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Contemporary Russian poetesses

Despite the fact that some poems seem to be a relic of the past, they still remain relevant for a wide range of readers of different ages.

Contemporary Russian poetesses

Poetry is the music of the heart. Our theme today is the contemporary Russian poetess who conquers thousands of fans around the world who sincerely admire their creativity.

Among contemporary poetesses known to everyone, today we have singled out:

  1. Ah Astakhov.
  2. Sola Monova.
  3. Alu Kudryashov.
  4. Belief to Polozkov.
  5. Faith to Pavlov.
  6. Stephanie Danilov.
  7. Svetlana Lavrentiev.
  8. Milena Wright.

Ah Astakhova

29-year-old Russian poet Irina Astakhova,acting under the pseudonym Ah Astakhova, has long been active in various parts of the world - not only Russia and Ukraine, where she is loved and expected in every city, but also in the Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia, Spain and other countries. Irina's concerts are always filled with vivid energy and sunny optimism. Her spontaneity and understandable syllable are able to reach everyone, and wisdom and optimism teach each of us something new, bright and warm.

contemporary poetesses

Irina, like many contemporary poetesses, writes withearly age, however, popular it made a poem "Do you even love there?", recorded in a video and laid out on YouTube. Today Irina systematically records all new and new videos on her verses in musical accompaniment:

"I am the last of those who carry a lie under their heart.

Who strikes the back with a knife and hears himself empty.

You do not love me. Do not you love - so what?

I am despicable to the brim, contemptible for yours ... "

Sola Monova

Sola Monova (Julia Solomonova) - another talentfrom the category "modern poetesses." She was born in Volgograd, graduated from the Moscow Institute as a director and now actively arranges poetry evenings. A happy mother of two children and the wife of a famous designer, Sola remains true to her talent - she always makes readers happy with her creativity. On its page, you can find many new works that are constantly replenished.

Sola has an incredible style - sharp,ironic, cheerful. Above her poems, laugh and cry, not only sensitive women, but also severe men. And the humor of this woman, who helps her to laugh any pain, can only be envied! Sola has a variety of poems - lyrical, satirical and even obscene. "VKontakte" is a group dedicated only to obscene poems Sola (and there are many of them).

poems of modern poetesses

Here are a few lines from her poem:

"I'll stop the horse at a gallop.

I'm a strong woman. I love you.

You were not well-groomed, but now

I will take care of you ... "

And we continue the theme of "contemporary Russian poetesses", whose list continues with Alya Heitlin.

Alya Kudryashova

Alya Kudryashova (since 2015 - Heitlin, according to the mother's maiden name) is a St. Petersburg poetess, laureate of numerous poetic competitions. The girl has a unique style both in clothes and in creativity.

modern poetess russia list

Her work is a mixture of sharpness, a certainsurrealism and the echo of a subtle soulful mood that easily falls on paper and forms in rhyme. Verses may seem somewhat absurd, however, they are unique and beyond all doubt deserve respect. Many famous people, among whom the soloist of the group "Spleen" Sasha Vasilyev, call the girl a truly talented poetess who can clearly and accurately express her emotions in words, while finding the answer in the hearts of thousands of her readers:

"To me up to the falling stars
Do not pull your hands.
I have seven miles to go
To my anguish. "

Vera Polozkova

The modern poetess Vera Polozkova, perhaps,One of the first to get frenzied popularity among Internet users. She has been writing since she was 5 years old. Each verse of this girl is imbued with a whole bouquet of feelings - a lot of conflicting emotions, in which the aromas of spiritual wisdom, optimism, sadness, and sharpness are mixed. Verses, even if you do not take them to heart from the first time, still find a path to your heart and will firmly settle in it. They want to re-read again and again, looking for a new meaning.

modern poetess Belief Polozkov

Recently, Vera became the mother of a wonderful baby,that, as she admits, significantly influenced her creativity and self-expression. Despite some sharpness in his works, Polozkova can write with optimism and motivation, which, you will agree, is very important for the poetess, whose creation is read by millions of people from different countries.

Vera Pavlova

The belief of Pavlov can also be safely attributed to the category of "contemporary poetesses". Vera was born in Moscow in the 63rd year. She has two daughters, married to a literary translator Stephen Seymour.

contemporary poetess of Russia

A woman with extraordinary talents, Vera Pavlovafor a long time she was engaged in musical creativity - composing music, singing. Only in 20 years, with the birth of his first daughter Natalia, inspiration pushed her to a new creative path. The first verse was born suddenly, and since then her work has multiplied many times, shining with new facets. Each of her verses is filled with feelings familiar to each of us, but at the same time distorted by the unique perception of the author. Unique texts can not be repeated - only Vera Pavlova can write like this.

In Russia, 18 books of the Faith were published, which were translated into dozens of languages ​​of the world:

"From the skin I climb to touch your skin.
Do not resemble faces, we have the same skin -
we smell the skin of the impossible:
frost in the skin and heat, subcutaneous heat ... "

Stefania Danilova
modern poetess list

Stefania Danilova (or simply Stef) - verya young modern Russian poetess who already has crowds of devotees devoting her poems, music and storming her concerts. The girl is really incredibly talented - and, most importantly, her work has depth and wisdom, understanding and acceptance of the world. Exactly what we sometimes lack. Stef has already won many prestigious literary contests and has produced eight books, one of which "Vesnadtsat" was released just recently.

Stefania was born in Syktyvkar, but almost immediatelymoved to St. Petersburg. The first verse was written almost in 4 years. Today Stef is popular not only in the countries of the former USSR, but also abroad. Organized more than 70 concert programs.

"I'm tired of creating white on a soot base.
I get tired of going to hell and the devil.
I spend my sight on meaningless landscapes
and in them I will not read the letters.
None of the roads under your feet, alas, will not say,
that I choose from them not that ... "

Svetlana Lavrentieva (cat Basho)

Svetlana Lavrentieva, acting under a pseudonymBasho's cat is a talented woman who writes so accurately and piercingly that it's simply impossible not to admire. Her allegories are amazing and unique - they make us admire not only the meaning, but also the interesting syllable of her creations. Sveta can accurately and accurately choose comparisons and interestingly rhymes their works.

By profession, Basho's cat is a philologist. Svetlana lives and works in Krasnodar, has a son Artyom. He claims that life is her main passion. He is the head of the advertising and production company "Clouds". To date, Sveta has given a lot of concerts, which were visited by hundreds of people who admire her work. Its main highlight is the writing of poetry in prose.

Creativity of Svetlana Lavrentieva is an examplesubtle and penetrating poetry. Many poems of modern poetesses are written in a more strict and sharp form. Light, however, turns its creations into an ideal combination of meaning and interesting rhyme.

Milena Wright

Milena is more of a public figure thanpoet, however, it can also be safely added to the list of "contemporary poetesses." Most often she writes quatrains, accurately and briefly expressing her feelings and emotions. Like all poets, she writes mostly about love. Milena lives and works in St. Petersburg - an amazing city for amazing people.

About her life, almost nothing is known -the girl skilfully leaves from any questions about herself and her past. Agreeing to the interview, she avoids a lot of questions, but the most tactless is the question of love. And it does not matter what was once. In the present she is a talented poetess and organizer of the literary community of St. Petersburg. Many young poets take part in the meetings of writers that Milena arranges, exchange their creativity and ideas.

contemporary Russian poetess

"I'll wait for you till winter.

Before February thick frosts.

I will not tell anyone that you -

My memory,

My world,

My air".


All the above-described contemporary poetesses, the listwhich, incidentally, can be continued - these are popular creative personalities who collect huge concert halls, whose poems take clips and write music.

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