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Birthday scenarios for a woman - we prepare an unforgettable holiday

The life of a modern woman is often very far awayfrom her fantasies and does not match her desire to feel the constant fireworks of emotions. Without vivid impressions, any person loses interest in what is happening and becomes dull, irritable. Often, the only opportunity to plunge into a fun festive world is the organization of name-days. Therefore, the birthday scenarios for a woman should be as full as possible with bright moments to fill the lack of attention and joy that our contemporaries feel.

birthday scenarios for a woman

Forms of the event

Women, depending on their age, natureand kind of activities have different ideas about the ideal celebration. To please the birthday girl, it is necessary to choose a form of holding that best matches her wishes. Variants can be very different.


  • The organization of travel to the famous resort, to a famous city or just to the local attractions;
  • creation of an extreme situation. But such a surprise should be prepared only in case of full confidence in the positive reaction of the birthday girl;
  • the organization of a day of complete relaxation, during which the woman from morning to evening will enjoy a state of peace and tranquility.


  • Home party. Today, this form of celebration is gaining popularity among business women, as dinners in restaurants and cafes are for them "harsh everyday life."
  • Romantic evening. Organize such an event is possible not only for girlfriends and future brides, but for the wife to add newness to the relationship.
  • The most common form still remainbanquets. Therefore, this article offers scenarios for a woman's birthday. Of these, you can choose the best option, allowing you to prepare a truly unforgettable holiday.

Preparation for the holiday

To organize such an event,the creation of an initiative group that will take care of all the hassle associated with the upcoming event. It is better if it includes close relatives and friends of the birthday girl who are aware of her tastes. Prepare a script for the birth of a woman in advance in order to have time to realize all the creative plans.

scenario of a woman's birthday

Plan for the organization of the preparatory phase

  1. Determine the date, time and placecelebration. Today, you can choose any institution that specializes in organizing banquets - for every taste and purse. At home, such events should not be arranged to save the birthday girl from exhausting troubles.
  2. Agree with the culprit of the celebration list of guestsand send out personal invitations. If there is a thematic holiday, then the invitation letter should indicate the recommendations on the form of clothing and accessories. They (recommendations) should not be made in a demanding form. It is better to present them to guests in the form of wishes.
  3. Appoint the persons responsible for the text materials for the birthday: congratulations to the woman, the script and the content of the posters.
  4. Think about the design of the room in which the event will take place.
  5. Collect photos and videos from the birthday of the birthday to create a presentation or film.
  6. Assign the dates of the initiative group's fees, at which participants will share information on the execution of instructions.

Thematic scenario of the woman's birthday

Today there is no shortage of food, soabundant feasts do not bring pleasure and do not add to the novelty of the event. To create a festive and unusual atmosphere, they hold thematic holidays. They are always more active guests and make preparations for the celebration exciting and colorful. Below are suggested options for such events, from which you can choose the most suitable.

woman's birthday scenario

The Fairy Ball

Any woman from childhood dreams of getting into a fairy tale,so this option is most common. Even the ladies of the elderly experience a touching excitement by visiting the fairy ball. The structure of preparation for such an event is proposed below.

  1. It is necessary to inform the guests in advance thatprepare a fabulous ball, and ask them to supplement their outfit with the necessary accessories. The closest relatives and friends can be dressed in the costumes of the beloved heroes of the birthday girl - they are rented at an agency or sewed on their own.
  2. With the culprit of the celebration it is necessary to discuss in advancethis original idea, deliberately concealing a few moments to organize a surprise. To choose a dress for her should be approached more carefully, offering a suit of Cinderella or the Princess-Nesmeyany. Depending on her decision to develop an interesting scenario for the woman's birthday.
  3. To decorate the premises with balls and bright banners withplots of your favorite fairy tale. Waiters serving the banquet, offer to complement your uniform with ridiculous rims on your hair or bright bows around your neck (for boys) or waist (for girls).

Fairytale ball for Cinderella

In the birthday script for a woman in this styleit is necessary to reflect the main meaning of the fairy tale: after passing severe trials, you can deserve a holiday. Therefore, the structure of such an event should be as follows.

birthday congratulations to a woman script

  1. Greetings of guests, seating them in places.
  2. Representation of the culprit of the celebration in a silk mantle with a gray hood, under which a ball dress is hidden.
  3. The presenter talks about "hard" everyday lifebirthday girl: characterizes her as a beautiful daughter and wife (gives the floor for congratulations to her parents and husband); as a caring mother and sister (congratulate children, brothers and sisters); as a responsible employee (congratulations colleagues at work); as a faithful friend (a word for congratulations is given to friends). It would be appropriate to demonstrate a video about the life of the culprit of the celebration with the shots of her everyday life.
  4. After all the guests congratulate the birthday girl,you can include a competitive block, which will symbolize her working life. For example: the speed to dress a doll (to put the child in a kindergarten) and a mannequin (to send her husband to work); for 5 minutes to make a hair on a wig; walk on his heels, carrying 10 kg of paper (as many as an average office worker suffers during the day), etc.
  5. Then the lead concludes that the culpritcelebrations deserved a decent holiday. Here in the script it is necessary to include a bright congratulation from the friends of the birthday girl, in which it is worth mentioning all its merits. Then all present present gifts to the birthday girl, "bathing" her in applause, hugs and kisses.
  6. The culprit of the celebration under the loud fanfarefolds the robe and joins the general fun that continues with the dance block and the contest program. Thus, the main idea embodied in this scenario of the woman's birthday is realized. At home, such a fairy tale is unlikely to be created, so do not be stingy for renting a room in a cafe or restaurant.
  7. If a woman is not married, then you can dramatize the loss of her shoe, which is offered to find the guys present.

