/ Marina Tsvetaeva. short biography

Marina Tsvetaeva. short biography

tsvetaeva short biography
September 26, 1892, a girl was born, who later became a great poetess. This girl was called Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva.

M. Tsvetaeva. Short biography. Childhood

For the first time Tsvetaeva began writing poems in the earlychildhood. Then her talent fit into quatrains. She wrote not only in Russian, but also in German and French. In the family Marina was not the only child: she had a sister Anastasia and half-brother Andrew. Education they received the best that could be obtained at that time. She went to music school, studied foreign languages, attended a Catholic school and even got an education abroad, in Germany. My father worked at the Moscow University as a professor of the Department of Arts and World History. And his mother, a Muscovite with Polish-German roots, devoted all her time to children, their upbringing. But she died early on consumption in 1906, leaving the children in the care of her father.

m. and. tsvetaeva short biography

M. Tsvetaeva. Short biography. "Evening album"

The first collection of poems by Marina Tsvetaeva was published in1910, entitled "Evening Album". This was enough to be noticed by the most inveterate critics of the time. Especially M. Voloshin was subjugated by the young poetess, becoming in time her best friend.

M. Tsvetaeva. Short biography. Family and creativity

Resting on the Crimean coast visiting Voloshin,Tsvetaeva met her future husband, S. Efron. In this period, new editions of the poetess "The Magic Lantern" and "Of Two Books" are published. In 1912, Tsvetaeva married Efron.
In 1917, the husband goes to war, and shefights for the lives of his daughters, but one of them dies of illness. The poet is suffering this tragedy, which also affects her poems. After the war, Tsvetaeva begins her husband's search and finds him in Berlin. They continue their life in the village of Prague.

marina tsvetaeva short biography

Tsvetaeva. Short biography. "After Russia"

She again tries to write and publish, but poemshave ceased to be popular. In 1925, the family is replenished, Marina gives birth to her son Grigory. Then they move to France, where the collection "After Russia" is published. Attempts are being made to return to their homeland. While in emigration, Tsvetaeva also writes prose, which took her place of honor in literature. Meanwhile, the poet and his family live in poverty.

marina tsvetaeva short biography

MI Tsvetaeva. Short biography. Homecoming

The daughter and husband of Tsvetaeva associate her life with the NKVD,then there is an opportunity to return home, to Moscow. The cottage of the Tsvetaeva is a dacha in Bolshovo. Soon, the husband and daughter are imprisoned, Marina begins to carry the transfers, and earn a living by remittances.

Marina Tsvetaeva. Short biography. The tragic end

With the outbreak of war, she again goes abroad. Her strength is running out. Strife with his son Gregory, poverty, the shooting of her husband in early August 1941 and the arrest of her daughter lead Tsvetaeva to commit suicide on August 31, 1941. In her farewell notes she writes to her son that she could not stand it, she could not, and asked her to forgive ... The poet's daughter after 15 years of repression was rehabilitated. It happened only in 1955.

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