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Love novels about the Indians: a list of books, reviews

Who does not know resourceful and wise warriorChingachgooka from the tribe of the Mohicans or the brave and faithful Vineta, the son of the leader of the Apache tribe? Who does not remember Ua-ta-Ua, the refined, beautiful, wise companion of the Great Serpent? Who did not freeze with admiration and horror, watching the St. John's wort, who went to help his friend Chingachgook, to wrest his beloved Ua-ta-Ua from the hands of the Iroquois?

love novels about Indians

Indian culture

Acquaintance with the wild and brave warriors of Indiantribes, many of us began with the books of Fenimore Cooper and Charles May. It was with Cooper, the founder of the American historical novel, began the development of the national history of America. For the whole world, he discovered America, then unfamiliar to Europeans - a war of independence, a unique nature, mysterious and harsh tribes of indigenous people.

He discovered for all the Indian people of America with hissimplicity, unselfishness, generosity, fearlessness and spiritual power. He showed his originality and organic connection with nature, with the mighty and untouched American forests. His freedom of love, independence and uncompromisingness will always be associated with the natural principle.

The culture of the Indians, the way of life and the strength of the spiritthis people, who stood up in the struggle "for territory", aroused the interest of the whole world. When the "shameful page" of history was reversed, interest in the Indian people increased with inexhaustible force. This marked the beginning of adventure, social novels, built on the relationship between the two cultures. And, of course, the theme of love has not been left without attention.

wild Heart

Love novels about Indians

Go into the details of culture and characteristicsIndian tribes do not make sense. A lot of scientific and documentary essays have been written about this. Studies continue even now, because during the time of the merciless destruction of the Indian people, many tribes simply disappeared from the face of the earth.

American scientists gravel gatherinformation, historical facts and evidence to restore these gaps. But what is already clear and unshakable is that the Indians are proud, independent, brave, generous and wise people. They respect their history and keep the customs of their ancestors.

And, despite the fact that they radically had tochange their way of life, try to stick to them. Sometimes it's so eccentric, like the hero of the novel Catherine Anderson's Wild Heart. He, like a "pale-faced" settler, has adapted to civilization, built a wigwam in the backyard of his house, in which he smokes and philosophises in Indian fashion.

Pride, freedom-loving, courage, devotionrepresentatives of this people, which many considered so wild, affected the name of many books. As, for example, love novels about the Indians: "This is a wild heart" and "My villain" Joanna Lindsay.

Or the novel "The Proud Heart" by Patricia Potter,which tells of an Indian half-breed. A child of love of a noble Scottish lord and Indian, he has already reconciled himself to the fact that he will not be accepted either in the society of his father or in the people of his mother. And she will lead a life in solitude. But fate brought him with the beautiful April and prepared for them dangerous adventures and immense happiness.

Anyway, but also love novels about Indiansreflect the identity of this people, affect the social, political aspects of the Indian issue. And, of course, they tell of the hot, devoted hearts of Indians capable of sincerely, selflessly loving. For the sake of their love they can overcome any difficulties and trials. Even time, a merciless time, is not capable of killing love.

raging Eden

Love in a year

Catherine Anderson in his novel "Wild Heart"answer the question of concern to all: "Is it time to kill love?". Fifteen years is a long time. Amy suffered a severe injury, became disillusioned with life and lost faith. In her twenty-seven years she is lonely, works as a teacher and lives in the Loretta family, who all developed quite well.

Loretta's husband - a hunter from the Comanche tribe, leadsprosperous life, has adapted to a new life. Sometimes he retires to his lodge in the backyard. But is this a problem? On their marriage, no one looks like something out of the ordinary.

Only daughter Indiga still feels herselfproblems of racial hatred. But Amy would have endured everything. For the sake of love, which was born fifteen years ago in her still childish heart. Over the years, it became stronger, flared up like a flame. And there, deep in the heart, there is still a spark of hope that one day he will return.

Fast Antelope fought for independence along withComanche-tribesmen. Now his name is already different - Swift Lopez. He survived the violence, the war and the death of his people. But if the characters managed to keep their hearts, nothing can stop their love. This novel is a continuation of the remarkable love story "Talisman".

Catherine Anderson did not bypass in her booksIndian customs, traditions and way of life. The novel "Talisman" begins with a prophecy, which is so characteristic of the Indians. The prophecy tells of the great warrior of the Comanche tribe and their struggle. And when the rivers from the blood turn red, and the hatred of the pale-faced - hot, the girl will come to him.

