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Biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov: the life of the legendary fabulist

Biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov is studied inschool. But not every student pays due attention to this. Meanwhile, an educated person should know what was the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov - a famous fabulist, whose competitors have not existed for several centuries.

biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov
So, Ivan Andreevich was born in Moscow. But this information can not be considered reliable, because many sources insist that he was born in Troitskaya fortress. In any case, it happened in 1769. As a child, Ivan's family often moved. And in the 70s, during the Pugachev uprising, the boy lived with his mother in Orenburg. His father served in the Yaitsk town as a captain. And his name was among many in the so-called "Pugachev lists" for hanging. But, nevertheless, for the family of Krylov all this ended safely. After the death of his father, little Vanya and his mother lived in poverty. Therefore Maria Krylov worked part-time in rich houses. And Ivan himself has been working since 9 years - he was copying business papers.

Biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov reports thateducation he received in the house of NA Lvov - a writer. The formation of the future fabulist was sketchy, and this over a period of time created difficulties for the writer. But soon after he began to write without errors, he learned the Italian language.

krylov ivan andreevich biography
At the age of 14, Vanya and her mother moved toPetersburg. Here he works in the Chancery of the Treasury Chamber. He is not very interested in official affairs, more attends theaters, literature classes, gets acquainted with actors. Soon the mother of Krylov dies, in his care there is a younger brother. Ivan Andreyevich wrote a lot for the theater in the 80s. This does not bring money or fame, but it allows you to reach a new level of communication with St. Petersburg writers. Biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov narrates that closer to the 90th he decides to try his hand at journalism. The first fables are published in the magazine, which was called "The Morning Clock". But they go unnoticed. Then the writer begins to publish himself the magazine "The Post of Spirits," with the help of satire, he has for eight months decried the vices of a high society. No wonder that the magazine closes censorship.

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After that, the fabulist with friends publish anotherA magazine that comprehends the fate of the previous one. Krylov in 1793 leaves Moscow for several years. He travels, seeks sources of income, plays cards for a while, and he is considered lucky. It is not known what turn the fabulist would have done if he had not met Prince Golitsyn in 1797. Ivan becomes his secretary, a teacher for his children. When Alexander I ascended the throne, Golitsyn became governor-general and appointed Ivan Andreevich the ruler of the chancery. At about this time, creative fame comes to him. His play "Pie", and then "Lesson for Daughters", "Fashion Shop" and others shine in theaters. During this period he begins to compose and translate fables. The first successful collection is published in 1809. Krylov comes true glory. If in his youth he suffered many humiliations and hardships, now he is respected in every normal family. Together with fame among ordinary people, recognition in official circles has also come. Biography of Ivan Andreevich Krylov reports that he received many different awards. His fables eventually translated into as many as 50 languages ​​of the world.

How spent the last years of his life Ivan Ivanovich KrylovAndreevich? His biography reports that he lived quietly on Vasilievsky Island in his own apartment, but did not stop working, preparing for publication a collection of fables. He died in 1844, the cause of the tragedy was bilateral pneumonia.

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