about them.

Look, ask the price and come to Nizhny Tagil for industrial romance. Have a nice rest!

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