Comanche will aim to kill the beauty, but histhe heart will burn a feeling, hot as the sun. He will stretch out his hand, and they will go a long way and will give birth to a new people. The love of Loretta and the hunter will not immediately burst into a bright flame to flare up, she will have to pass many tests, including trials by war.

In the same book, the author will talk about touchingchildren's feelings, the first love between Emmy and Rapid Antelope. And oaths of loyalty, far from children. About their love and the test of time is told in "Wild Heart", the next book of this fascinating love story.

Truth and Fiction by Jennifer Blake

American writer Jennifer Blake, Peruwhich owns the book "The Surging Eden", is recognized as one of the best in the genre of a love story. For her books she won numerous awards. Not for nothing is it recognized as a legend of the genre. She tactfully, elegantly and passionately at the same time describes scenes of love, evoking sublime and wonderful feelings in a person.

In "Rushing Eden" she tells a love storythe son of a French nobleman Reno, whose mother was an Indian. One day his heart burst into flames of love for the young widow Elise Laffont. But there are too many obstacles between young people - prejudices, war and personal pride.

Reno is ready to do anything to melt his heartdarling, even makes her his captive. The war made him an outcast, and he was forced to give up his love. But Reno does not know what a loving woman is capable of.

Romance novels about Indians Jennifer Blake notthey are limited only to the description of feelings, in them the author reliably and colorfully shows the life of the Indians, their customs and customs. By the way, the novel captured the hearts of readers to such an extent that many of them began to check the authenticity of the facts and events of the novel, to look for prototypes of heroes. And, indeed, this amazing love story took place in the real world and many biographical facts are documented.

Absolutely accurate is the fact that François Rene deChateaubriand is a French writer from the Comburg family, whom the main character mentions at the end of the novel. Francois took a trip to America and left behind a piece by Les Natchez. In it, he talked about the Natchey tribe, which are discussed in the novel.

Sweet revenge

In the novel “Heart of the Savage” Christina Dorseytells the story of an Englishwoman from a noble family. Left penniless after the death of her father, she agrees to an adventure - to marry a wealthy American, whom she has never seen. In the port she is met not by her chosen one, but by his son from his first marriage. The mother of the young man belonged to an Indian tribe Cherokee.

Young man, with hot blood and fieryheart, inherited from the mother, decided to take revenge on his father for all the humiliation to which he subjected his mother. A reckless person who, without thinking, went to the West for money, and was to become a weapon of revenge. But all the plans of the young man collapse at the moment when he saw Caroline.

Cassie Edwards Novels

The works of this writer, as they say,"first-hand". The fact is that her grandmother was originally from the Cheyenne tribe. Cassie has written more than a hundred novels on a historical theme, but in recent years has devoted herself to works with Indian themes. The author is rather scrupulous about his works. For the reliability of the facts and the description of the characteristics of each tribe, she studies the special literature and conducts a great survey work.

The novel “Hot Ash” by Cassie Edwards begins withtragic episode. The heroine of the novel was humiliated and abused. The only thing left for her is to run. In a fever, she grabs the first thing that came to her mind - a bag with money. After some time, the girl meets a farmer who will help her forget the terrible events of that night, and marries him.

After the death of her husband, she is left alone, aroundonly indian reservations. And she will soon have a child. No exit. And she decided to go to the nearest town through the territory of the Indians. By the will of fate, she becomes the wife of the leader of the Falcon Hunter tribe.

The novel "The Terrible Secrets" Cassie Edwards tellsabout the fate of a girl who becomes a captive of the leader of the Cheyenne tribe of the Brave Eagle. The novel is set in the middle of the nineteenth century in the Far West. Rebecca Vich goes in search of his brother. Indians attack the passing train.

The war between the indigenous population and the settlerswas in full swing. But many were already familiar with the customs and cultures of Indian tribes, so clashes between them occurred less frequently and less blood was shed. The Indians, after wandering through the carriages and having been satisfied with the fright of the pale faces, decided to leave the train.

But one young lady, knowing the laws andcustoms of the Indians, I realized that they attacked the train for fun. Not for profit, but to laugh and satisfy self-esteem with the appearance of frightened half-dead passengers. Not resigned to humiliation, she dared to spit at the feet of the leader of an Indian tribe.

He did not kill the girl. But she became his captive. Passion flashes between them, but terrible secrets lie in the path of their love.

