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Kovaleva Elena. Sincerity of the soul

Lyrically, accessible and deeply about life, about yourself. Here, perhaps, is the poetic credo of Elena Kovalyova. I tried myself as a writer from childhood. Now he is a member of the Russian Union of Writers, since 2014. Far Eastern author, was born on Sakhalin in a little-known village Sinegorsk.

The first profession of Elena - a doctor, the second -theater director. Later she studied psychology and psychoanalysis. And now he is engaged in directing and psychoanalysis, has a valuable life experience and gladly shares it with his readers. The poet writes about personal experiences and meditations. Sincerity permeates all works, touches the soul and causes readers to recall their own memories and forgotten emotions. The poet's soul is wide, vulnerable and disturbing. Elena Kovaleva, photo of which is presented in the article, sweet, open, cheerful.

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Civil Lyrics

Many works of civil lyrics have been created. Elena Kovaleva, as a woman, a creative person, speaks very sincerely and emotionally about the war. The past war and the one that is now in separate parts of the world. Elena is full of sympathy for the victims and gratitude for the veterans. Poems - gratitude, poems - memory, poems - insight. The poet seeks to convey to people the value of peace and human life in it. It so happened that poets are sensitive to other people's pain, grief and misfortune. They mourn and weep along with people they do not know.

Love lyrics

What kind of real poet does not write about love? Elena Kovaleva writes poetry sensually and heartfelt, shares her feelings with the reader. Each work of this category - a picture of memory, feelings gone through. Here, and the joy of love, and the grief of separation, and the pain of betrayal. Everything in a woman's way is lyrical and sincere.

Female verse. It is this definition that can be given to the work of Elena Kovaleva. In fact, this is exactly what many people are looking for in such poetry: the feminine, depth, nakedness of emotions and experiences, openness, compassion and sincerity.

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Multifaceted talent

It is important to note that as a poet, Elena Kovalevais rather multifaceted. In her work there is a place for experiments and shocking. She loves humor, self-irony, diluting her poems with comic works. There are Elena's landscape lyrics, the beauty of nature does not leave indifferent impressionable nature of the poet. Religious lyrics - as a form of expression of spirituality, unity with Christian culture.

The experiments with prose are not alien to the poet - to lightProse miniatures are born. And a lot of memories. Personal, in-depth, lived and meaningful - that's what Elena Kovaleva is ready to share with the world, with her readers, and there are quite a few of them. On poetic portals, visitors, as well as other poets, leave their enthusiastic reviews.

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Philosophical Lyrics

In the work of Elena Kovaleva many poemsphilosophical orientation. She reflects on eternal values: love, life and death, the meaning of human existence. About how difficult it is sometimes to admit to oneself in error, repent and forgive. Elena writes in her poems about her experiences and reflections on the days that fly quickly and irrevocably. Poems and publications from the author a lot. Collections "My Sinegorye", "Poems for Children" enjoy the readers' love.

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