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Yesenin, "To the Dog of Kachalov": to whom was the creation dedicated? Revealing the mystery of the century

Great Russian poet and favorite of women SergeyEsenin was born in 1895, on September 21, according to the old style. What was so attractive about the opposite sex? First, of course, an irresistible appearance. Secondly, his ability to speak. According to his contemporaries, the voice of the poet was simply fascinating. He was able to talk beautifully not only with women, but with animals. Proof of this - the poem, dedicated to Sergei Yesenin dog Kachalov. This work he created in 1925.

History of writing a masterpiece

Indeed, at that time there lived a dog named Jim inthe house of the famous actor Vasily Kachalov. Yesenin was friends with the artist and often visited him. Animals feel good people, so Jim quickly fell in love with the poet and became attached to him. In turn Esenin to the dog Kachalov often brought various delicacies. So a friendly relationship was quickly established between man and dog. However, the work of the poet is not so serene. In it you can find sad overtones.

Yesenin, "The Dog of Kachalov,

Yesenin, "Sobake Kachalov": analysis of the first half of the poem

As it became known in our time, the poet wasobservation people from the committee of state security. He felt it, nothing good the authorities paid to the poet. His sad state of mind can also be explained by the quarrel with the main love of life - Isadora Duncan. Maybe that's why Yesenin starts the work with what the dog proposes together for the moon. It seems that the poet should have fun in a warm atmosphere, because he came to his friend. But Sergei pours out his soul to the dog. He tells the animal that he does not know life. Apparently, at this time, the famous handsome man was very sad at heart, since he speaks with a negative about life. Here Esenin to the dog Kachalov and pours out his soul.

Analysis of the second half of the work

Yesenin's poem to the dog of kachalov

Confirmation of these words can be found inthe next lines, they are increasingly convincing the reader that the cause of the suppressed state of the poet at the time - a woman. Just on the eve of 1925 Yesenin met in the city of Batumi with Shahane Talyan, an Armenian teacher. The fact that he really liked the woman, you can be sure, after reading the poem "Shagone you are mine, Shagane." At the time of writing the poem, addressed to Jim, the poet parted with Taglian. However, she denied the rumors about their turbulent romance and claimed that there was only friendship between them. Yesenin was quite amorous, so the most likely version is that they were connected by love.

Final lines

Be that as it may, the last lines of the workspeak eloquently about the sad love that gave rise to the writing of the verse. But first the poet praises the dog for being beautiful by dog ​​standards. Yesenin writes about the velvety fur of an animal, which is so nice to iron. And all those who come to the house to the great actor strive to do this. And then continues the description of the virtues of Jim Yesenin's poem. To the dog Kachalov, he says that he is trusting, that he has an open soul. We can assume that the poet, describing Jim, ascribed to him and his features. He was just as open, simple, used to trust people.

Oh, this love, making you happy and suffering

Esenin of the dog Kachalov, verse

At the end of the work Yesenin asks hisfour-legged friend, did not go to them on a visit the one that is all sadder and more silent? After all, Jim saw many guests, he could see her. The poet asks this with hope. One feels that he is having a hard time parting with a beloved woman. It is possible to put forward one more assumption: the poet suffered at this time from undivided love. But this version seems completely implausible. After all, this man had many women, he knew how to fall in love with himself. He was adored even by his personal secretary - Galina Benislavskaya. She loved Yesenin for many years, she was ready to share it with other women, just not to lose. After the poet died, the secretary could not survive it. She went to his grave, left a note asking to be buried next to her idol, then shot herself.

Therefore, the version that the poem that Esenin wrote to Kachalov's dog was created under the yoke of undivided love is untenable.

Who is the muse, after all?

At the time of writing this work, the poet was formally not free, at that time he was bound by the bonds of marriage with Sophia Tolstoy, but he did not like this woman, and this union was very burdensome to the poet.

Esenin dog kachalova analysis

So let's try to understand, to whom it was dedicatedpoem. At that time Yesenin broke up with Isadora Duncan. She was two decades older than the poet. In addition, he was very fond of his homeland, and therefore left Duncan for Russia. Most likely, to repent before Galina Benislavskaya, wrote his work Yesenin. Dogs Kachalov listened to the verse carefully, or rather - one dog - Jim. Before her, the poet repented, because he offended Galina, telling the woman that they can only be friends, and by finishing their novel. After all, she loved her idol so much that she could not survive his death. As if anticipating this, a man asks her for all forgiveness.

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