Native American passion madeline baker

Bewitching legends

In the novel "The Path of the Spirits" Madeline Baker artfullyintroduced her readers into the mysterious world of the Indians. In the book of many legends, in a bizarre way she managed to twist history, love and ethnography. Madeline found a fascinating and interesting presentation of her loyal readers.

In "The Path of the Spirits," the author talks about the Indianyoung man of the Lakota tribe Black Hawk. The 25-year-old warrior adopts knowledge and art from the shaman Wolf Heart, whose days are numbered. But even to him, the wise and experienced shaman, the mysterious and mysterious properties of the Sacred Cave, which is located on the Black Hills, are not fully known.

Maggie, the thirty-two-year-old heroine of the novel,lost in a car accident sister and the ability to walk. She retires to a ranch located near the Black Hills. Maggie writes novels about Indian tribes that have inhabited this land for centuries, about the pale-faced conquerors who came from the east. The heroes of her novels are high, proud, as if cast in bronze, faithful sons of these lands.

“Indian Passion” Madeline Baker Talks AboutThe beautiful love story of the brave Caleb and the beautiful Kelly. The young beauty becomes the innocent victim of dirty gossip, pouring mud on her reputation. But she has no one to seek protection. One day a proud and beautiful half-breed Indian appears in her life, and his love will become for her a real salvation from endless humiliation.

mascot katherine anderson

Catherine Hart Novels

The novel "Summer Thunderstorm" Catherine Hart collected a lotadmiring feedback from readers. He talks about the love of a young Indian girl to his chosen one, who is much older than her. He does not believe in her feelings. But this is not an obstacle to their love. Even in childhood, the girl was promised another, and married. But what about former love? How will Summer Thunderstorm cope with feelings when her lover is always there?

In the book, the author gives a lot of space to life and life.indians Their rituals and traditions. The plot of the novel is exciting and interesting. Surprisingly, love flashes between Summer Thunderstorm and her husband. Writer subtly tells about the great feelings between them. Newly born love is waiting for trials, and many female readers write in a review that it is impossible to read a book without tears.

"Night Flame" - another fascinating novelthis writer. In it, an arrow of Cupid will strike the heart of the leader of the Night Hawk. Who can resist the beauty with fiery-red hair and huge blue eyes like the sky? The night hawk's heart burned with a sizzling passion.

Faced in the fort with the Night Hawk, a girl withshe was surprised to note that this is the same man she constantly dreams of lately. But will the spoiled general's daughter answer the love of an Indian? Which turned out to be in a remote fort, where women are not the place, quite by accident. The father could not refuse his beloved daughter and took her with him. This is how exciting events begin that will change her life.

Madeleine Baker Perfume

"More expensive than all the treasures"

Virginia Brown wrote a fascinating novel abouta person who wants to get rich at any cost. Sneak and adventurer Jordan on this path, nothing will stop. Desperate to find the treasured ancient treasures of the Apache Indian tribe, he decides to take an extreme step - steals the young granddaughter of the leader of the tribe. Will Jordan Sickler stop the love of pretty Jolie?

Other books and reader reviews

Passionate love intertwined with adventureand outlandish customs of Indian tribes, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Reviews of readers confirm that the main characters of these novels are men with a capital letter. Bold, resolute and strong, they are ready to stand in the way of any danger threatening the lady of their hearts.

Fun and interesting to read about rituals.Indians, many wise thoughts and legends of these tribes learn from the mouths of the heroes. Distinctive, ardent and uncompromising Indians deeply touch the heart with their sincere and faithful feelings. Rare, awesome stories that remain in memory forever.

night flame

Among the interesting books that have made a deep impression on the readers, such as “The Girlfriend of the Wolf,” Catherine Anderson, “Reckless Heart” and “The Gift of Love,” Madeline Baker.

"Affectionate savage" Catherine Hart - this is the background"Summer Thunderstorm" above. Patricia Cowlin's book “Lord-savage” about a half-blood lord also gained a lot of positive reviews. “The Storm of Passion” and “Love and Thunder” by Joanna Lindsay also did not leave the readers indifferent.

As can be seen from the list of listed books, veryMany are interested in the lives of the natives of America Captures their way of life, traditions and rituals. The most important thing - the hot, devoted, sincere and freedom-loving hearts of the Indians make them empathize with more than one generation of readers. We wish the creators of fascinating novels of creative success and we will wait for new masterpieces from them!

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