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Reviews of the book "White Fang": the opinions of readers about the plot and the hero

Reviews of the book "White Fang" show thatthis work is still popular with the modern reader. A bright dynamic plot, an original form of narration that is conducted not on behalf of a person, but on behalf of an animal, attracts all admirers of the work of the famous American writer Jack London who rightly consider this book his best work.

About the hero

Reviews about the book "White Fang" will help the teacherprepare a lesson on the theme of the work of this outstanding author. London wrote his work in 1906. The story is devoted to the life of a wolf-dog in the conditions of the so-called gold rush in Alaska. All readers unanimously affirm that none of the well-known writers have succeeded in conveying so successfully, expressively and plausibly the inner world of the beast that is desperately struggling for its existence.

But most of all the admirers of the writer were struck by that,how subtle, touching and heartfelt he portrayed the hero's desire to become better, stronger, more enduring. About how colorful the description of the wild life of the author turned out, they say about the book "White Fang". In the opinion of all readers, London surprisingly truthfully reproduced all the experiences and torments of the wolf, who had to go through many terrible tests before finding a quiet life and finding happiness.

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About idea

Readers rightly pay attention tothe practical absence of an acute dynamic action, which is so characteristic of contemporary literary works and movies. Nevertheless, all of them point out that the book turned out to be unusually rich and dramatic due to the description of the struggle of passions that occurs inside the main character. Reviews of the book "White Fang" will help students navigate in this difficult text and understand the main idea of ​​the work: it is in the struggle against obstacles that the real temper is tempered.

Readers have caught a fine line between thoseparallels, which the author conducted, comparing the lives of people and animals. According to them, a person's actions are very expressively evaluated by the wolf's peculiar thinking. The review of the book "White Fang" by Jack London is interesting in that it shows the relevance of this work in our days. According to the readers, the world of people is shown in the book sometimes even more cruel and harsh than wild nature.

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Opinions about the plot

All fans of the creativity of the author believe thatthe story turned out to be very interesting, exciting, vital. Most recognize the description of childhood and the development of the hero of one of the most successful parts in the whole novel. London has not in vain paid so much attention to the formation of the "personality" of the wolf: after all, his life in the wild forest according to primitive laws determined his character. Everyone thinks that the pictures of Fang training are spectacular and dramatic at the same time. The way an Indian tamed a hero causes both admiration and pity at the same time, especially when he sold it to the villain.

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Feedback on the book "White Fang"shows that the schoolboys are especially impressed by the battle scene of the hero with the bulldog, since it was in this battle that the beast showed all its strength, agility, courage, but almost lost his life. Fortunately, a local engineer rescued him in time. In the opinion of all lovers of the writer's work, the scenes of the gradual return to life of the wolf in the new family turned out to be especially touching and penetrating.

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About the meaning

The novel was immediately recognized bytruthfulness, reliability and persuasiveness, and, most importantly, the original form of narrative construction. On the popularity of modern schoolchildren of this work says a review about the book "White Fang". The summary of the work of London allows to understand how strong and colorful the story told by the writer was. It is no wonder that the novel was filmed many times, including in our country. According to the readers, the work had a great influence on the development of world literature, as it allowed to show the world of nature and animals in a new way, which the author put on the foreground, pushing the life of people back. This approach has ensured a wide popularity of the book among mass readers.

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