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Peter Publishers: titles and facts

Each city has its own small print shops andfull-fledged publishers. In St. Petersburg, such publishers have a very large number, and many of them are known throughout the country and even abroad, since they print books with thousands of copies sold in bookstores in different parts of Russia, Europe and Asia.

Publishers of St. Petersburg

On request of the "publishing house of Peter" on the InternetA long list of more than 50 titles appears. The most famous ones that you could already meet on the covers of the books: "ABC", "Liter", "Peter", etc.

publishing house of Peter

Each of them is known due to a certain series of books or the publication of any special literature for the whole society, as well as for a narrowly specialized circle of people.

"Azbuka" Publishing House

One of the most famous publishing houses of the city on the Neva. The publishing house has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. Publishes books in various series:

  • business (psychology, esoterics);
  • graphic novels-comics;
  • children's literature;
  • fiction (this section includesall the well-known series of books "ABC-Classic", which were sold and sold in all bookshops of the country and sold out quickly enough, because they are relatively inexpensive, light in weight and small in size);
  • popular science (books on fashion, art, exclusive editions, enceklopedia);
  • fantasy and science fiction (books of the genre, as well as the series "ABC-Fantasy" and "ABC-Fantastic"),
  • Other books of different genres and themes.

The publishing house is located in the central districtPetersburg on Voskresenskaya Embankment, 12. Many of the publishing projects of "Azbuka" are awarded with prizes and honorary diplomas in their field. Also, the publishing house actively cooperates with new authors, publishing their books, and with already established publishers.

Publishing house "Litera"

Litera Publishing House successfully competes withother publishing houses of St. Petersburg for almost 20 years. Its main activity is aimed at the production of children's, educational and developmental literature. All books are bright, high-quality, attracting attention - for children this is especially important. "Liter" divides its publications into categories:

  • health and upbringing of children;
  • books about pregnancy and the first months of life of the baby;
  • speech therapy for different ages;
  • first steps and general development of the child;
  • preparation for school and primary school;
  • thematic materials for the preparation and execution of homework assignments for secondary and senior schools, as well as for universities.

publishing house peter

The publishing house actively cooperates with educators who produce manuals for the upbringing and education of children and adolescents. It is located in St. Petersburg on the street. Ivanovskoy, 24a.

Publishing house "Peter"

Not all publishing houses of Peter and Russia as a whole canboast of such a variety and the number of books that they released during their existence. "Peter" has in its piggy bank more than 5,000 different books, each with a circulation of 500 to several hundred thousand copies.

The books of the publishing house "Peter" are a huge variety of publications:

  • textbooks for junior and senior schools;
  • children's and fiction;
  • scientific publications devoted to a wide range of fields (medicine, humanities, social, legal, economic and other sciences);
  • reference books;
  • popular scientific section of printed materials about everyday life, leisure, esotericism, etc.

The history of the publishing house begins in 1991 witha small number of brochures for programmers. Gradually the company developed, gaining momentum in print and fame. Now the publishing house "Peter" (St. Petersburg) is the largest publishing house in the city, it is open for letters of cooperation with new authors whose books are considered by the correctors to be interesting and permissible for printing.

publishing house piter spb

All 3 publishers are among the best inscale of Russia and the near abroad in the field of book publishing for a mass audience. Their circulation per year is about 3-5 million different books in different languages. "ABC" and "Peter" are engaged in printing works of exclusive authors, which are not published anywhere else.

Other publishers of St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg there is also a large numberpublishers specializing in specific subjects, or issuing textbooks for scientific and educational organizations. Among them are the Union of Artists, The Art of Russia, publishing books on art and music, Spetslit and Khimizdat, books about which are known to science, and many others. Each publishing house works closely with authors and literary agents to produce only the best material in its field.

books publisher piter

Publishers at universities, probably the leastknown in the city, since they produce mostly works and textbooks under the name of their teachers, and their purchase is open only to students and teachers of the university. There are such publishers directly in the buildings of educational institutions, or books are printed in any publishing house with the name of the university / institute / academy, etc., instead of the name of the publishing house.

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