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M. Yu. Lermontov. Interesting facts about the writer's life

Not for one generation of people who loveRussian literature, the life of Lermontov M. Yu. is of interest. Some of its moments are still shrouded in mystery. And many events, if illuminated, are so ambiguous, in several versions, that they completely confuse the reader.

Lermontov interesting facts from life
Of course, in the school curriculum biographyLermontov M. Yu. Studied, however, rather superficially and briefly. Information about the writer is presented dryly, in strict chronological order, without the slightest deviation. And you always want to dig a little more in order to learn the details of some events, their background, to see behind the mask of the genius of an ordinary person with his inclinations and vices.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Interesting facts from life: the influence of appearance on the character of the writer

People say that small growth, likerule, indicates a great anger of a person. This can be applied to Lermontov to the fullest. The writer had a small height (below 170 cm), crooked legs, a disproportionately large head and hump. Yes, and limping. Of course, the poetic soul could not feel comfortable in such an ugly shell. Lermontov was distinguished for his bold behavior, rancor, sarcasm, arrogance. He was merciless to the weaknesses of others. Contemporaries characterized him as a man to the last degree unpleasant, repulsive, bilious, capricious and spoiled. Probably, it is not by chance that over 26 years of his life he managed to take part in 3 duels, and 4 more barely escaped.

life of Lermontov
M. Yu. Lermontov. Interesting facts from life: food and sense of proportion

Comrade writer at Moscow Universityrecalled that Michael was overeating voraciously. The sense of measure in this matter he refused. When the favorite dish was served on the table, he pounced on him and often left friends without dinner. He ate not just a lot, but also did not quite distinguish between what he had just tasted, for example, what kind of meat they served: lamb, veal or game. There was a case when friends asked to bake rolls with filings from sawdust to convict Michael in the absence of gastronomic taste. So after a walk he attacked them, ate two and reached for the third, but then friends had to stop him and confess to the rally. Lermontov, of course, was furious with such a joke and fled. Since then he has only dined at home.

M. Yu. Lermontov. Interesting facts from life: strange fun

They say that Lermontov liked to upset almostheld marriages. To do this, he pretended to be a passionate lover, dedicating poetry to someone else's bride, showering flowers, gifts, and other signs of attention. Michael did not disdain and threaten to commit suicide if the girl marries another. But as soon as the betrothal was terminated because the bride was in love with the poet, his fervor instantly gave way to cold indifference. Sometimes he even openly informed his victim about the drawing, laughed in her face.

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M. Yu. Lermontov. Interesting facts from life: details of the duel

For a century and a half there is a legend thatthe duel was wrong. At the evening at the wife of General Versilin Lermontov once again joked about Martynov. Tom was not accustomed to it, and he would have been silent, had it not happened in the presence of the ladies. Martynov said this to the poet on the street in an even, calm voice. He asked me not to repeat this, and otherwise find a way to silence Mikhail. Lermontov only laughed and forgot about this conflict. But soon seconds arrived from Martynov. They were shooting, as it should, from 30 steps. However, according to generally accepted rules, the duel was absolutely unauthorized. I broke the rules of Lermontov. The first shot was behind him, and he produced it into the sky, that is, once again insulted his opponent. If he did not want to kill, he had to aim above Martynov's head. Well, he shot directly at the poet. Death occurred as a result of a serious injury and a large loss of blood in a few minutes.

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