/ / Funny script for the birthday will make the holiday unforgettable. How to come up with a cool birthday script?

A cool scenario for a birthday will make the holiday unforgettable. How to come up with a cool birthday script?

Every birthday person wants his holidaywas the most fun and interesting, and also remembered all for a long time. And it is possible! If you make a funny script for your birthday! The most difficult part of this activity is that each person has his own ideas about "jokes", so he will have to work hard to please both the guests and the originator of the celebration. Below, the article suggests some ideas on how to make the upcoming holiday unforgettable.

cool birthday script

Come up with a cool birthday scenario

Creating an exclusive masterpiece requires morecareful preparation than with traditional approaches to such a celebration. There are several rules that will need to be met to make the holiday truly original.

  1. Creation of a creative group.
  2. Well thought out and well prepared for the event.
  3. The account of age features of the birthday man.
  4. Use of creative ideas in the scenario.
  5. Maximum use of holiday accessories and attributes.

Creative Group

If the idea to come up with a cool scenario for the daybirthday came to the head of the future birthday, then he can not do without assistants. A group of creative friends led by the originator of the celebration, obsessed with thoughts of an unusual holiday, is the best option. But if the relatives want to organize the event themselves, then the person most knowledgeable about the tastes and habits of the birthday person should guide them. The leader will have to correct the controversial issues that inevitably arise during group work.

girlfriend's birthday funny scenarios

Preparing for the event

  1. At the first meeting, it is necessaryapply such techniques as brainstorming: each participant of the group must make several of his proposals (on the organization of the holiday), which are necessarily fixed by the leader, then each idea is discussed. With this technique, sometimes very creative scenarios are born. The main thing is not to criticize anyone, but to try to "squeeze out" the maximum meaning from any proposal.
  2. When preparing for the event, each member of the group must have a task, it can be a scenario, the design of a hall, the distribution of invitation letters, the purchase of necessary accessories,
  3. The group should periodically meet and inform each other about the degree of preparation of the scope of work entrusted to it.

Accounting age features

Every age has its own ideas aboutoriginality, so it is necessary to take them into account, so that the "cool" scenario for the birthday is not characterized by the guests and the birthday person as "rude".

  • Young age. Young people, along with traditional forms, welcome any extreme options, such as a holiday on the roof of the house or staging a kidnapping kidnapping during the period of identity. Also in the scenario, you can include any, the most daring competitions, involving maximum activity of participants. Encouragement in the form of small surprises can be neglected, since at a young age the main thing is to be in the spotlight.
  • Mature age. When organizing an event for this category of participants it is important to think through the menu and use the music "retro". The contest program is better to take the traditional one and encourage the guests with small prizes. Since at this age people begin to appreciate more of their effort, they will gladly accept any reward. A cool birthday scenario for a man can turn out if they use thematic forms, for example, "military" or "in the tent of the khan".
  • Elderly age. For this category of participants, it is better to move the event to the first half of the day and prepare more creative numbers by artists or younger relatives. It is compulsory to use musical "competitions" for instrumental music and "sit-down" contests that can be held at the table. In the script it is necessary to include all the merits of the birthday person and his guests, since in this age of people their positive contribution to life is very important.

Creative ideas

  1. Guests can be invited to the designated place, wherethey will be met by the birthday envoy with a message that the event is being transferred to another. Then forward them to a minibus with draped glasses and take them to a country cottage or a cafe in the bosom of nature. It is better to provide guests with drinks on the way, then the appropriate mood on arrival will be ensured.
  2. In any theater café you can organize a daythe birth of a girlfriend. Funny scenarios can be offered by local artists by prior agreement. After a short meal everyone is present at the regular premiere, and then they continue the banquet.
  3. At the entrance to give guests cards with images,which they will have to match throughout the evening. The main thing is to inform the participants of the event that their acting will be awarded at the end of the evening with prizes. A description of some images is proposed below in the text.
  • The superhero. His duties will include the "salvation" of the birthday girl during the whole event. Such a character perfectly fits into the cool scenario of the woman's birthday. The superhero should protect the culprit of the celebration from the excessive attention of the men present, to check the security of the territory. He can be given a bright robes, a mask and a toy gun.

Funny birthday scenario

  • The old woman Shapoklyak. During the evening, she will need to make a small "dirty trick" for each guest: push back the chair, hide the fork, substitute drinks, etc. A hat and a toy rat will give realism to this character.

cool birthday script woman

  • Harry Potter. He will have to ensure that the table "miraculously" appear and disappear drinks and dishes, and in the hall music was played. Magic wand and glasses will help the guest to cope with their duties.

A cool birthday script for a man

Festive Attributes and Accessories

Funny scenario for a birthday is impossiblesubmit without appropriate clearance. Funny faces and smileys, as well as posters with personal wishes and "rules of conduct" at such events will create an appropriate cheerful mood. A small shop with holiday accessories that you can get for the original toast or a new anecdote will become a real "highlight" of the event. Open fire always liberates people, so if there is no real fireplace, then you can include in the script collective lighting candles or Bengal lights.

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