A fabulous ball for the Tsarevna-Nesmeyany

If this image is selected, then in the scenario of the daybirth for a woman needs to reflect the following idea: any representative of the better half of humanity is worthy of attention, and everyone around should try to have a good mood. The task of the facilitator in this case is quite simple, because the program will be implemented by the guests themselves, so an amateur will cope with it. The event in this style should be chosen in the event that the allocated budget is limited and there is no possibility to invite professional artists to organize the banquet, and also if the scenario of the birthday of the elderly woman is being prepared, in which the minimum activeness of the culprit of the celebration is supposed.

thematic scenario of a woman's birthday

Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario for the Princess-Nesmeyany

  1. In invitations to such a celebrationit is necessary to specify that each guest should prepare an interesting surprise, learn a new anecdote and compose a good toast. The participants of the event are informed that their works will participate in the contest and can win the title of the best, for which the prize is assigned. This will serve as an additional stimulation of the activity of the guests. The main thing is to start the necessary preparation in time, and as a result a funny and funny scenario of the woman's birthday will turn out.
  2. The host meets guests and announces thatbirthday girl had a fit of sadness, she is in sorrow. Cure it can only holiday, so guests need to dress up in fun masks (funny caps, patches, glasses, whistles and whistles are heard right there at the entrance).
  3. The girl in costume of the princess meets the guests, sitting on the improvised throne. The lower part of her face is better to close the veil, since it will not be easy to not smile when looking at guests in ridiculous masks.
  4. The host opens the feast with a festive toast,exaggeratedly "sad" about the fact that on such a day the birthday girl is unwell. He announces that, taking into account the situation, instead of traditional congratulations, guests will have to tell jokes, and gives the floor to everyone in turn. Such an unusual beginning stimulates the guests to a greater artistry, because they understand that listening to them will be more careful than when making ordinary duty greetings. In between the anecdotes, the facilitator should include several prepared toasts to create the necessary mood. In this case, by the end of the performance of all guests, the necessary atmosphere will reign over the table.
  5. After the meal, the time of surprises is announced, which can be alternated with dances.
  6. When all guests speak, the host solemnly announces that the birthday girl is healthy and takes off her veil or mask. The general fun begins, during which the prepared toasts are uttered.
  7. At the end of the evening, the culprit of the celebration thanks the guests for attention and care for her health and presents prizes for the best anecdote, a toast and a surprise.

A birthday scenario for a female colleague

If a woman does not organize a banquet abouttheir name day, you can congratulate her and at work. To use any opportunity to express their gratitude to colleagues is simply necessary, as a large part of our life passes next to them. And the health and mood of every person depends on the atmosphere prevailing in the workplace. The structure of the preparation and holding of such an event is proposed below.

an interesting woman's birthday script

  1. If a significant date falls on a weekday, then you can find an excuse beforehand so that the birthday girl will come to work later. During this time, colleagues will have time to prepare for the congratulations.
  2. A guard or a watchman must beplans, that he was as precautionary as possible with the culprit of the celebration. If there is a possibility, then at the entrance you can lay a red carpet and post a banner with congratulations.
  3. In the elevator and on the stairs - place colorful posters or simply sheets with wishes from each member of the team.
  4. Work place for the birthday girl to decorate with bright balls and a bouquet of flowers.
  5. The culmination of the event should be a creative number prepared by the whole team. For example, a song or a poem, filled with music.
  6. If the working conditions permit, then it is necessary to present the birthday cake to the culprit of the celebration, which then can be eaten all together.
  7. The apogee of the event will be a prize given by the administration, and a message stating that the working day of the birthday girl is over.

Helpful Tips

  • The script of the woman's birthday should be made taking into account her age and physical abilities.
  • During the event it is necessary to alternate meals with active activities (competitions and dances).
  • At the organization of competitions it is necessary to provide encouragement of participants with small prizes for greater activity.
  • The exact number of years can be called only when agreed with the culprit of the celebration.
  • In the scenario of the anniversary of the birth of a woman who has reached adulthood, necessarily include information about her achievements at work and in public activities.

the scenario of the birthday of an elderly woman


It is important to remember when an event is being prepared, thatwomen are very sentimental, and in everyone's soul there is a hope that her dreams will necessarily be fulfilled. When organizing a holiday, you can realize many fantasies of the birthday girl, which can not be realized on other days. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a bright smile and grateful eyes of a close woman who continues to believe in a miracle and create a fairy tale for those around her.

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